updates:  05/28/2017; 05/21/2017; 05/20/2017; 03/17/2017 Summary of Links Cartels c_violence.html procedural-errors.shtml Drugs New Mexico cz_nv_0121drugcities.html&refURL= Search and Seizure Issues d9b947c1399#.ku6u8e181 Consider Reading: -Insight Crime,   Latin American cartels, some American material- -Robert J. Bunker (also seen in No to Sacrifices in Human Issues section on this website) expert on terrorism and cult behavior in cartels -Sylvia Longmire:  Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars (2011) -Ioan Grillo The Bloody Rise of Mexican Drug Cartels (2017) -George W. Grayson - The Los Zetas Drug Cartel - Sadism as an Instrument of Cartel Warfare in Mexico and Central America (2015) Cartels Borderland Beat:  Cartel Violence, Cash Infiltrating U.S. (05/2011) CNN:  On the border: Guns, drugs -- and a betrayal of trust.  Cartels Columbus, New Mexico By Michael Martinez.  (06/102012) CNS News: Effort Combat Drug Cartels Operating New Mexico Spurs Racial Profiling Complaints. By Susan Jones (07/12/2012) The Daily Beast: Jeremy Kryt Fighting Mexico’s New Super Cartel. By Jeremy Kryt (03/26/2016) The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is known for its hyper-aggressive, paramilitary tactics—now it’s bringing the terror to America’s doorstep. Cartel Watch - Why the Military Will Never Beat Mexico's Cartels. By Jeremy Kryt (04/02/2016) As the murder rate in Mexico rises yet again, it’s time to admit current policies aren’t working—and start looking for new solutions. DEA dot gov: Synthetic Drugs Excerpt:  (2012) more than five million packets of finished designer synthetic drugs were seized across the country in the first-ever nationwide law enforcement action against the synthetic designer drug industry responsible for the production and sale of synthetic drugs that are often marketed as bath salts, Spice, incense, or plant food FBI: Organized Crime: History of La Cosa Nostra Huffington Post: 7 Things to Know About La Santa Muerte.  By Latina Magazine (10/26/2015 05:30 pm ET | Updated Oct 25, 2016) Insight Crime: Corrupt Mexico police concentrated in ten [Mexican] states http://www.i Judith Miller: Mexicanization American Law Enforcement National Review: Fast Furious = Obamas First Scandal. By Ian Tuttle (01/21/2016) Slate: “A Unique Death Cult” How the Romanian Iron Guard blended nationalistic violence with Christian martyrdom to spread a  singularly morbid fascist movement. By Stanley G. Payne (02/21/2017) See photo in article with heading: Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and members of the Legion of the Archangel Michael (also known as the Iron Guard) in Bucharest, Romania, in 1937. onalistic_violence.html Note: although this entry is not actually “cartel” material, since it connected to the 1930s, I feel there is applicability to current times in those cases where there is a mix of religiosity and governmental control systems. Tech Dirt: DEA loses big drug case thanks to illegal wiretap warrants prosecutor calls procedural errors prosecutor-calls-procedural-errors.shtml Vice:  Mexico’s efforts to tackle police corruption are failing. By Paul Imison.  (03/21/2016) The Mexican-Mormon War Part I (video clip) LA Times: ATF Fast Furious Business Insider: Fast and Furious Guns Sinaloa Cartel (2012) LA Times: ATF Guns Washington Post: House Democrats say Phoenix ATF to blame in fast and furious. By Sari Horwitz (01/31/2012) Excerpt: Federal agents based in Phoenix, not officials at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, were responsible for the controversial tactics used in the gun operation known as “Fast and Furious,” Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said in a report released Tuesday. A year after it became known that the operation relied on a tactic known as gun walking, the 89-page report called Fast and Furious “reckless and fatally flawed.” It puts the blame squarely on the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. It also concludes that the strategy began as early as 2006. fiasco/2012/01/31/gIQAUQ9HfQ_story.html?utm_term=.92b235cb8ae8 Drugs New Mexico The Daily Beast:  The devil’s drug the true story of meth in new mexico El Paso TImes: Dozen convicted New Mexico drug rign (10/11/2016) Forbes: (01/20/2009) Drug Cities including in New Mexico cz_nv_0121drugcities.html&refURL= Ideas:  Albuquerque really is like Breaking Bad By Madeleine Carey (09/27/2013) Insight Crime:  Tracing Heroin Trafficking in New Mexico.  By Kyra Gurney.  (02/12/2015) Sage Clinic:  17 facts about alcohol and drug addiction in New Mexico Governors Org. Crime Commission: Drug Abuse and Organized Crime in New Mexico (1978 - historical record) Search and Seizure Issues Wildcat: no excuse for unwarranted search seizure drug dogs Think Progress:  New Mexico is the second state to ban police from seizing innocent peoples property d9b947c1399#.ku6u8e181 Books Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars (2011) By Sylvia Longmire  Excerpt from Amazon: Having followed Mexico's cartels for years, border security expert Sylvia Longmire takes us deep into the heart of their world to witness a dangerous underground that will do whatever it takes to deliver drugs to a willing audience of American consumers. The cartels have grown increasingly bold in recent years, building submarines to move up the coast of Central America and digging elaborate tunnels that both move drugs north and carry cash and U.S. high-powered assault weapons back to fuel the drug war. Channeling her long experience working on border issues, Longmire brings to life the very real threat of Mexican cartels operating not just along the southwest border, but deep inside