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CURRENT COMMENTARY notes_currentcommentary_thegoldenrivernet Older Notes  Most Recent notes placed in the Older Notes section: 2017-12:  2017-12     2017-13 (McCracken case NM)   2017-13  See below for dated current notes The Snare of Zare: The Great Divide refers to a ficticious parallel universe called Zare, which is a black sun universe in competition with a Homo sapiens one.  It represents a division of belief systems and approaches to life across a wall of dimensions.  As such, there is a fight for dominance between war mongers, terrorists and cartels on one side and just folk on the otherThe snare refers to strings and webs used to snag and bleed just folk of its essence. “Fight Them With Their Own Weapons” On one way China was helping North Vietnam during the Vietnam War, Chinese Premier Chou En-lai told the president of Egypt in 1965: "Some [American troops] are trying opium, and we are helping them. We are planting the best kinds of opium especially for American soldiers in Vietnam...Do you remember when the West imposed opium* on us? They fought war with opium. We are going to fight them with their own weapons."  Facts and Details: Mexican Official Threatens To Combat President Trump By Unleashing Drug Cartels …Cartels could be essentially unleashed upon the U.S. – retribution for tough policies on Mexico and other immigrant-producing countries in the Latin American world.  These astonishing words could open up an economic gang war against the U.S. –  very irresponsible words that reveal just how connected Mexico’s leadership is with the violent drug cartels who operate from their territories:… the drugs that come through Mexico from South America, or the drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the United States. This is not our problem. We have been cooperating with the United States for many years on these issues because they’ve asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship. If that relationship disappears, the reasons for cooperation also disappea…Mexico would consider exporting chaos and violence into the United States as a form of payback for immigration restrictions and control…Out of bitterness or desperation, or a mix of both, Mexico’s finest would apparently weaponize their most brutal elements and deliberately send them North to sow chaos – only proving the reasons for controlling the border and reigning in the deterioration of the U.S. standard of living that has been going on for such a long time now. Zero Hedge: by Tyler Durden 01/30/2017 trump-unleashing-drug-cartels * For example, The Opium Wars Excerpt: The Opium Wars arose from China’s attempts to suppress the opium trade. Foreign traders (primarily British) had been illegally exporting opium mainly from India to China since the 18th century, but that trade grew dramatically from about 1820. The resulting widespread addiction in China was causing serious social and economic disruption there. In March 1839 the Chinese government confiscated and destroyed more than 20,000 chests of opium—some 1,400 tons of the drug—that were warehoused at Canton (Guangzhou) by British merchants. The antagonism between the two sides increased a few days later when some drunken British sailors killed a Chinese villager. The British government, which did not wish its subjects to be tried in the Chinese legal system, refused to turn the accused men over to the Chinese courts. FOURTH AMENDMENT The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  Dated Notes 06/27/2017 WEAK Added later 06/27: The psychic impressions on Russo, Jones and a Fukushima military testing issue need to be considered unreliable.  I will add to material on Jones and Russo below that  Jew comes up around Russo, looked it up and found he might have been an Italian Jew but the Jew part seems more immediately elusive; I psychically pick up the possibility his father came to the USA in a certain (perhaps even special) group, that everything his father did, knew was into or connected with has not been revealed; I feel there is a lot of stuff Russo did not know about his father’s involvement or other things (like around 9/11); I feel he (along with others in his group) did get special privileges because of his connections; he might have been connected to a mafia; there were things he did not care about in terms of “helping the American people” despite his proclamations otherwise, that is,  he was worried for his own life and staying away from certain things more than his films indicate; in some ways he could be tricky and manipulative, and was more of an opportunist, that is.  Someone was bothering him.  He did not feel all that connected to the United States as a “local” or “native” despite his talk about “the Founding Fathers.”  I think he was being bullied by saying some things in return for getting out of trouble about something else.  In that regard it is not that far removed from what happened to George Bush, Jr around 9/11, in my opinion.  Also his campaign against the Federal Reserve and labor taxes went back to a defensiveness about his own legal issues with the IRS, sort of like a defiant school boy confronting a teacher. Don’t write Russo off as a quack, however.   Like several of the people I have looked into - John Lennon,Gary Webb, Michael Ruppert…the people are not perfect but there is something about their material worth reviewing and considering. As far as Russo’s material:  despite my reservations mentioned here, and I will add alternative perspectives (even hostile opinions) on him later, I still think we should not discount his character or his concerns.  You see, we forget our purity upon birth and learn to squash questioning the powers that be. We need to remember a world before centralized government when people wandered around in tribes.  He shows in his film how people have trouble even questioning being taxed, or the legality of the IRS. So far I have read that he was in trouble for tax evasion.  