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On this page-2016-1:  12/26/2016 9/11      06/13/2016 Veterans Today Alternative Views, Ed Ward     07/03 - 09/2016     07/17/2016     07/03-07/20/2016    06/27/2016    06/28/2016     12/26/2016 9/11, etc. The most likely  perpetrators behind 9/11 are a mix of Americans with vested interests in oil and gas and certain parts of the military and secret services, as well as an Islamic contingency.  I am undecided whether an additional Israeli and Mossad link should be associated with this, but I lean toward an Islamic-Israeli mix with Israelis who are older with direct personal experiences from the Holocaust and their first and second generation family members.  I feel there is a link to Halliburton and the Bush family’s economic (and possible family ties through marriage) to Islamic peoples through the oil and gas sector.  I also feel that the rumors seen across the Internet and in various other sources about the Illuminati have a bearing in reality, but am cautious about what to label the cult.  I never have resonated with that term and felt it might cover up something that is trying to be hidden or coy. I have suspected for years I am being psychically attacked.  For some time now, I have suspect the same cult behind 9/11  has been attacking me in a variety of ways.  I remember picking up on it around March 2000 in Farmington, New Mexico when a man named Stirling showed up through Yahoo personal ads I was experimenting with at the time; around 9/11 in Albuquerque, New Mexico but suspect it had already been going on in 1999 in Santa Fe, New Mexico during a brief stint there in a house rental with drug sellers/addicts/users.  Just exactly who these cultist people are and how they operate has been hard for me to pinpoint, because it almost feels like Catholic ethnics with Islamic connotations.  Sometimes I describe it as Hari Krishna-like, because I pick up on an Eastern Indian Hindu/guru aspect.  But then again, sometimes white Protestants seem to have a similar cult infection, as well, particularly around the Jesus Saves infatuation or obsession.  Sometimes oil and gas Protestants and Muslims seem to be very similar in their approaches to women and certain religious aspects.  Common themes include conformity, wiping out differences of opinion in the area, male-first mentalities, dominance of reproductive choices in women by both men and the group, fixation on certain religious leaders (like Jesus or Mohammed) and a rejection of new ideas which would diminish the religious group’s sense of self-importance or special knowledge of the way.  Rather than two different religions, one cult might be directing the show.  The story of Jesus, whether it is true or not, offers the idea of compassion and love in brotherhood, the idea that others can be Jesus-like and do yet greater works than Jesus.  In many cases, these aspects of Christianity can draw people to a softer approach in spirituality, as long as they stay clear of fixation, dogma and authoritarianism. So it does seem likely that a cultist, occultish religious fanaticism disease or infection has hit a large sector of the population.  In this regard, it is not just Muslims, Catholics or militant discriminatory white males, but an across-the-board invasive force.  I do think what makes some of it confusing is that while the overall organization might be operating with a certain orientation, individual cultures might put their own twist on how it is played out.  I do agree with several things that Veterans Today writers put out, but find myself not trustful of their loyalties or motives.  Sometimes I find myself nodding my head and saying yes, that reflects what I am picking up psychically myself when I read some of their material and for awhile I was strongly supportive of the Zionist warnings they had put out.  This is, again, because of the strange mixes I was picking up - not because of any built-in anti-Jewish bias.  You see, as part of that Hari-Krishna type of vibe, there is almost a gypsy-Hindu thing, it’s hard to explain, which could be interpreted as an Eastern European Jewish/Kabbalist/Asian magic thing.  It’s hard to explain, as I keep saying, because there are these nuances which indicate there is in fact a type of cohesiveness to some of it.  When it swings over to an Eastern Indian or Indian-Pakistani thing, I detest the energy.  Let me explain why.  It has to do with banksters, credit card companies and call center companies from that area of the world.  I have felt for years they have too much knowledge of what goes on inside American households.  When you combine that with occult or paranormal knowledge it can be and probably is dangerous.  The credit card companies and banks are one way they get inside our lives.  They can know so very much about us through those accounts which can be used to our detriment.  And there is no protection from that.  If these people are connected to hard core Islam, it can take on an added aspect of war, but we need to keep in mind both Islam as well as this cultist activity.  Perhaps they come from the same source, perhaps they are more separate.   Islam has its own mystical aspects.  The Donmeh were one Jewish-Islam group - with an added Catholic abuse heritage from the days of the anti-Jew tortures - in which these strange aspects and cultist behavior might be coming together.  It is possible there is a connection between the Catholic Inquisition and subsequent Donmeh behavior, as if some of that aspect of Catholicism’s darkest side rubbed off on them, either during tortures or just by being around Spanish Catholics before moving to Turkey.   Added to this, the Sabud seem to be showing up in my radar, but how it might fit together I am not sure. I do feel there might be something to the rumors regarding ex-President Obama and the Sabud.  I continue to feel Obama is linked to 9/11.  However, like ex-President Bush, I feel both men have been abused and dominated by something, perhapps this cult.  Perhaps different strands of the same cult or warring contingencies in the hidden matrix of power structures. I also feel there is an old royalty issue which was linked to the Nazis and might be continuing today.  One of the royalty feels lesser known, from one of the smaller countries near Germany. They don’t feel fully European western culture white.  There are rumors about Bulgaria and Transylvania, for example.  This royalty I am talking about feels like it could be associated with something like that.  Some of the weird stories that came out of Transylvania (vampires, wolf-men, etc)  might be linked to something real going on in that area.  Perhaps it includes eating parts of dead bodies of enemies.  I would follow the cultural links to that, and see if any of it relates to part of the Ottoman Empire.  I would also follow links to ancient Mediterranean death and bull cults, as well as ancient Bacchans.  We should perhaps also consider links between ancient Asia Minor peoples, Carthaginians, Bacchans and sacrificial cult cultures ranging from one side of the Mediterranean to the other - with perhaps more central Asian influences on these Mediterranean groups.  Then we should consider tenacity of such ancient cults, certain key facets of ritual and belief, in such a way it manifests in certain groups today - including this global spreading cult (like Illuminati) discussed here.  