every corner of the United States. She also offers real solutions to the critical problems facing Mexico and the United States, including programs to deter youth in Mexico from joining the cartels and changing drug laws on both sides of the border. El Narco: The Bloody Rise of Mexican Drug Cartels (2017) By Ioan Grillo Excerpt from Amazon:  'War' is no exaggeration in discussing the bloodshed that has terrorized Mexico in the past decades. As rival cartels battle for control of a billion-dollar drug trade, the body count- 23,000 dead in five years - and sheer horror beggar the imagination of journalistic witnesses. Cartel gunmen have shot up schools and rehabilitation centers, and murdered the entire families of those who defy them. Reformers and law enforcement officials have been gunned down within hours of taking office. Headless corpses are dumped on streets to intimidate rivals, and severed heads are rolled onto dancefloors as messages to would-be opponents. And the war is creeping northward. El Narco is the story of the ultraviolent criminal organizations that have turned huge areas of Mexico into a combat zone. It is a piercing portrait of a drug trade that turns ordinary men into mass murderers, as well as a diagnosis of what drives the cartels and what gives them such power. Veteran Mexico correspondent Ioan Grillo traces the gangs from their origins as smugglers to their present status as criminal empires. The narco cartels are a threat to the Mexican government, and their violence has now reached as far as North Carolina. El Narco is required reading for anyone concerned about one of the most important news stories of the decade. Gringo Justice: Catholicism in American Culture By Alfredo Mirandé The Los Zetas Drug Cartel - Sadism as an Instrument of Cartel Warfare in Mexico and Central America (2015)   By George W. Grayson Excerpt from Amazon:The United States has diplomatic relations with 194 independent nations. Of these, none is more important to America than Mexico in terms of trade, investment, tourism, natural resources, migration, energy, and security. In recent years, narco-violence has afflicted our neighbor to the south—with more than 50,000 drugrelated murders since 2007 and some 26,000 men, women, and children missing. President Enrique Peña Nieto has tried to divert national attention from the bloodshed through reforms in energy, education, antihunger, health care, and other areas. Even though the death rate has declined since the chief executive took office on December 1, 2012, other crimes continue to plague his nation. Members of the business community report continual extortion demands; national oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) suffers widespread theft of oil, gas, explosives, and solvents (with which to prepare methamphetamines); hundreds of Central American migrants have shown up in mass graves; and the public identifies the police with corruption and villainy. A common fear of the elite and growing middle class is kidnapping. In 2012, Mexico recorded 105,000 cases; in 2013, the country led the world in abductions, surpassing such volatile nations as Afghanistan, Colombia, and Iraq. Los Zetas, who deserted from the army’s special forces in the late-1990s, not only traffic in drugs, murder, kidnap, and raid PEMEX installations, but also involve themselves in extortion, human smuggling, torture, money laundering, prostitution, arson, prison breakouts, murder for hire, and other felonies. While consisting of only a few hundred hard core members, these paramilitaries have gained a reputation for the sadistic treatment of foes and friends—a legacy of their two top leaders, Heriberto “The Executioner” Lazcano Lazcano and Miguel Ángel “El 40” Treviño Morales, who thrived on beheadings, castrations, “stewing” their prey in gasoline-filled vats, and other heinous acts. They make sophisticated use of social media and public hangings to display their savagery and cow adversaries. The reputation for the unspeakable infliction of pain has enabled these desperados to commit atrocities in a score of Mexican states, even as they expend their presence, often in league with local gangs and crime families, in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and other nations of the Americas. From their bastion in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, across the border from Laredo, Texas, they also acquire weapons, entrée to legal businesses, and teenage recruits. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the fiends have contracted with such outfits as the Texas Mexican Mafia prison gang, the Houston’s Tango Blast, and the McAllen, Texas-based Los Piojos to collect debts, acquire vehicles, carry out hits, and sign up thugs to fight their foes in the Matamoros-centered Gulf Cartel for which Los Zetas originally served as a Praetorian Guard. Washington policymakers, who overwhelmingly concentrate on Asia and the Mideast, would be well advised to focus on the acute dangers that lie principally south of the Rio Grande, but whose deadly avatars are spilling into our nation. Blood Sacrifices: Violent Non-State Actors and Dark Magico (2016) By Robert J. Bunker Excerpt from Amazon:  The acknowledgment that blood sacrifice, particularly human sacrifice, actively occurs in the 21st century is a pivotal triumph in scholarly research. Twenty years ago, this book could not have been published. In most universities, think tanks, and government research facilities, characterizing any type of murder as sacrificial was viewed at best as a secondary motive and at worst as junk science. - Dr. Dawn Perlmutter"
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