He covers it a little on his interview with Jones that he was charged retroactively on gold and/or silver earnings of some kind. On Fukushima: I have added more source info to that page, and changed the name to Fukushima from an earlier Plumegate.  Some people are jumpy around the topic.  I psychically sense a possible issue around nuclear blast testing in that area which could have set off the earlier and later problems.  Some of what we are dealing with are deliberate distractions from that testing, I suspect.  I feel we should stay focused on the testing as well as the Fukushima issue - so both.   The testing, I feel, is hard on the planet, is likely to open up further problems, should not be done and should be stopped.    I also feel certain of the Japanese were doing some things they should not have been doing around the time of Fukushima.  There already were secrets. Consider the connections the Japanese have to Hawaii. Earlier 06/27: I have been going back over the Aaron Russo interview on the Alex Jones show and today watched part of the Freedom to Fascism film.  See I pick up a mix of vibes from Russo- some of them honest and some not.   Also there is a question in my mind of whether parts of the Jones interview are remixed or reworked at the time - cuts, patches, re-doing what is said “to get it right.” Remember Russo died shortly after the apparent making of the film.   I am also of two minds about Jones himself, as are many people.  He seems a little too opaque or like he is reading a  script.  There is a hint he has a level of detachment based on a group he is connected to (it might even be Russian), a group which allows and supports certain anti-American material.  It could be a type of mafia.  I sense he might have a temper and money worries behind the scene that don’t show up on his films, I wonder who is paying him, and once again if he had child abuse from a father figure (I pick up child abuse a lot from various public figures) - I sense he might act ugly over agreements made with interviewed people on his show and getting paid.  I even wonder if Russo was being beaten or intimidated while being filmed. 06/26/2017 Alternative and Currently Rare Explanation for Fukushima: Truth News International: Fukushima and the Japan Earthquake Loud and Clear truthnewsinternational.wordpress dot com/2014/01/11/fukushima-and-the-japan-earthquake-loud-and-clear/ Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs (2015) The Looting Machine =bl&ots=O0pKS3GS2F&sig=kLWoA0V5PANqOHrmd4LR3_7yVVU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi7youXy9zUAhVF5IMKHVhaD6sQ6AEIVTAH# v=onepage&q=goldman%20sachs%20and%20diamond%20fields%20in%20africa&f=false Telegraph: Petra digs deep as diamond prices flatten. By Jon Yeomans (2016) Standard: Goldman’s Blessing for bric economies and commodities (12/2009) Book Nebula Nebula: A Politcal Murder Traces back to NWO's Absolute Power By Walter Baeyens, Wayne Madsen GOLDMAN SACHS “EXPERT” PREDICTS EXHAUSTION OF MINABLE GOLD RESERVES IN 20 YEARS April 6, 2015 By Patrick A. Heller Diamonds and good governance have transformed Botswana from one of Africa's poorest countries to one of the world's fastest- growing economies. In an exclusive interview with Optima, Botswana Reserve Bank Governor, Linah Mohohlo, discusses how the country has avoided the 'resource curse' and is ensuring that the diamond dividend is reinvested in Botswana's future. tracking?combine=&date_filter[value]=&date_filter_1[value]=&field_category_tid=All&field_tags_tid[0]=78&page=4 U.S. NEWS: Ex-Goldman Sachs leader, founding chairman of Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum dies at 92 Feb. 7, 2015, at 8:03 p.m. NEW YORK (AP) — John C. Whitehead, a Wall Street banker who led Goldman, Sachs & Co.'s international expansion in the 1970s and '80s and later was founding chairman of the National Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum, died Saturday. He was 92. Whitehead joined Goldman Sachs in 1947 and worked his way to senior partner and co-chairman before leaving 38 years later to become deputy secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan. In later years, he was chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., which helped lead the area's rebuilding after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. He was acknowledged for overcoming obstacles to help ensure the 9/11 memorial and museum reached fundraising goals, finished with an acceptable design and got built. 06/25/2017 some notes/editing added later Nordic white guy conspiracy STRONG I was noticing  I was using Nordic white guy terminology from a psychic feeling while writing in this forum.  Where was that coming from?  It was bothering me, so I went to the Internet this morning and googled Trump and royalty --and got something on Iceland connections which I did not fully expect but was not surprised to see.  I have picked up vibes about his son being used as up and coming royal lineages in the USA.  Like kings being run through the American presidency.   Although the Iceland/Denmark/Trump royalty and Viking lineage needs to be checked out for authenticity,  I do sense a royalty link - my first intuition was something through Russia and his wife.   I sense it mostly around plans for Trump’s son in terms of future leadership roles.  The psychic feeling is quite strong about Trump and some kind of planned insertion of European royalty lineage, as if part of a long-term plan. Iceland Monitor: : Donald Trump related to most icelanders and danish (royalty, Vikings) (01/24/2017) Washington Post:  White supremacists love vikings but they’ve got history all wrong.  By David Perry(05/31/2017) Excerpt: It turns out that white supremacy has gone fully medieval.  