ON THIS PAGE:  2016-2:  11/10 and 11/14/2016    06/22/2016     06/15/2016     06/13/2016     06/12-14/2016            11/10/2016 and 11/14/2016  New section, TMG: Trump Must Go   Electoral Corruption   Islamofascists Let’s ask ourselves if Trump is connected to: Fascists Third Position types  Israeli based haters of Islam Putin’s anti-Ukrainian Russia: are we dealing with Putinsky and Trumpsky?   KKK The Donmeh….or a group with a less known agenda   Also review Trump’s disclosed and perhaps non-disclosed family and personal connections to Jews despite antagonistic behaviors about them.  Was Trump connected to 9/11 through tower empires?    That is, through twisted real estate and land deals? 11/10/16:  see on Trump; with this link in particular: stake-in-this-election 06/15/2016 June 15, 2016, updated June 17, 2016.  Updated 06/22/2016 ZIONISM AND THE NAZIS: Real Connections or Not? Consider that anti-Zionism scattered across various websites on the Internet is coming from:  1. People in the military from the southern USA with an Old South (Confederate) perspective and orientation (see next point).  2. Old South elite with old Confederate loyalties that never died out; old southern plantations, slave trade, British trading companies with continuous lineages to this day.  3. Other Old South (Confederate) types outside the south - areas like Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona; these groups might be in the Tea Party (see links below), exhibit religious fundamentalism, and/or might have a male-first orientation 4. Germans; 5. Americans with German last names and/or ties to Germans.  6. French or French-Germans whose families supported the Nazis. Located in parts of France, Canada and the USA and beyond.  7. British with ties to royalty, military, British operations; United Kingdom commonwealths like Australia; old ties like to India and Egypt.  Some  might have supported the Nazis.  Certain groups in other United Kingdom countries like Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  8.  Russians including East German ties and old historic ties to the USA.  9. Religious fundamentalist people of a certain type and possibly communist-Hispanic Muslim groups (like La Raza) . 10. Islamic militants.  11. updated 06/22/2016: Latin American connection including Spanish and Italian fascism (also think of Iberian peninsula around/from Italy (ie, ancient Romans, Carthaginians, Celts, Gauls) link):  Jews, Nazis, La Raza, Nazi fascism rolling into Soviet style communism (for the people to control means of production, dissolve state lines, fight racial oppression).  Jews might be turning on other Jews. Latinos might have a mix of Negro, German, Spanish, Inca, Aztec, American, Portuguese and more.  When we think of that Iberian Peninsula link, let’s consider language, body language, approaches to sexuality, paganism and Catholicism as well as other applicable attributes as appropriate.  Let us also consider the retention of cultish practices like sacrifices, fetishes, sexual abuse, torture and quirky little habits and ways of thinking about things.  Try to get the sense of the vibe of how an Italian relates to a Spaniard who went to Mexico  many years ago and how that shows up today, and also about how old racial connections keep people interconnecting across the oceans today. Hitler’s Questionable Roots Try to get a feeling for what some of the conspiracy theorists are trying to say about a link between Euro-Asian paganism and the European elite.  Whenever we talk about Europe, we need to consider how Americans are linked to them through family lineages, history and old family political leanings.  This is where the Zionist conspiracy theories come in.  Historically, we were taught Nazis were white and anti-Semitic.  We were basically given the message to ignore the fact that Hitler himself wasn’t exactly the ideal image of the Aryan blue-eyed blond that his Nazi group seemed to promote.  He had dark hair, blue eyes and an almost--Slavic look with the long pointed nose, irregular facial features and not particularly fair skin.  His skin was white, but not overly so.  Conspiracy theorists suggest he was ¼ Jew, or that the mysterious father of his father was linked to a Turkish (Ottoman Empire) elite.  More traditional history tells us that Hitler did not know his father’s father’s roots; conspiracy theorists suggest he did, and these were linked to the Nazi backing.  Whether Hitler’s family was part of it or not, he or others might have tweaked the uncertainty of his father’s roots by letting people believe he was descended from royalty or a special class.  Fake Art Underworld? Remember Hitler was connected to the art world through his failed efforts at becoming an artist in his early years.  Was he connected to any art forgery rings, did this lead to at least partial Nazi funding? Are perhaps both Hitler forgeries and stolen authentic art connected to at least early financial backing ?  I have psychically picked up on that possibility that there is some early connection to illicit art connecting Hitler to people with money.  It could be a subconscious memory of something I have read and forgotten, however, so maybe there is information about this somewhere. Remember Hitler was very secretive.  He was in and out of prison, homeless shelters, dealing with poverty and unemployment in the early years.  