Symbols, ritualized behaviors around death, self-flagellation, reverence of a deified focal point (like a god, god in human form, god in animal form, etc.) all should be considered with links between old and new, with consideration of family lines keeping up the belief systems from one generation to another.  In this case, we should look at the oldest extant family lines and group structures (like the Catholics) to see if we are dealing with continued ritual systems and cultish behaviors.  People talk about a princedom in connection with the Young Turks and the Donmeh; I am not exactly certain if that is what I am picking up in terms of royalty or not.  Again, I am not sure what directs Veterans Today (not exactly sure who or what they are, or whether they are being funded by enemy countries) - and I am on alert about that - but some of what they have to say makes sense to me based on what I personally pick up.  I am not sure what is going on with some of their discussions on aliens.  As I have indicated elsewhere, my stance on aliens is I don’t have a problem believing in them per se, and for years I leaned in that direction, but my psychic intuition tells mes something else might be going on, including severe abuse and experimentation on humans.  This might include such activities on Jews from World War II, which might have modified human genetic makeup and caused some very odd transformations in the human body-energy matrix.  I also feel some negative energy around places like caves or underground facilities where these terrible things might have happened.  This might be one of the sources of the retaliation against humanity - as Duff put it, these cults seem to be nihilists.  As I have mentioned before, part of the attacks against me seem to come from Jews with ties to the Holocaust, and I have suspected a link with 9/11 - but I am not convinced it is an Israel only thing, because I think there is an Islam and American fossil fuel industry link, as well.  I will add that if this same cult was operating in the 1930s or before, it very well might be associated with Hitler and the Nazis as others have suggested. I do think it is a good idea to investigate concerns about a business conglomerate that is reputed to have funded both the Soviets and Nazis back before World War II.  This came up in a book I read on Nazi International.  It suggested that the business conglomerates, with ties to the United States as well as probably Great Britain as well as Germany, were behind World War II because one of their entities, the Soviets, went awry; the Nazis were created to fight this wayward group which was actually originally one of their own.  This is why the Soviets and Nazis seemed so similar in the way they exerted dominance and terror over their countries.   If true, it also relates to who took over China to make it Red China. I will put back the tentative psychic material on 9/11 which came up a few days ago.  I started to remove it because it is so inconclusive and out there in some ways, but upon reflection, I realize some of the vibes and images might relate to this occultish organization described here.  One of the things that came up was this notion of eating dead bodies of 9/11 victims by perpetrators.  I think there might be something to that in the air around the perpetrators, even if they did not actually do it that day. My psychic feeling on that is that some of the members of the organization, which feels like a business-religion cult with ties to oil and gas, NASA and more - is that it was part of their ancestry.  I don’t feel all the members of the organization do that, I feel certain ones do it.  It seems to be connected to magic and the sense of eating the power energy out of an enemy as well as supreme vindictiveness against a targeted enemy.  It feels up close and personal in this regard.  What I mean by this is that some of the victims of 9/11 might have been targets.  So these would have been the ones who would have had parts of their bodies taken away and eaten, or eaten there on the spot.  Again, whether this occurred in the physical, I cannot say, but it is in the air that something lie that might have happened whether or not it actually did.  It seems then some of the people who were firefighters or helpers sorting through the rubble might have in fact been terrorists looking for certain tings, which comes to no surprise to anyone since so much was taken off-site only to never be discovered or reported, making real detective work elusive if not impossible later.  I feel in order to catch and stop these people, both in reference to 9/11 and ongoing terrorist activities, we need to involve the general public in the weirdness of it all so that it becomes mainstream knowledge.  When it stops being a strange conspiracy thing but well known accepted knowledge, these awful people will have increasingly less places to hide while getting away with stuff.  We must not let the mainstream public, including family members of targets, get away with accepting and promoting mundane drivel.  9/11 was - and continues to be - an absolute nightmare.  The more I learn about it, the more awake to this fact I become.  Here is the earlier material mentioned above, brought back from a few days ago in 12/23/2016.  Please read the material above for today, 12,/26/2016, which shows an assimilating of various ideas, feelings and hunches: On a side note , I believe I might be psychically seeing some things regarding 9/11, but it could be a bleed-through from something else either going on now or then. Some of it could be planted in the subconscious by reading other 9/11 material (front loading).  Most of my psychic impressions have a see-feel-knowing impression about them.  Several of these points have already been noted on this website at one point or another, but the sensations continue, sometimes repeated, sometimes with new material. Things possibly psychically seen: --The use of rappelling ropes for climbing walls maybe the outside of the towers, coming down from helicopters, or other flying craft.  Possible window washer using platform and rope/pulleys to move up and down outside tower windows issue.   12/26/2016: Possible landing on WTC roofs or if not possible on nearby high-rise roofs (see below on helicopters.  Possible stealth and invisibility technology around the WTCs to hide certain activities. --The sense of intimidation and commotion around the elevators, especially on or below the bottom level.  I see/feel people being bound, possibly gagged and put against walls sitting down, possible bombing in elevator shafts.  12/26/2016: possible additional thefts of 9/11 victims belongings, on top of the grand theft operations. --The sense of helicopters or other landing-agile aircraft maybe landing on some kind of roofs in the area (WTC roofs might not have been constructed for this, not sure). Quite uncertain sensations and some of it seems to suggest ex-President Bush and ambulance or medical emergency service in connection to the WTC roofs and/or aircraft.  I find myself wondering if certain people trapped and injured in the WTC buildings might have received off-the-chart help from secretive intervening helper who came in from the roof, but I feel most of this is likely implausible.  