As the current contests over Confederate monuments exemplifies, Americans are accustomed to contested narratives about race and history fixating on the American South. Some of the most dangerous terrorists in the U.S., though, are looking much, much, farther north. Vinland was the name that a group of 10th-century Vikings, led by Leif Erikson, gave to a grapevine-rich island off what we believe is the coast of North America. For white supremacists, the concept of Vinland asserts a historical claim over North America, stretching especially from the Northeast coast to the Pacific Northwest. They use the myth of Vinland to position themselves as righteous defenders in the wars of race and religion they believe are coming. wrong/?utm_term=.a13738e99488 Other on Trump Washington post: putin-back-channel/2017/04/03/95908a08-1648-11e7-ada0-1489b735b3a3_story.html Libya/Gadaffi (added later 06/25/2017) Check for an early assassination of the real original Gadaffi.  That is, consider the possibility that an earlier Gadaffi was replaced by an impostor.  In the meantime, her are some links to the british and/or USA links to Libya and Gadaffi: Khazarian Jews; historian says no go (added later 06/25/2017) Gulf War Syndrome clue mystery cells  (added later 06/25/2017) 06/23/2017 In the comments below, refer to: The Beatles Never Existed I have moved the notes that had been added here in the past couple of days to the Personal Notes section as The Valle, Arizona Shed Thing. Tavistock:  I need to mention that the Tavistock Conspiracy has been on my mind for the past couple of days.  I feel there might be some truth to it, but that what is being put on the Internet is being given an energy spin as distraction and dissipation. Distraction: the material of the focus is taken from a higher quality state to a lower one by diverting the attention to  endless subjects, names and dates, like weaving a tale down one road or another.  Dissipation: the original thrust for insight or discovery is weaned down, the original kick-off energy is petered off and scattered.  The energy is used toward less quality and confusing topics rather than applied in a more efficient and sustaining manner.  The people who are supposedly warning about the problem are the problem.  In some ways, certain websites feel like parodies of the subject at hand.  By creating wandering tales that list lots of names and pieces of history, they refute the substance and sincerity of real teachings.  If those websites are not deliberately skewing things, it is possible the authors are victims still being manhandled by black-webbers - people using a variety of gadgets and techniques to control and suck lifeforce energy while controlling or interfering with certain things about the person.  This would give off the “webbing” energy around that person and his or her website, even if that person’s intentions are sincere.   In other words, dissipation involves defusing and diffusing the energy of focus.  It means taking over the control of information that has been leaked to the public and replacing it with confusing garbage.  It also means messing with the train of thought in such a way that otherwise useful ideas are drained off into various useless channels.  As others have noted, some of the material from certain websites do not seem to be full blown disinformation; it is mixed - some of the material seems authentic. I am getting bits and pieces of psychic material which suggest there might be something to the Tavistock/East India Company NWO thing, as crazy as it might sound. Yet I feel we also have a minority backlash behind some of the brutal craziness in the world.  I have picked up their energy for years.  This part is pretty much as it is presented in the media when we hear about Hispanic cartels or Islamic terrorists blowing people up, torturing or chopping off people’s heads.  Keep both a Nordic type of control group (like bald white Chemistry instructors and Nazis with a fantastical seeming Thor god connection) and an out-of-control minority mix in mind.  I do think there might be a core group, but suspect a limited number of competing groups. Possible ancient priestly order behind dominating themes on the global platform One of the places such an order might have existed over extremely long periods of time across various regions might be the priestly one.  Look at all the sexual abuse across various different religious orders.  It could be indicative of a pan-priestly order linking various religions and political systems  I think the way we are going to get to the bottom of it is through psychic awareness as well as more methodical ways of gathering observable data.  Cataloguing and retrievability of the data need to make sense while being truly user friendly.  I also suspect a link to ancients cults around the Mediterranean, as mentioned earlier.  The Tavistock conspiracy might include esoteric knowledge held among priest and royalty from times of the Romans, Egyptians, and some say Babylonians.  I don’t currently have a fix on the Babylonian energy; it does not mean that some tendencies from the times of the Babylonians are not with us today in terms of conspiracy stories.  What I do pick up is a possible China-Persian-Mediterranean cult- Egyptian vibe which might have linked to the Romans, on up to Russia and the UK area.  I think people are right to look for an underlying group behind world leaders through time and space, rather than always directly at the country leaders themselves. I think proxies might have been used purposely to keep attention off the real ring leaders and also as an old untouchable culture, like having hands on people do the dirty work because they are seen as lower caste.   I pick up something between the UK and Russia.  This might fit the Tavistock concern as it relates to a more Nordic white guy issue.  It could take us into the world of the paranormal with roots linked to ancient sites in the UK. I psychically sense things happening on more than one level.  An extra-dimensional connection possibility also comes up - people using esoteric knowledge which coordinates with physics - to mess with the energy.    