The Possible Catholic Link Others in the conspiracy groups suggest he was Catholic and that there was a secret Catholic aspect to the Nazis.  We should remember, however that Nazis did target some Catholics by putting them in labor or concentration camps and killing them.  We can ask then if there were opposing orders of Catholics during World War II.  Some conspiracy theorists suggest the military-oriented Jesuits are a link between Catholics and Zionists.  But we are also informed that Dominican Catholics were even worse than the Jesuits in the earlier inquisition.     If there was a Catholic conspiracy and a Zionist one as well, how does that fit together when Jews and Catholics were historically at odds via the inquisitions?  Catholics burned Jews at the stake.  Remember the final throes of the last inquisition was not that far back in time during Hitler’s lifetime because he was born at the turn of the last century.  We can guess that pieces of the inquisition still had burning embers (literally and figuratively) and if Catholics were indeed behind the Holocaust, it might have been a fire that was refueled from those embers and then built to an even higher flame.  The Holocaust in this sense might have been a continuation of an ongoing inquisition.  The Possible Zionist-Nazi Link But where does the Zionist anti-Jew thing come in with Nazis?  Conspiracy theorists suggest there is more to it than a simple Aryan-anti-Semitic dichotomy as was found in the Holocaust during World War II. Veterans Today has writers who suggest that Zionism is a pagan advent in later centuries with a relatively unknown group called the Khazarians (in the now Ukraine area) forced to convert of one of the main religions.  We are told this group of Khazarians chose Judaism.  We are told that this subgroup of Jews who were not really Jews is behind the Nazis, The New World Order (NWO), consolidation of corporations, etc.  We are also told that there is blood-letting (sacrifices), money magic (occultism around finances) and that most violence in the world today (terrorism) is linked to this group. Rothschilds When we go to the Internet, we find story after story about Zionists being linked to Rothschilds (who were the Bauers), that Rothschild means Red Shield in German.  Whenever I encounter this material, I seem to run into a zone of influence type of energy.  This is one reason I am on alert about any topics covering evil Zionists, the Illuminati, the New World Order and related subjects.  There is a buzz-type energy around all that.  Who is behind the buzz?  The buzz might be a type of magic, an influencing swirl of energy or a sign that people are using dark humor with mis-truth.  I have run into this humor before around certain German and British types, for one thing.  Understanding that my view of magic is a little different from that of many, I see it as a type of science that is hidden from most of the public, as a way to misuse natural processes, constituent elements and mesmerism to confuse, distort, suck people in and to make money in a tricking, thieving sort of way.  Ancient Jewish Lineage Other than a Khazarian idea such as those at Veterans Today suggest, we might link this occultism to a group of Jews with ancient ties and centuries old retained information, knowledge and secrets who came from priestly classes that go back in time.  There might be a mix of Carthaginians, Romans, Gauls, Etruscans, Babyonians, Sumerians, Greeks and Egyptians in this group.  We might see a fusion between Romans and Jews in a Catholic-Jew mystery school type of priestly class, one that is linked itself to Roman emperors. old pagan gods, sacred geometry, early Christianity and more.  We wind up seeing some kind of concoction that relates more to a particular occultist orientation than any particular race or religion, although there still might be a racial link.  The racial link might be about people who tell themselves history kept giving them the short end of the stick and now it is their turn. It also could be about finishing up old business, old trends or to retaliate against old opponents,even if it is centuries later. The ethnic tie also might be about a centuries old cultivation along family lines for thievery, manipulating royalty, preserving and controlling bloodlines and more.  The Possible Ottoman Empire Link We know that the Ottoman Empire was on its way out around Hitler’s time.  We need to seriously consider whether there is a Muslim Turkish link to Hitler and the Nazis.   There are those who suggest the dominating and hateful Nazi behaviors were either Catholic or Muslim, in other words.  We might be seeing a Muslim-Catholic-Jewish mix in the Ottomans who were connected to Hitler because of historic ties in their regions of influence.  Remember that in Spain the Muslims preceded the Catholics.  Also remember that the Ottoman Empire was close by in Hitler’s birth area of Austria, with Hungary a likely candidate for Muslim influences.  Eastern European mixes of Catholic-Muslim tendencies, gypsy occultism/thievery practices and heavy-handed authoritarianism crop up in places like Transylvania, Bulgaria and Croatia.  You can see it in their modes of dress, for one thing.  Old Corporate Link Some Nazi conspiracy theories suggest a group of businesses and owners linked early on to both the Russian related countries and Germany.  