If the roofs in the WTC complex were not landable, and if other buildings in the area were not used in this regard, perhaps helicopters held roped personnel to upstairs windows to help them get into the Fellowship of the Minds: Mass defection of writers from Veterans Today. Alternative radio hosts in suspicious car accidents 06/13/2016 post note in placing in archives  see personal notes 06/12-14/2016 Excerpt:  What provoked the “firing” or defection was VT senior editor Gordon Duff’s censorship, in some cases outright deletion (“trashing”), of the contributors’ posts on Boston Bombing and especially on Jade Helm — a planned month-long U. S. military training exercise that’s unprecedented in size and scope, in multiple states (including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado) from July 15 through September 15, 2015. Many in the alternative media suspect that Jade Helm will be a prelude for martial law…. On April 28, 2015, the five former VT contributors talked on Veterans Truth Network about their defection and their grievances against Gordon Duff, whose real name (according to Stew Webb) is Bob Foote. Here’s the audio, in which Duff/Foote is called “a monster”; a pathological liar” who is not the “defense contractor” he claims to be; a disinformation agent for the NWO; and a supporter of Hillary Clinton who “answers to” Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. Retrieved 06/13/2016 Material from Ed Ward, MD Letter from Dr. Ed dated June 12, 2016 Correct on Veterans Today MAJOR PSYOPS website. If feeling ganged up on there. ABSOLUTELY correct. CLASSIC PSYOPS website. Veterans Today, Gordon Duff = Government PSYOPS. All Media Accessories Crimes Against Humanity Veterans Today, Gordon Duff = Government PSYOPS. All Media Accessories Crimes Against Humanity Gordon Duff on Gordon Duff and Veterans Today: “About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposely partially false, because if I didn’t write false information, I wouldn’t be alive.“   No information provided on why he has to delete the truth in comments on Veterans today.  Or, why he chose the ‘truth’ as a ‘career’, when he knows, according to him, that he can NOT tell the truth. In covert ops, ANYTHING that hinders, disrupts, halts or confuses the dispersal of factual information is GOOD. 07/04 - 07/2016 (07/09, 07/07, 07/04) (edited 07/09/2016) 07/07/2016 Key word: The Program.  This came up over the weekend as a possible government-military-Tea party type-minority secret black box program which has many people on its list.  If applicable, I might be one of the people on that list.  Sometimes material like this comes in from living helpers or guides (mentors); sometimes I hear it telepathically in the course of other people’s conversations; sometimes it seems to come off the energy of certain places, things or material I am studying; perhaps it sometimes comes from ghosts or non-organic guides (people not in physical bodies).  Orbs, organic form versus energy bodies: An organic body is a biological body; an energy body would be a capsule of self without a physical body, existing more in a contained energy body.  I don’t know that beings exit in energy bodies, but I suspect they do; they might be related to orbs (not dust orbs flickering in light in photos but real orbs).  I feel I saw an orb when I was a child in Farmington, New Mexico outside my mother’s mother’s house on Skyline Drive up on a hill outside the low fence line, out in the desert just beyond the garden area of the house.  It was at night, I have mentioned it elsewhere.  i saw an orb and seemed to have had a telepathic communication with it or something to that effect.  I had felt draw to sneaking outside of the bedroom filled with sleeping family members that night to go through a sliding glass door off that room out to the darkness by myself, out to that desert area where I used to play, and there was that orb.  So I suspect when we pass over, discarding our physical bodies, our souls are in orb energy packages that are lit up.  The more tuned in and awake we are here on this side, the more likely we will continue to exist as an orb.  My memories of that orb event years ago could be off and I would like remote viewers to look into it separately to see if they see anything.  It seems I slipped out of that room at night more than once, maybe twice on two separate nights.  looking back on it, it was as spooky thing to do. 07/04/2016 I send healing and support to veterans of war-related emotional and/or physical troubles on this day of commemoration. 07/17/2016 see also general notes 07-11 to 07-17 2016 Notes on Bradley Manning: 1.  I do not have issues with trans-gender identities per se 2.  I am concerned that Bradley’s “coming out” as a trans-gender identity “Chelsea” might be prison abuse related, as well as military abuse related before his imprisonment.  Included might be mind control, psyops, drugs, beatings, rape, witchcraft and possibly multi-national abuse, including even an Islamic related abuse issue in the American prisons.  We need to find out what race and national orientation is around Bradley.  3.  I’ve had some kind of psychic connection to the Manning situation after trying to post a blog through the supporter email system and sending an email of support to the email address included on a generic email sent to people on Manning’s supporters data base.  After doing those two things, some kind of energy and psychic activity presented itself.  At first I thought it might be Manning himself.  But there was a mix of vibes, including, strangely, something that seemed almost Arabic.  I even wondered if someone was being beheaded, maybe even Manning.  This was in the past few days since around July 10th.  I’ve had other people in my space over emails I have sent to people, so we must not rule out it being the NSA or someone other than the Manning related people.  We should consider various options, keeping our heads clear about who and what I have been connecting with in the past few days.  It was strongest in the July 10th to 12th period, it is not so strong today.  What you can count on is that there was heightened activity and something was in my space that seemed to be connected to Manning.  Why would I suspect some of it at least might be Iraqi, Pakistan or some other Muslim type of group?  Why would that be around Manning?  I also seemed to pick up some kind of overseas prison scenario, making me wonder if Manning was even at Fort Leaven worth.   But we should also consider whether I am picking up two scenarios, one in the USA and one overseas.  Beyond that, we can ask if an Islamic type of prison is set up in the USA.  So consider various possibilities.  Not sure why I should have a more intense connection with Manning’s story and situation.  I am still here on the 17th picking up something that feels Islamic related and violence including deaths.  I want to add that in the email of support I sent to Bradley through his support team, I used the idea of hang in there” not realizing until today that he had reportedly tried to hang himself.  I need to make clear this was probably one of those psychic things that happens to me where I channel certain words or get ideas that I don’t consciously know what is going on.  I probably heard the word hang on some level but did not realize this was possibly a hanging suicide attempt.  In addition, someone else might have been killed here over the past few days in a situation that is related somehow to Bradley even if it is not Bradley who was killed.  I feel there is a connection to Bradley.    