I also sense a British colonialism link. As they encountered non-western psychic people with martial arts capabilities, the British might have incorporated both the ideas and the people into their strategic forces.  We know Hong Kong had a UK connection but I feel we need to also consider Japan in this regard.   Japan might be a UK/Tavistock entity.  I don’t know the history of Japan well, and have been looking into it but it will take more work.  So whatever its name - I think the ideas expressed in the Tavistock and East India Company conspiracies are at least partially true.  The other thing that comes up for me is that bloodlines includes ex-slaves and ex-conquered peoples, that some of the mixed blood kids became part of the conspiracy.  Some of that is coming out of the Caribbean with African ties. As mentioned several times in various forms on this website, I also catch drifts of anti-Americans and anti-western world types trying to put out these corruption stories to ewaken the power of the western world - and this is a big one.  In that regard we can look to an old Ottoman Empire theme, creating something I call The Arabian Nights Effect . We can ask ourselves about the origins as chicken or egg in terms of the nature of the Tavistock Conspiracy - Asian or White Guy stock?  Think of all the mixing of groups in Europe, the colonialism in non-white coutries by whites, the old Ottoman Empire, the Mongolian intrusion of Europe….the tendency of some groups to retain the past…keep an open mind as to the actual nature and root stock of the conspiracy. 06/21/2017 add notes and editing later on 06/21/2017 and 06/22: There is a SuperFund uranium site what seems to be a short distance off Hwy 64 on the way to the Grand Canyon. Valle concerns; Concerns about possible Russian Mafia or similar entity in area I suspect something is up with Valle, a town near the Grand Canyon.  Trump’s election was likely rigged by Russians and others of the fascist system with odd ties to certain religionists.   Because of Trump’s hotel connection to the Grand Canyon area, along with signs of his support there for reinvigorated uranium mining,  there could possibly be an added Russian corruption issue.  This concern about a possible  Russian conspiracy connected to Trump and the Grand Canyon area is my own view and suspicion, and should not be confused with being the views of environmentalists or other locals in the area. The Russian thing is not just hype from the Democrats.  After the USSR fell apart, the Russians re-upped the old Soviet thing, back to business as usual after the so-called breakdown in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Putin’s link to the equivalent of a Russian CIA is not disputed.  It’s difficult to know exactly what is going on because so much is secret and behind closed doors, but I suspect certain Americans are part of the problem. I don’t know if the Russian Mafia was behind my experiences a couple of years ago near Valle, Arizona and in Flagstaff but I suspect it is something like that.  WE need to come to terms with a facet of the old bolshevik revolution and system and its ties to a mafia-like enterprise which involves casinos, Trump-style hotels, loans and more. Psychic impressions - plane/medical supplies I have had psychic impressions of a possible small private or multi-use plane coming into the area with drugs and drug related chemicals, seen as medical supplies with both medically related applications and perhaps other secret uses.  It could be coming into that Valle airport, but maybe it is linked to the airwave system around the airport.   I have no knowledge of that airport other than seeing it and ts flashing blue light at night.  I stepped into an old air history museum and people seemed jumpy.  I had “weird precognitive” feelings before the shed removal event mentioned elsewhere in the notes-personal info section.  I also have had psychic impressions around that area that people with out of state license plates have been abducted, stolen from and gone missing (killed).  It is a strong vibe, and I give it a Medium High to High psychic rating.   I think whoever is doing it has been doing it for a number of years.  They are picking on travelers and people buying land from out of state out there.  It feels like people who live in the area.   Some deaths have been coming up for me around that aarea for some time now.  I encourage people with proven psychic ability to take this further and look into it in detail. OTHER SUBJECTS EFF: FBI tries to bypass Fourth Amendment by using Geek Squad at Best Buy Note: EFF has found FBI links to spying on people who bring their computers in for repair by Best Buy workers.  This correlates with some psychic feelings I have had about the same thing in the past few years to a “t”. Church of England Sexual Abuse: By Dan Bilefsky. (06/22/2017) Planned Parenthood Pink Out Event Today Trump Azerbaijan 06/20/2017 A Plumegate page has been added to The Golden River/System Abuse section; stay close to the science on radiation leakage, be leery of opportunists  and disinformationists on the topic, people of all kinds who at first seem to be real might show up as one or the other.  This website does not support nuclear energy. Roots Action petition An email from Roots Action on Trump and uranium mining - Grand Canyon: Trump may do something far worse to the Grand Canyon than build a Trump Tower in it.  According to The Guardian, powerful mining interests and allied officials in Arizona and Utah are urging a receptive Trump administration to lift the Obama-era ban on mining uranium in the area around the Grand Canyon -- a serious threat to the groundwater and anyone who drinks it.   Instead, we need to demand that the whole area be designated a national monument, thereby protecting it.  The mining industries are pushing hard to remove protections from national lands. We need to expand them. The Grand Canyon is an important case.  