When the groups started running astray from the elitist (moneyed) owners, they turned the Germans against the Russian conglomerate, so the story goes.  It is suggested these old threads are still alive today between the ex-Soviet Union and Germany, including the former East German block. 06/22/2016 Psychological Profiling being done on me per Personal Notes additions (like past brief military experiences section).  They are reading the material daily and looking for ways to get at me.  Another exclamation point is building up - they are wanting to get hold of me.  They are starting to realize that with this personality and approach to life, their previous approaches of riding me aggressively will not work and so they are trying to figure out another way to get at me, but barring that , they just want to get hold of me and cause me trouble in one way or another.  They are basically looking for me, in other words.  They are watching photos that come up on this website to see where I frequent or where I might be now. It is possible they are watching for the car around town.  Some will try other tactics beyond authority but others will turn up aggressive domination and authority.  Some other things that have been coming up that need to be noted: 1. my zone-outs in tech school in the Wichita Falls area years ago might have been electronically induced; they might have been beaming all or some of students with some kind of device.  Perhaps they were downloading us or simply trying to cause some people to not perform up to par out of discriminatory malice (like against some women or some types of men).  It’s a thought to consider. I have had several psyops types of things go off around my space and I don’t always mention everything here - just know it goes on constantly.  Although I cannot guarantee it is psyops, we need to consider the possibility.  For example, I have had people say things which match my current thoughts, as if out of the blue - like in place like fast food, coffee shops or out on the city streets. I have had parents match saying what I hear below the surface, like I have a mental illness, or that past failures in my life will only happen again, or that I always waste money because i did it before so I cannot be trusted with money.  I started hearing comments like this come from Stirling.  Later I heard the same identical thing come from someone I did not know, the wife of a man in northern California who used to be a professional ice skater.  i had a nasty exchange with both of them and they started repeating identical things.  In addition, when Stirling used to say those things, it felt like other people were around either in person or subliminally  In other words, the constant downer talk and negative messaging seems to coming from the hidden perpetrators, not family, lovers or distant barely known contacts, as if they are all channeling identical messages t keep me from believing in my self, to give, to go downhill emotionally and financially, etc.  My mother has done this so many times (major downer talk) that you can count on what she will say.  My father often refuses to help using common sense because of fear I cannot be trusted, will waste money and will take advantage of him, and that I don’t love him.  All of these terrible things happening in the family and contact dynamics can be explained by underground psyops, psychotronics and more but because we live in an ignorant country - where ideas of such things are repressed  the burden of proof falls on the victim.  It’s about being in a state of forced ignorance. The way out is to have outside intervention - not Jesus Saves forced conversions.  I keep running into that where they think outside intervention means Jesus and that they are the hands of Jesus by going in there and forcing Satan out or whatever.  That only causes extremely serious rejection and problems from someone like me because I am already on alert about domination.  So then these Jesus Saves types and I have this battle of wills goin on in energy will and that only distracts from other positive goals.  No, outside intervention is professionals and experienced ethical people coming in and letting the family members and other contacts know what is going on so that it comes from someone other than the victim.  you see, these family members refuse to truly help or believe the victim.   They are in the zone of influence.  Part of it is that there an be an old, old, old problem in the family that goes back even to childhood and these psyops types play on that and make use of it to their advantage. So if a father and daughter or a father and mother have old themes of problems, they work it.  If a father was already sour on the daughter, they work it.  If all this is going on between two communities - one with a minority and male-first male type of theme, and the other a minority anti-white theme, that victim an be caught not getting support because she is non-religious (particularly conservative Christian) white and female. So you have to get through all that garbage to get that family to start functioning normally again by being the outside intervention force that goes in there and tells them exactly what is going on behind the scenes so they will finally get it.  They will not believe the victim,  The victim cannot get them to see sense because there is so much flack coming in from these other types.  