I do feel someone might have died violently in the past few days in this regard and in connection to a prison.  It does not feel promising at all for whoever is the object of this violence.  07/03-07/20/2016 I have been experiencing what seems to be a religiously oriented group in my energy space trying to dominate my will.  I keep trying to pinpoint the nature of that religion.  I woke up this morning to it, felt it yesterday ass well.  What comes to mind is they are trying to play God.  It has a feeling of Catholic, but an ethnic strain of Catholic.  So I do ask if it is a Jewish converso Catholic, or a Hari Krishna sort of thing.  On the internet we are finding discussions of a mix of Jewishness with Jesus orientations.  Many Jews do not see Jesus as the son of God, but we are reading about mixes of Jews who do, and that some of this is behind the British Crown.  There is an ethnic type of Catholic vibe on one hand and male-first males of mixed religious backgrounds and sexual persuasions on the other.  I am more open to hearing about Zionist conspiracy theories.  Because I personally feel someone is trying to dominate my will using religious concepts like shame, guilt, forcing a white person or an American person to feel and go through that they did (misery loves company), I have been more open about Zionist conspiracies.  I started out assuming any sort of judgments against Jews were wrong and likely discriminatory.  I have a life-long habit of feeling the Holocaust was terrible.  I felt empathy for Jews and others who were victims of that experience.  The empathy started when I read The Diary of Anne Frank in what was probably the fourth grade in Athens, Greece in a private American school that catered to Europeans and others in the professional international community.  There was a play about The Diary of Anne Frank; I remember feeling horrified about hat happened to her.  I was scarred for life.  Then in high school I read an an adult book about an Eastern European who had gone through terrible things during a Nazi invasion of that person’s town.  Sadly, I don’t recall its title or author or most of the details, but the feeling of horror over gassed victims and other atrocities left a lasting impression for a lifetime.  I know many people feel these same things over such issues.  So I certainly without question was not a person prone to speaking negatively about Jews in an way and most definitely would not have come up with anti-Zionist subjects on my own.  So when someone like me tells you that I suspect there might be something behind the Zionist conspiracies, I want people to take a deep breath and realize it is not coming from Holocaust denial or hatred of Jews.  In fact, I usually like the vibe that comes off most Jews, I usually get along with them right off the bat better than I do fundamental Christians.  however, I want us all to consider a Hari Krishna type of vibe as associated with a possible Zionist cult which operates much like an ethnic Catholic monastery bent on controlling the world.  whether or not this scenario is right, I want us to explore that and why that vibe comes up a as a possibility.  It’s almost a mix of Catholics and Hindus, too.   So I ask if we are dealing with a core strain of religiosity, some kind o of basal group that was behind the world’s religions, a group with tenacious links to the past, almost a template religious order.  That is something else we are seeing on the Internet - the concept of a template running through all religions no matter their label.  Jesuits come up.  I will remind you I was ina Dominican church school in Taipei, Taiwan; so there was a mix of Asians and Catholic principles.  I seem to remember strange out of body dreams from that time period, but my times adn locations might be jumbled.  If my memories are right, I was taken out of body and operated on. Because I am from New Mexico which has an unusually strong history with hispanic Catholicism that came straight out of Spain right after the Inquisition of the 1400s, I am also open to the idea of Jewish-Catholic-Muslim mixes.  This includes certain religious strains that show up as fundamentalism with an ethnic aspect.  Sometimes I have felt I am dealing with 1492, the era of Columbus, almost like there is a doorway in time.  I have no trouble suspecting that certain networks have used invisible fingers on my family for years now, messing with outcomes on an individual level that mirror messing with outcomes on a corporate or government level.   It’s the same characteristics of snake-like take-overs.  So this is why I was open to the Veterans Today suggestion of a Khazarian Mafia which has taken over various levels of society.  Because of my personal psychic impressions and experiences as a victim myself, that depiction of who and how made sense.  My main concern about Veterans Today is that they seem to be too entrenched with the Russians and too entranced with them.  It almost feels like the Russians are doing it and then making people feel like they are the good guys.  We must maintain our objectivity about all groups, including the Russians.  We are being told by Dana Priest that there are American prison camps in places like Poland and that the US govt. did not want this to get out to the American people and its allies.  Please read the Columbia Journal Review mentioned in the post right before this one on July 3.  I have  found in murals, art work, etc.  no trouble sensing a core religiosity that is found in the Daosists and Buddhists as well; people are saying and doing the same things.  I feel if you are in the flow of creation, you will not want to kill, steal, lie or use exessive force in sex.  You will not want dysfunctional sexual practices that humiliate, shame or dominate.  So religious orders that claim to have the final say on morality and which try to dominate people are, in my opienion, counter to the flow of creation.  I dont’ think there needs to be whole processes for claming down on guilt using shame and human authority pretending it is God’s will.  I feel these religious groups remove people from the flow of creation and divert attention toward the egos of men.  I also feel some of the taoist communities work more with the flow of the Tao, so they offer a counter-energy to the domination of religion.  What I mean is martial arts adn Asian priesthoods might up to a point use control games on the human will by being abusively strict and authoritarian tduring training, but in the long run, I think these groups as they evolve resturn people back to the flow of creation and free thought.  I am hearing independent thinkers from the martial arts communities in a way I do noat hear it from the Catholic grups, but nonetheless there seem to be some common traits as if an Eastern Indian like Damo brought Indian culture to the Chinese.  In this regard, we need to review the ancient Indian world for core religiosity controls acting as an underlayer behind the world’s religion.  The Nordic-Celtic-Indian connection with similar god pantheons and stories, certain symbols, art forms, motifs, etc like celtic chains or rope twists 06/28/2016 Topics today: Craigslist surveillance; unlikely but mentioned here - vision of WTCs destroyed using metal-seawater continuum like battery/electronic/radio frequencies discharging volts thru lightning rod-like steel frames; the usage of absolutely certain; how to shift out of troubled waters;  TV gaming-like 3D head gear using in surveillance/remote influencing Craigslist I have felt my activities heavily monitored on Craigslist, including email responses to posts.  