Past mining operations contaminated the groundwater that many rely on, including the Havasupai people who've lived in the area for generations.  For years, has campaigned against mining and other dangerous development in the Grand Canyon area.   Let's continue to win in our efforts to protect this national treasure.  -- The Team Roots Action web page on Trump vs. Grand Canyon Trump vs. Grand Canyon. Which side are you on?  Trump may do something far worse to the Grand Canyon than build a Trump Tower in it.  According to The Guardian, powerful mining interests and allied officials in Arizona and Utah are urging a receptive Trump administration to lift the Obama-era ban on mining uranium in the area around the Grand Canyon -- a serious threat to the groundwater and anyone who drinks it.  Please sign this petition to Trump and Congress:  Leave the ban on uranium mining in place in the areas around the Grand Canyon, and protect them by designating them a national monument. Background:  > The Guardian: Grand Canyon at risk as Arizona officials ask Trump to end uranium mining ban > Common Dreams: Grand Canyon Pillagers Hope to Harness Trump's Disdain for Natural World > Grand Canyon Trust: Grand Canyon Uranium Decisions Loom Large in 2017 My connection to Valle, Arizona - near the Grand Canyon (about 30 miles away on the main hwy from WIlliams) I will add that after re-contacting a land seller in the Valle, Arizona area, the same dangerous feeling vibes came up that had come up before over a shed that was on the land I was buying from him, this is a critical issue.  Hard to explain but it has to do with psychic vibes after sending an email to a man who sent me mail looking to buy cheap land in that area.  The vibes that came up immediately after that email contact are identical to the “weird precognitive feelings” that came up over someone coming to take the shed a couile of years ago.  Two interpretations are possible.  THe seller is part of the bad network himself.  Or third party email interceptors got hold of the email.  I feel the bad netowrk includes the deputy and other personnel out of Coconino County Sherif’s Office, Graceland portable storage sheds out of Flagstaff, a weird military thing linked to the Grand Canyon, something about shipments of medical supples that come in theru the tiny Valle airport, groundwater prlbems, locals being intimidated to speak out, secrets, local snitches in neighborhood watch programs, pst missing travelers to the area, people with out of state license plates.  Very bad vibes came up in past two days after making email contact with this man first name Bob out of Phoenix.Could also have to do with cheap land sellers in teh area as a network exchanging info on buyers. The weird precognitive vibes had to do with a shed that was on the land I had started buying from this man, I was making payments to him.  The land had been in defaul and had a shed on it - a large cabin like shed.  06/18/2017 RE: Chain store surveillance mafia - includes good old boy red-white-and blue (Trump supporters, male first, flag waving men who dislike liberal women and see them as the enemy requiring military style defenses) types but they are not the only ones.  There is a distinct vibe that comes up in across-town networking.  This is probably the first place psychic and other investigators need to focus on to figure out ways to start trapping and stopping this criminal organization.  It’s hard to explain what it feels like to my psychic and/or psychotronic sensitivities, but there is a distinct vibe which alerts me I am being watched and retaliated against in these stores when I walk in, including as I go from one store to the next.  This is my perspective as a woman - but the targeting can apply to various types of people.  If you are a guy, don’t turn off what I have to say because I seem to be defending myself against male antics.  The subject is about gangstalking per se, applied to my own particular case.  I don’t have anything against these guys - they have something against me or “my type.”  The real architects are probably Red China or Russia-Stasi  types using uneducated, addiction oriented rednecks to do their work for them while letting these guys think they are in charge and making extra money.  There is a sense of drama to begin with, they are excited in a negative way once they spot me come into one of their stores. I can feel heightened attenton as a vibe.  It becomes a battleground against the enmy, cell phones flashing messages across the network.  Things are being said, lots of chit chat - derogatory or critical comments about the woman - what she is wearing, whether they have seen those clothes before (I have a small wardrobe and they make comments that I don’t spend money on clothes).  The best way to explain the nitpicking is Red China.  Every small detail, a constant bookkeeping over what is spent here versus elsewhere in their network.  What was returned.  How many coupons used.  Use of bonus points.  The warfare includes applying electronic harassment to get you to stay away from the store, or once you are in, to cause energy drains or mood shifts.  Where are the beams coming from?  They send plain clothes people to the store.  They love their cell phones (it’s a walkie talkie world with these people).  They try to get you to forget why you came if it was to make use of bonus point purchases or to buy gas with points build-up.  It is amazingly nitpicky and petty.  Again, it is a Red China world.  That is my way of looking at it because in my mind, Big Brother tries to control the population there at the level of minutae.  If you realize the whites or other locals are stooges, it will take you further to the source.   There is an energy snag going around these stores, another distinct vibe.  They are dong something with energy so that the image that comes up for me is a web and strings to the targets.  Most of the men involved have low self esteem.  They have been dumbed down.  