One of the ways the flack is coming in is that the perpetrators feel they are on the God squad and therefore right.  This brings in obedience and authority domination; I have found it in Farmington and Flagstaff.  Around Flagstaff it came in through sings they put out on the nearby main interstate highways, flashing signs, commanding signs about “trust the force”.  The other reason is they have something to hide and don’t want others to find out what it is .  Some of it could be military and oil and gas network 9/11 complicity - even in the desert southwest.  Some of it is family connections in Farmington, New Mexico with some of the people glad to have a banker’s daughter “get it.”  In fact, some of the people who started the abuse might have been in competition with my father’s line of work, might have been someone in the bank where he worked who were either in competition with him or got to see private financial transactions between and among family members.  My father and mother both have been warned repeatedly to concern themselves with that gossipy and invasive of personnel handling their bank business; the reason I am probably more in tune with this than they are is because I worked in a bank bookkeeping department years ago at another local bank in the area and because I live closer to the streets than they do, I am ore in tune with how the working class people think on a day to day basis.  My people have been removed from that day to day thing for many years; their lower status/pay jobs happened mostly back in the 1960s when they were quite young.  Since then, they have been in occupations or higher up positions that kept them aloof from the day to day ways of working people.   I know how detailed it can get.  I have warned them repeatedly to watch out for this sort of invasion of their privacy from the day to day workers, including the housekeepers, and they don’t listen.  I know full well some of the trouble has come from the workers at the bank where my father retired, from the extended networks to the housekeeper, from the Hispanic connection at the old real estate office where my mother worked, movers with Mormon ties who moved furniture many times over many years (same group)and extended acquaintances in Farmington.  The bank workers have God Squad types with family networks all cross the Four Corners area. The Mormon movers also had a storage facility where both my parents and I kept furniture stored.  The movers moved stuff for both my parents and me and even fairly recently in the past four years. A few were the same people decade after decade.  Those movers sold upon retirement but the same lifters stayed on board.  I suspect some of the problems come from those lifters especially since I complained about what they charged the last time to the newer owners; I felt it was excessive for the amount of stuff and time to do the work that day, that they were taking advantage of the situation.  I likely made them mad and possibly retaliative and they probably have family networks all over town in on the gossip link.   Those family ties might include police officers or detectives.  You have to consider that what you say to one is said to many.  In other cases I left detailed letters to two parties: one was the next door neighbor and the other was to the man who owned a yard hauling service who used to know the man who committed suicide who was our family’s long term plumber.  Those two sets of letters have likely wide ranges of readers and the neighbor had given copies to the local police as part of their complaint against me.  I have felt three times the possibility of DEA types of drug sniffers with dogs around my vehicles.  Twice around the Honda dealership in Flagstaff when they had the vehicle in a garage outside of my sight and once at an east Farmington  Walmart parking lot.  I came to my car and found a woman parked next to my car in a non-police looking SUV or truck with a trained dog sniffer, I saw some kind of label on the dog.  The other times in Flagstaff were strange psychic impressions that popped up where in my third eye and feeling nature I felt an undercover officer was looking through my car with a dog sniffer.  They did not present me with a warrant to do this.  I was not informed.  I felt the Honda dealership in Flagstaff was up to something and had a tie to the police and also something was not a good feeling around the Farmington Honda dealership as well.  Something was off there as well but it was stronger about actual police visits to my car in Flagstaff while the car was being serviced, two different cars.  It is possible this is one place where invasive technology could be placed, gadgetry added, defects created or enhanced, etc.  I have felt suspicions about defects or some other issue around the Farmington Honda, hard to put a finger on.  WE could be dealing with a religious conservative wh works on cars there who saw some bumper stickers on the cars showing a liberal orientation he did not like, that came up as a possibility years ago.    I have felt possible surveillance cameras at Starbucks, surveillance cameras can catch a person moving their lips and lip readers can interpret what is being said, even if it is quietly while writing at a computer.  I have a habit of talking silently to myself when I write, surveillance cameras or lip readers in the room could catch that.  hen I catch myself I stop.  