Someone responded to one of my posted ads and during an email exchange, he referred to me as a “troll” - later I realized he probably meant the  trolls listed in conspiracy theories.  It felt like a seamless continuum of the verbal assaults felt in the surveillance monitoring, like the same kinds of things I hear from the people riding me.   He was derogatory in his few emails and I had to cut him off.  However, what was revelatory about the situation was I had been picking up a man monitoring the Craigslist activities right before he wrote in; is it possible this was one of the members of the network connected to ongoing surveillance of me, and was this was one of their operatives who was more aggressive?  This was in Albuquerque in the past year. There is a decided heavy duty zone of influence energy around all Craigslist activity that I have either put out or responded to.    Astute people will pay attention to this.  This is one of my absolutely certain it’s going on psychic intuitions.  In fact, I am going to add a section called “absolutely certain” in my personal notes area separately today.  As I have mentioned repeatedly, I see myself as an entry level psychic, and I prefer to give out the general hints, letting people get a rough sketch or a few flashing tidbits, and then to have people take it from there in a more detailed remote viewing or professional psychic scenario. WTC CENTER imagery: battery Another thing that has been coming repeatedly was something about the metal continuum of the World Trade Center frames from base to top as that might possibly relate to underground sea water as some sort of battery - like acid-base - salt-metal - lightning, radio frequencies.  It’s really weak, it’s probably off base, but that imagery has sustained over several years now - maybe two to three years.  Something about bombing as related to that scenario.  Using the steel frames as one big electric conduit.    The foundation of these buildings are on a thin layer above ocean water.  They had to do a lot of work to hold back the water when setting up the foundations.  If there is some way to have rigged the metal-salt water aspect into a battery-like fizzle, it might have done something.  IF electronic frequencies of some kind were added to that stew, perhaps it could have destroyed the buildings.  I think it is more likely that it was a mini-nuke or controlled demolition using thermate, but for whatever reason that imagery has come up.  Radio frequencies have been coming up lately anyway, so that imagery could be bleeding into this around the WTC destruction on 9/11.  If so, I would think this would be a relatively inexpensive way to get destroy the steel frame; additional bombs might have been needed to destroy th non-metal-ea water continuum, or to take over in areas that were not deteriorated by that battery operation (just like zinc in acid might not dissolve completely if there is not enough solution). Again, there is probably nothing but science fiction in that scenario, but maybe there is something to it in some way along some lines, even if this scenario is not exactly it.  The other possibility is someone is wiring a metal frame in current times through time elsewhere to be turned on electrically and exploded. Gaming-like devices show up in surveillance/influencing Lastly, I have been getting images of men in gaming types of electronic helmets maybe hooked up to a target.  These PATs (persons associated or attached to targets) might be seeing what the target sees and senses as if they are robotic twins.  This could account for the feeling that I am being monitored 24/7 and that sometimes it’s like one or more of the men kind of has a thing for me, or at least gets into the women they follow, even if they stay detached in the long run.  It explains the sense of affinity on some level even though they stay loyal to their group.   So what I am saying is there is reciprocity in these surveillance experiences and you can describe it in some ways as an exchange.  So part of the psychology of the target does in fact influence the perpetrator.  It is not all unilateral.  SO in this regard you will understand why I suggest from time time how they think and operate, or how they feel.  In addition, recently I have been picking up a group mentality in one of them, and looking back, I think I had picked that up before.  This is one reason I often wonder if we are dealing with an old Russian Soviet policing system.  The Nazi-like group think I believe was in Russia, too.  It’s that fascist order of police thing that runs the gambit.  In this regard, they are programmed from the time they are children, many might be raised by abusive homosexual men, there might be a Catholic element with their mothers and others, and it is very hard for them to consider leaving the fold, to be a solo act, to be independent; they cherish this group order like their only support, their only family.  So in the final analysis even if they seem to kind of be falling in love with or  interested in or sexually attached to their targets, they will not break from the fold to try to develop those feelings into a real relationship with that target.  In addition, I feel many of these people have engaged in serious violence and they have gone too far to be able to return to a normal life with people who don’t do that sort of thing.  Their dark pasts and dark current situations keep them from breaking free to start over with someone they realize is not into the deadly games of life like they are.  It’s a matter of being in the point of no return.  So sexual involvement is coming up among these PATs - and wise counter-forces will take that into consideration.  So, back to the black ops agents using gaming types of viewing equipment to monitor a target, I would say they are treating a human subject like a human image on a gaming screen, like on a TV at home.  They are in 3D reality with that person as he or she goes through life and they are both watching and sending in stimuli to mess with the situations.   It is possible that what has been suggested in psyops conspiracy websites about playing back voices and sensory data from live subjects is going on - in other words, this gaming expert might be turning on recordings and emotional stimuli that has been recorded or replicated during specific situations as they are being monitored.  This would be a form of negative programming of the target so that certain situations repeatedly get those recordings turned on.  My pet peeve has been a woman’s voice that is always using emotion and saying put downs, same woman, same emotional output.  Maybe it is a recording.  Shifting out of the Point of No Return; Finding a State of Grace My recommendation to those who have entered the Point of No Return is to make use of some shifting strategies to start puling out.  I have been developing this concept in my mind for some time now and it is comparable in some ways to the Catholic and other Christian version of Grace.    It can help all of us who feel we have essentially sinned or taken things too far, become too violent, finally make the break and do what can be done to make things better, to fix wrongs, to atone, etc.  