Some are a little more technically educated but not philosophically reflective.  Farmington, New Mexico has a number of these male first types coming from various orientations, both homosexual or heterosexual.  So as a woman, you gain a certain perspective about how bad it is you would not get if you were a guy.  Being a fairly liberal independent woman creates a lens you would not have if you were a conservative married Christian or Mormon woman.  The warts of the NWO systems stand out in certain ways based on your category.  A targeted male might be sensing these guys lurking in the woodwork in another way. How to stop the Chain Store Mafia? Franchise/chain store criminal networks: Can you think of a way to stop the games that criss-cross across town?  50,000 population or smaller communities are getting hit with this stuff in certain ways you cannot probably isolate in big cities.  I’ve seen it in Flagstaff, Arizona, too but it vibes out differently there.    What would you do to stop it?  I can thin of one way, but it is going to take massive coordination: shop only local, Mom and Popp stores, including farmer’s markets.  Good Will feels definitely webbed.  Smaller used product and clothing stores do not feel webbed.  Some larger plant nurseries feel webbed, smaller local ones do not.  I have also felt the surveillance mafia around the Farmington and Flagstaff public libraries.  06/17/2017 Update 06/18: Most of the attack that was mentioned in the past couple of days has subsided, leaving the ongoing sense of a general control and sucking of lifeforce energy, something that is always there. I suspect something akin to a chip or nanotechnology.  Although it feels like it is in the spine area behind the heart, kind of in a chakra area back there, it could be related to something planted in the brain stem (or other parts of the brain) which connects to the spinal-contained systems. Added note 06/18/2017: There are various strands and pockets of NWO types of activity I pick up regularly.  One that has been coming up is far north “white guy” countries as if they are doing something strategic up there, much like a Nazi Greenland big cave conspiracy, Veterans Today says Wikileaks (or something like that) is itself part of the conspiracy, might look into that.  Denmark, Sweden, Finland, places like that, I sense some kind of technology that might be linked to old Nazi-German-Russian-UK issues, plus an old Norse-ancient Roman genetic link. The other thing is the general sense of a GMH conspiracy behind NWO types of things, like Jews who had been experimented on losing full human capability (DNA, chakras, etc), living in a between-state plane, perhaps coming from the future to experiment on people to try to find medical solutions to their problem, also perhaps there is a retaliation issue against mankind for the Holocaust and other anti-Jew attacks over the centuries.  I don’t see a global conspiracy involving all Jews, but I keep psychically picking up the possibility of certain wounded psyches involving retaliative Jews, and these Jews could include Muslims and other groups they have fused with over the years.  Some of the diverse racial groups are more emotionally and spontaneously retaliative, others are more calculating and energetically quiet. The other thing that repeatedly comes up as a hint of a possibility are ancient Central Asia Asians creating whites as a slave race, a soldier slave race, from albino apes; like they knew what they were doing with genetic experimentation between apes and humans or something like that.   Links to Southeast Asia.  Monkey temples deep in the jungle, Chimp cults, signs of sex between kins and apes, things like that. There is an ongoing anti-humanity thing coming from both religionists and atheists. There are some cold self-serving religionists who have their own approach to survival at the expense of others just as much as non-religionists.  The cynical game-playing, energy manipulating atheists - some of whom use and sell drugs - remind me of old Wine/Fertility Cults during ancient Roman times. I do feel an ancient fertility/sacrificing cult might be part of the conspiracy. It gives off an energy.  I feel that sacrificing behavior left an energetic imprint in the areas they occurred the most in, like the Mediterranean with an ancient Greek-Persian link to that.  The high level of strictness and austerity found in the groups (Spartans) fighting the rest of the Greeks seems connected to the strictness and austerity found in later Hebrew religious groups.  Old links between political leaders as gods and religion seem to carry forward to today.  Shamanic tribal beliefs seem to have been retained in larger city-states, so that some truly ancient knowledge kept being passed on through priestly classes.  Altered states of mind, shamanic journeys, shamanically seen lay lines, etc. Another odd thing is I have psychcally seen people flying in the air on what looks like brooms - like a thin, down to basics motorcycle in the air.  It originally felt to me to be associated with Transylvania or the deeper back areas of Eastern Europe.  Also a sense of “letting them in” as a set of occult rules for once you invite them in, here come the witches.  This relates to inviting certain police to check things out, as if this “lets them in.”  I sense demons are actually fragments of seriouslly abused people and that demon types of animal spirits applied in witchcraft are actually genetically experimented-on beings linking animal parts with human parts.  I feel that there is a way to work on demons as fragmented people to help heal them by going to core level Tao energy fields. Cullen Murphy’s book God’s Jury on Inquisitions mentioned in Acknowledgements is one of the best discussions on how both religionists and non-religionists have performed Inquisitions.  