When people realize there is not so much a way out but a progression which takes responsibility for all negative past deeds with positive approaches in all regards, then I think people who feel there is no hope can pull out.  It is not a way to forget the wrongdoings - far from it - but when things are done, and we cannot make them better, we cannot fix it, we have to look around and go, OK, what can be done?  One of the first things is to make amends in our hearts in a sincere way to the dead, to those who were killed because of th black operations and other operations.  we have to admit these things honestly that yes, it happened.  Then, we think about those people and  send out positive healing energy so that even if their physical bodies are gone, we can work on their energy bodies and whatever parts of creation they still exist in.  In other words, make that direct connection on an energy level with those people and apologize, send love, healing energy.  Next, start using the knowledge gained while in black ops or other operations to help the other side fight this disease.  Put the whole heart and self into it, and realize that thanks might not come in one’s lifetime.  Don’t do it for appreciation, in other words, but from personal satisfaction in doing the right thing.  Shifting is a down to the core of the being thing, it is not a shallow experience.  In addition, it is a lifelong development.  The shifts from old bad habits will not occur overnight.  Old ways of thinking might be difficult to get rid of right off the bat.  It will take time to readjust one’s thinking processes.  06/27/2016 Farmington, New Mexico.  Up to about age 3.  Father was having trouble finding a job, mother took care of most of the bills by teaching school.  I was left in a home daycare and spent time with both sets of the grandparents.  My parents had their first house in an area near Ladera Elementary.  We had a large black poodle.  When we came back to Farmington in the late 1970s, we continued to live in that general housing area.  Both grandparents also lived in that general area. near Farmington High School and Ladera Elementary. My mother’s parents lived in a custom built home on Skyline Drive overlooking the city below.  I could walk from there to Ladera.  I remember helping my grandfather there with heavy yard work like moving and planting trees and shoveling gravel, although he did most of the work and this might have contributed to a heart attack.  They ad a large yard with a lot of plants.  My father’s parents lived in a house near the high school.  I went to Ladera in the third grade under a Mrs. Pitts when my grandfather passed away (mother’s father) and we helped my grandmother.  I remember getting the call that he had died from a heart attack when we were in Athens, Greece.  So we had deep roots in that particular neighborhood.  My grandfather took me out from the time I could walk and was out of diapers to the nearby desert to look at rocks and Native American relics.  He knew of several sites not listed on the charts.  As a family we spent many happy picnics out in the desert near Farmington or up in Colorado.  My mother’s parents owned property in Vallecito, near Durango, Colorado; we camped in travel trailers on that land.    We also went fishing with both sets of grandparents in the area lakes, including at Navajo and Vallecito. Phoenix, Arizona.  Late 1960s. We moved there when I was probably age 3.  Two upsetting incidents.  One with my father around a swimming pool, almost like he tried to get me to drown or wouldn’t help, something about a hat floating in the pool, maybe I had been playing dress-up with my mother’s hat.  It could be he was just being typically grouchy at first and then realized I had a real problem before he finally came to help, not sure what exactly happened.  Very  hard to pinpoint.  I do remember him being grouchy over me with my mother, this is a trend that lasted a lifetime.  He was irritated with my crying or something.  The other incident is something strange that happened when I was out probably riding on a child’s scooter or three-wheeled tricycle on the sidewalks outside where we had an apartment, some kind of problem with the other kids, I am probably barely verbal at this time, so coming up with the words to explain what happened is hard, but it almost feels like an explosion, a fall, a blast to the head, a crash, and the the kids seemed to act strangely with me after that, as if there were secrets.  It might be something normal like falling off a bike but we need to look into it using remote viewing just in case.  Arizona has show up in my life off an on since that time and I do suspect that if there were some black box projects, some of it might have occurred in Arizona.  It’s just a feeling. Thunderbird International School is off Interstate 17 in north Phoenix, the signs show clearly off the interstate coming down from Flagstaff.  New York City. Late 1960s, High-rise on 6th Ave.,  probably late age 3, early 4 Remember people next door, at least one woman, giving me a gift of small toy wooden houses with a church steeple which were of a tiny segment of a town; I loved them, held onto them for many years.  There seems to be something off about the woman and her counterparts, hard for a child to pinpoint, but I remember not feeling quite right about something.  Filthy carpets from air pollution, dirty socks walking on carpets; mother walking in high heeled boots too fast, trying to keep up caused my sides to ache; waving at dwarves on the street to be nice (mother said not to stare or say mean things); mother shopping for shoes and high heeled boots, also buying me shoes. Father was in the American Express in New York, it was his first banking job after graduating in Phoenix at the Thunderbird International banking school.  It was the equivalent of a master’s degree before they started offering graduate degrees.  He had gotten his first degree at UNM in Albuquerque. We need to consider any links to this early New York experience, American Express and 9/11 - it is far-fetched but should be considered. Okinawa.  1970s. From New York, we went to Okinawa, near Kadena Air Force Base, father worked at American Express on that base.  We had Asian housekeeepers, perhaps two.  Seems there was some kind of problem there.  This started a trend in which my parents often had non-white housekeepers or other helpers; some were inherited from previous home renters, lie in Taiwan and in Karachi.  Taipei, Taiwan. Father still in American Express.  My middle sister was born here.  She had medical problems and we went back to the states temporarily to deal with that.  She was taken up to Denver.  I stayed with grandparents in Farmington, New Mexico.  Had a housekeeper who would stay in her own quarters perhaps during the week then go home on weekends.  Some sexual issues were showing up in Taiwan indicative of possible early childhood abuse.  For one thing, I did not want my mother touching me or seeing me naked in the bathtub during nightly baths.    I listened a lot to stories for children on records.  We had a large black poodle. Karachi, Pakistan. 1970s Father still in American Express.  I contracted malaria here but it showed up in New Jersey.  Several servants, not just housekeepers, inherited from the previous British renters.  Butler, cook, floor sweeper/guard, housekeeper, child watcher.  Went through several women housekeepers, seems at least one fat one named Maria had stolen food from the refrigerator in the kitchen.  