It is such an excellent resource, please read it. Important book: The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini By Chuck Morse 06/15/2017 Added note 06/18/2017 on book The Immortal Mind The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain Laszlo, Ervin The Tao’s energetic memory In terms of the zone of influence and working the energy field of “perps” I feel strongly that we are working on more than one level, with a historical imprint left in the energy field of the “Tao” - a type of memory.  It seems possible to follow a trail of energy back in time.  I also feel those of us who feel targeted can be both “on target” with who and what is stalking us, but we can also exhibit signs of paranoia.  We can both get it right and can get it wrong about certain things.  Beyond this, what I continue to pick up psychically is a historic link to certain forms of mind control, with various strands sometimes showing up as linked, and other strands “not too sure.”  Right/Wrong: Skewed Patterns and Codes Men who feel their ex-girlfriends or wives set them up for gangstalking might be right.  More men are reporting feeling stalked or retaliated against by women.  However, what I am picking up is that it can shift into the right/wrong stage described in the above paragraph.  All women, or certain kinds of women, or certain things that come out of their mouths, or certain ways of dressing, certain tones of voice….it can become an overall grouping of women which actually distracts from reality - a matter of latching on to an idea by identifying patterns without really assessing or qualifying their meaning.  It can be a matter of wrongful coding.    It is possible some male gangstalkers became gangstalkers because of this fear of women stalking them or doing other bad things to them.  The word “troll” says it all for some. This is the woman’s point of view; men will see it their way.  Gentlemen, do not let paranoia enter into your right/wrong sphere of interpetation about what is going on around you and to you. Imagine the people behind the psychological operations are a mix of Afghanistan rebels, Eastern Indians who work for credit card companies and Communist Chinese government officials; they have been watching you carefully and gathering data on what bugs you.  If one of your pet peeves are middle-aged women environmentalists with dirty blonde hair and loud gusty voices, then by golly that is who they will send in - guaranteed.  If it’s small dark women with high pitched voices, then that is what you’ll get.    If it’s liberal arts, New Age types….guess what? Do some role playing back to yourself by watching your thoughts and body language as you imagine certain kinds of women or scenarios with women you suspect were part of the gangstalking street theater that entered your life.  Remember the women in your life who complained about you, maybe even students if you were a professor, fellow officers if you were a cop, secretaries if you were a business manager.  Think to yourself whether there was any truth to the allegations.  If not, see if you have hit a high no-trust mode regarding women from that time forward. See if that experience encourages you to stereotype women as dishonest, calculating or “bitches.”  Now role play in your mind how you respond to a class called “woman” - particularly that kind of woman, or anything that seems anything like that.  Paranoia can strike us in our weak spots, leaving us open to being blind-sided by the real threats.  Too much focus on the wrong thing and less focus on the right thing means you could be caught off guard by something much more malignant and real. Links between whites and non-whites in gangstalking topics We are finding odd seeming links between certain whites and non-white groups.  These whites could have an old Russian-German link to Nazis.  It could run from fathers who were German scientists during World War II in Germany, or to an old link between the USSR and East Germany, one that was around before World War II.  White males could be being paid by Muslims (Shia or Sunni) to express anti- Jewish sentiments, especially if retirement checks were not what they had hoped they would be, or if their fathers or grandfathers supported the Nazis.  It’s possible the treachery and secrets came mostly from the father, but their lives were influenced and controlled by that connection.  Being linked to Nazis has such a negative response, children of Nazis could feel alienated and unsupported in American culture. Various strands One investigator on the internet felt some types of rumors in the conspiracy theorist arena are coming from Iran. I have been working on a Turkish issue that came up on an energy level.  I think Turkey is critical to our understanding of world events. One of the groups that also gets on my radar might be an old mafia group from Napoleon’s birth island.  I think this is a likely source of problems.  Another possible strand is Shia Muslims (they had a Jewish start - a converted Jew) using what I call Arabian Nights psychology.  The Arabian Nights psychology could come from either Shia or Sunni, but I tend to lean toward the Persians being the ones to use it more.  People mention a possible Zio-Nazi or Rothschild/Rockefeller link.  I cannot deny a possible Jewish link to some of the cartel, terrorism and new world order (odor) type of sprawl - I keep picking up “strands” but not a solid psychic hit regarding these theories.  I do not deny the theories but I keep finding “strands” which suggest this or that but not exactly that.  I do feel it is possible part of what we are dealing with are angry and retaliative Jews wanting to dish out a Holocaust on the rest of us.   One place I would look for this is through Gary Webb’s beginning research into a link between Latino/Jewish cartels and 9/11. Keep in mind the absolute holocaust that has gone on across Latin America and Mexico at different times since the 1970s.  Mass killings, torture, intense, horrific, merciless brutality.  It does not get enough attention in the USA, and it should.  