She probably also stole a lovely pin I had in a closet.  Both housekeepers seemed to take betel juice, which made their teeth read.  They wore long colorful saris.  They would take me on walks through the tree and flower covred neighborhoods, I used to really like seeing all the flowers.  I was reading the British children’s books series The Mysterious Seven by Enid Blyton.  Booksellers would come door to door or we would buy them new I think at the commissary.  We went to several bazaars and a cook named Aziz would buy me birds, chickens, parrots, finches.  He spent a lot of time with me and was very decent, I don’t remember anything suspicious or negative.  He made me potato chips upon call, or scrambled eggs.  I did not trust Raphi, the butler, however.  My mother would burn incense burners religiously upon at night to keep away the mosquitos but I contracted malaria any way, probably while playing outside in the gardens.  There were lepers on the streets still at that time, would see several driving through town.  Women were beating laundry against cement slabs near water basins out in the open.  Lots of flies, they would cover the ceiling.  Prayers from the city mosque at night.  Guard beating the side of the house on hisr ounds with a stick or gun at night.  My little sister and I shared a room in separate beds.  Summit, New Jersey.  1970s Watched bombings on television of area near our previous apartment fourplex in Karachi and recent next door neighbors being shown  hiding under tables.  Malaria with high chills, low energy, stomach problems, missed a lot of school, had a lot of blood drawn from my arms, the inside fold of my arms were pitted with scars from needles - I think they were checking me regularly.  Spent a lot of time at doctors.  Father still worked for American Express, commuted from New Jersey to New York by subway and possibly train.  We should double-check using remote viewing that nothing related to 9/11 occurred while we lived there.  It is far-fetched, but it comes up as a possibility.  The 9/11 people were likely preparing the seeds for 9/11 at least by the 1970s, and might have been planning it when the twin towers were being built.  I have a strange psychic link with 9/11 and the perpetrators which showed up around the time I met Stirling through a personals ad on the internet.  Later, I realized the vibes and sense of psychic attack I was experiencing while knowing him long distance and later in person were likely related to the people behind 9/11.  My uncle Mike, mentioned elsewhere, was an FBI agent for awhile around Washington DC but I think he had already moved to the Michigan area by one Christmas we had in New Jersey.  I seem to remember  both going to Washington DC when they were there and having them come to visit from Michigan during Christmas later.  We lived in a large apartment house in a nice area.  This was in the gas-lines OPEC era.  I went to a strange doctor in New York who could not figure out what I had, a doctor in Farmington figured out it was malaria, a Dr. Nordstrom, Sr.  I suspect something had  started to be off in this era.  I have the feeling I might have been hooked into by some kind of black box project at some point in my childhood.  Athens, Greece. 1970s Last overseas place that we lived.  There was a Greek American girl who lived next door; we spent many hours together.  At one point she seemed to be coming onto me sexually during a board game in her room and since then I have wondered if she had been experiencing sexual abuse in her home.  Nothing came of the incident but I was firm with her about my refusal and discomfort with the situation and after that things were strained.  We strung mail letters on strings across the upstairs apartments.  We gave puppet shoes out of large carton boxes.  I learned elementary Greek at school and practiced it on my own at home.  I did not get very far with it under than basic vocabulary and forgot it later.  Real fights with my mother started at this time I remember turning ten in Greece.  Spent a lot of time outdoors or over at the Dutch couple’s next door.  They gave me chocolates and made a point of teaching me the basics of Dutch.  Looking back, each time people seemed to show an interest, we need to ask ourselves if there was a hidden agenda, or if they just liked kids.   There also was a well known American Indian who gave me a postcard with his hot and info on it on a plane on one of our overseas flights, I think to Great Britain. The reason for this is terrorism and people wanting to hooking into Americans or sneak things into the USA by way of Americans.  This was back during the Cold War era, only a decade after Vietnam, and  Greece had an incident while we were there, people were required to stay in their homes, no violence, but tension.  Travels in Europe 1970s Germany, Spain, France, England, Switzerland. Once back in the states: Arizona:Mesa, Tempe, Nogales. Back to Farmington, New Mexico. Finished up part of high school in community college. Adult year travels Arizona - Mesa, Tempe, Tucson, Nogales, Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Williams area California - lived in San Diego briefly.  Spent time in northern California. Texas - San Antonio. Oregon - mostly coastal areas but have been all over much of Oregon. Washington - lived briefly in Port Townsend, spent time around coastal area but not as much as Oregon Hawaii - Oahu: Kailua Honolulu Kansas: lived in Kansas City area briefly Brief - Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Las Vegas, Nevada I remember a negative (potentially abusive) vibe coming up around some of the men in the troop I was in over being an unwed mother; also there was something that felt off about the way the higher up had let me off for AWOL.  I still remember an uncomfortable vibe while sitting in his office that day discussing the situation.  Although he let me off and that was positive, there was something that did not feel quite right.  I think that “off vibe” also encouraged me to get out early.  This was back before I was consciously working my psychic sense but I was already quite sensitive.  I remember getting tired of the drills.  This was back when people were still more conservative.  Too much of a free spirit, I was not a good fit.  Looking back I did not have a clue what I was into but I had enough sense to figure out things could go from bad to worse because my heart was not in it.  I just did not want to play the game anymore, I had had enough.  I was the only one in my immediate family who tried the military; both my father and mother’s mother had health issues so the military would not let them in.  My father had serious asthma, had been hospitalized.  I think my mother’s father (my grandfather) had heart issues which kept him from the military, although he took civilian training during WWII and helped out as a food/needed materials source as a store owner (Indian trader with mercantile goods).  4. Germans If you are in the military or a have a family member in it, chances are you and your family have been doing double duty for government experiments, including genetics,  drug, and psychological testing, psyops, making babies guided by eugenics controllers and more.  If you get out early, they might still be using you surreptitiously to squeeze out every penny they feel they have invested in you.  