I feel there is a link between Latinos, Italians, Portuguese and Spain’s Spanish that should be taken extremely seriously - but in this, we need to also consider the Jews and the Muslims.  Different strands of Jews, different strands of Muslims, different alliances and focuses.  An old Catholic think from Italy and Spain.  An old Islamic thing from before 1492 but still playing out in one form or another through and around the Catholic Inquisition.  A connection to France in various ways - Napoleon’s birth island, Canada, old United States development history.  In this, a link between the British and France in Canada.   How the Italians from Rome spread from Roman times so that Italians, Spanish, Mexicans, Latin Americans all kind of think, have sex, make families and create encomienda systems teh same way.  The stretch from “just folk” and “mafia” can seem short, the veil thin in these cultural matrices.  Is the world being taken over by a Roman descendent type of mafia? Third party interceptors Always keeping in mind third party interceptors in emails and phone texts or conversations, with written formats the most likely watched.  Two people putting out anti-ganstalking material trying to communicate through email could be “open turf” for malicious third party interceptors.  Let’s say someone with “Arabian Nights” psyops mentality intervenes between two anti-gangstalking writers, using psychic influencing to attack and confuse things between the two people.  This could be an Islamic man who has been influencing a white male to think that Satanic forces and Jews are behind the NWO because it encourages a male-first mentality which takes pressure off Islam.  Whatever the reason, we should always remember that there are certain groups more likely to be anti-Jewish and putting out material like that on the internet.  However, once we keep that in mind, if we still seem to pick up “Jews” as part of the problem - like in cartels, terrorism, 9/11 or global take-overs, then that needs to be backed with real evidence.  People need to know we are not anti-Semitic in our concerns, but authentically looking for the real culprits.  If there is some old Islamic, Nazi or Catholic thing coming up against Jews, we need to root it out, because we need real answers, not malicious and dangerous hype.  Reiteration of my concerns over Islam and some ideas on spirituality versus religion I personally agree that Islamic mosques set up in the USA are potential hot spots for terrorism.  I have read AU’s concerns about unfair treatment of mosques, heavy discrimination of Islamic people, abuse and torture of Muslims shortly after 9/11 and so on.  I have weighed the old issues around the Japanese interment camps after Pearl harbor…the Communist scares during the early Cold War…and more.  I do not believe in treating anyone, including Muslims, with discrimination or unfair treatment.  I don’t like Sharia law trying to tell everyone how to live anymore than I like fundamentalist Christianity doing the same.  But when it comes to the safety of the USA, because we don’t know what is going on, and because we are at war with Islamic countries, we need to use top notch security protections up to the point of abuse.  Should mosques be given the same open turf as regular churches?  I am sorry, but I think extra precautions are needed - because the center becomes a physical space that could house militants and hide weapons; tunnels could be built under the grounds.  My other bias is not just over natonal security: it has to do with human rights, including equal rights for women.  Islam is a proven anti-female equal rights way of life.  In addition, people are right when they indicate Islam is not just a religion - it is often used as a religious-political entity.  The countries that are dominated by Islam are universally non-democratic.  They squeeze out other religions and abuse them.  Islamic countries are violent, unfair, dominated places.  The people putting up mosques say they are not like that in the USA.  That it is ignorance to suggest otherwise.  Again, I do not want Muslims abused or tortured in the USA.  I don’t want them unfairly discriminated against.  I know they are receiving rough treatment.  The situation has no easy answers.  The liberals in the country who point out that moderate Islam is not the same as fundamentalist Islam have a point.  If we blackball all of one group, stereotyping, the same thing could happen to us, and in fact, does happen.   If Islam wants more support from me, I want to see a deeply improved equal rights for women.  Until Islam recognizes women as equals, it is a misguided and potentially dangerous religion.  There is no real midway in my thinking until equality for women is acknowledged.  So yes, I do feel mosques could be a concern.  They are not just like any other church.  I realize there are Islamic women who call themselves liberal - but there s the sense they are still hooked into a cult and unwilling to even consider the possibility.  Religion should not be linked to racial wars.  Civil rights movements can hook into Islam over race.  So certain “liberal Islamic women” are going somewhere with their civil rights ideas I cannot go.  I just don’t see it the same way they do.  You don’t need a religion to be a self.  Develop the identity sense first, don’t use religon as an identity.  You can find God without organized religion.  These arguments are not new.  I have heard them expressed over and over again.  I feel certain kinds of people think they are more developed and profound in their religion, because it gives them a sense of identity.  But they actually feel less developed - not as far along as they think they are.  There is another larger room waiting for them, one with a broader and deeper view - they just do not know it yet.   Religion can be an entrancement keeping people stuck so they don’t take the next step.  It can also feed egos.  The old issues in these
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