It is possible that despite the fact I tried to leave, they kept working on/with me secretly and having me operate as an alter (abused alternative personality, like a split personality) or (more likely), on another level of consciousness as a member of the military, hence the concept of “hidden veterans” on this website. I have had strange dreams to this effect - that I have been caught in enemy hands and tortured, for one thing, seemed to be related to water, something like Navy Seals, small group of operatives, maybe a five man/woman team. I have also had people ask me if I am in the military as if something about me makes them feel that some kind of vibe, or it could be people who themselves are dealing with black box projects and either pick up that vibe or get information on some level. I suspect one group are military lesbians, and I am not in any way saying this out of discrimination toward the gay and lesbian population.  What I mean is that I sense they are being abused and their behaviors and life choices are coming from that abuse.  I psychically pick up the abuse mind games around some of these people.  There was one in Oregon at a storage facility who represents what I am talking about here.    I have also dreamed I was flying an old style plane at relatively low altitudes, maneuvering around power lines and such. Very odd dreams.  We also need to consider a Viet Cong link to families associated with Vietnam Veterans  Martial arts related psyops on the veterans themselves and the families, especially if one of the veterans was a prisoner who had been tortured and drilled for names of all living family members as well as for other information.  We can consider the possibility the war did not end when the Americans came home from Vietnam, but that possibly a decades old retaliation has been going on.  We also might be seeing a targeting of the first born in families according to some secret agenda which could come from a variety of cultural, cultist, occultism, etc. context.  Look for ancient family agreements maybe in the black-white issues of the Old South, or within Masons.  My Aunt Gayla and I were both first born children; something was always odd around my mother’s sister. If they have us working on other levels or as a segmented part of our regular lives, we need to bring all that stuff out into the open.  It needs to be declassified and the victims of these hidden veteran agendas need to be compensated through legal means.  If what I suspect is true, there are a good number of us who have been used like this.  They do everything they can not to pay these people they are using fairly while other parts of their lives fall apart so they cannot handle their bills or normal facets of life.  Their families and society think they are being low lives, mentally ill or are dangerous or all of the above. The regular military personnel today might not realize that this underground system is in effect so they continue to act as if normal is normal.  This is probably to keep up the fodder machine; if people figure their military is using personnel for black box projects, they won’t go to war and be chewed up by the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere.  Compensation to victims of black box projects; memories in conscious waking life probably only a tip of the iceberg of what is actually going on: wise people will take the concerns of military related people and others who feel they might be black box victims seriously by using regression techniques and a variety of authentic and proven remote viewers and other psychics to help find the trail of paperwork proof.  This would be along with traditional forms of research and investigation, including freedom of information requests.  Once the data is in hand, lawsuits can be opened up to break the bank on these operations.  Entire families and extended contact networks can be targeted.  Be on alert for the possibility of bribes and benefits given to people like neighbors who have associations with the military; I suspect that with a neighbor and his girlfriend in Farmington, New Mexico.  That man was found to be creating weaponry related inventions like pouches on guns and perhaps other related things.  I felt the vibe that he might have gotten money and/or newer cars as a result of working with the police and military in the area to subdue me or counter me in some way.  The newer cars might not have been his - they might belong to someone else but we need to check out all possibilities there.  I also picked up something linking him to Obama several times (an Obama vibe).   One way to stop being a victim is to start imagining legal recourse because up until that line of thinking comes to pass, the victim just hangs out in victim space taking it without feeling there is in fact a way to get help.  Attorneys who already deal with taser abuse and other forms of police abuse, as well as things like religion abuse are probably good resources for handling investigations and lawsuits of this nature. As mentioned, the brief Air National Guard experience was a long time ago, but I still remember that full sense of relief not having to return after the last two weeks the Guard required of me before I could leave permanently for the year were over. During the time I was in the Guard, I did take some NCO (non-commissioned officer) courses, some additional ongoing coursework and trained in Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and technical school (communications) in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I got out before the long-term sieges in the Middle East had started.  The technology we were using both on base and in tech school was outdated.  I fell asleep constantly in tech school lectures, so did a few others - not intentionally but for whatever reason, maybe fatigue, I kept zoning out.  We partied at the Airman’s Club on the tech school base, lots of beer and dancing.  Had a short-term fling with a tall youth (only 19, I was 20) named Earl who was in the regular Air Force and was assigned to go to Germany, never saw him again after a brief return to base after I had graduated.  The lingering feelings for that young man kept me from being committed to the boyfriend in college shortly after that (about six months later) with whom I had the baby.  I kept thinking about the great experience I had with Earl - it was my first real heart throb, and the second boyfriend just did not compare.  This is a major reason I did not marry him and ended up a single mother, although there are a few more details to the story I won’t go into here. I was a jogger who did fairly well on that end of athletic training, but was not too athletic otherwise.  Got through the athletic tests OK but it was not a strong point.  I had lost a lot of weight and was down lower than I have ever been in my life.  Was a novice when it came to rifle training, some other women did better because they had experience.   I came away from the experience not liking strict routines on making beds in the morning or otherwise.  I got quite a few dings (negative reviews) for not following protocols, especially in Tech School.  I think I was starting to be turned off with the military experience already at that point.  Later on my home base in Albuquerque I started to dislike the drills, then with the minor AWOL infraction, I pretty much was fed up. 
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