IN addition, the rough and tumble attitudes of the local police, the drug sniffing dog female police officers through the DEA also seem likely problems.  Jesus Saves types and Mormons ;who came to the door and were rejected, Mormons who were rejected at the Aztec Library …all of these people are likely problems as part of the zone of influence around my family.  I have noticed a long term problem of people in Farmington wanting to over-charge my father and our family because they figure he has money because he is a baner with a higher position in the community.  Everything from the people who come fix blinds, to plumbers, to mechanics, you name it.  Being a banker’s daughter in a small conservative community is like being the daughter of a minister.  There are expectations and there are people watching your every move and wanting to bring you down.  You are not just a person, you are a category based on who your parents are.   might have been resentful acquaintances of the family in the community who did not like things I got from my family or my attitude around town.  Some of it could be anti-white minorities in competition with whites they felt had it too easy or who came with families who had too much prominence in town - repeatedly both Hispanic Catholics and some Native American connections to the family come to mind.  For example, a Hispanic Catholic woman and her husband bought my mother and father’s real estate business upon my parents’ retirement; in addition, a Navajo woman with two alcoholic and drug-oriented sons in and out of DWI issues and prison was constantly in our houses doing housework over the years and broke into my locked room and going through my personal stuff (the door even had a sign that said do not enter).  People from the real estate company with both Hispanic and Native American orientations came through several of the houses that I lived in in connection with both rental management and sales and I suspected at least once someone looked at or went through private stuff in the garage.    Outside intervention has to be honest, non-manipulative, not filled with hidden agendas and working with real information, real facts, real experience, real knowledge - the real deal - and people have to break through that wall of silence to get to those family members.  You have to have drive, push, strength of character, tons of energy.   It’s like going through a barrier around a prison camp to get to the victims inside who have been tortured. It’s like going through an electronic fence.  The perpetrators are doing everything they can to keep that victim isolated and they are in the space 24/7, it never stops. 06/12-14/2016 Comments on excess games played on the Internet You start thinking AHA! I have finally found it!  The truth on 9/11…Catholic conspiracies….New World Order….and then you read another view which suggests something else. Or you learn something negative about someone who is a sponsor of an organization whos links you have posted.  Do you immediately delete their links?  Do you remove all material associated with them?  For example, After quoting some Veterans Today material I learned there was some pretty heavy counterpoints to that alternative news group.  Then I learned George Soros might be a terrorist linked to Subud; he is a sponsor of a news group Insight Crime) that puts out material on organized crime in Latin America; in addition a Canadian organization is listed as a sponsor.  After having just read about Canaas’s Zionist approaches to perceived speech crimes against Jews and possible British related hostile operations, you start wondering,. So then you are left hanging still wondering what happened or what is going on.  Such is the mixed purposeful and chaotic disinformation, misinformation and ignorance on the Internet.  After awhile most of us start fitting the material into categories.  It can be an error in judgment to to feel we are risen, as in risen from the ignorance of lower forms of conspiracies, somehow lighting on a perch of superior objectivity.  I will add the possibility of my psychic intuition - which could be off - that perhaps the Veterans Today (VT) people are disgruntled American veterans who went to the enemy.  The other possibility is they are not even American.  I have picked up a possible Russian funding link there.  I received a response from Dr. Ed, whom I don’t know, in a polite and timely response to my email.  I have written that I would add his material here to provide an alternative view on VT.  VT has not responded to two of my emails.  Since writing them, I am shifting gears on “evil ‘zionists” and just back to an Israel that might have too much power in the United States - but am still measuring the Islamic element and  other groups.  For example, Obama’s possible connection to a cult as well as The Black Panthers “to teach Americans a lesson” and Indian Sikhs connected to terrorism not only in India but abroad). * As I get more into this website and realize how possible it is to encounter real fraud out there, I have decided to include alternative views here and there, as on Henry Makow and the ACLU.  Unfortunately some of these alternative views are limited because there is not a whole lot out there.  What I can tell you is that people might be trashing the internet to get people to give up.  Providing alternative vies from a trashed forum might seem ludicrous.  However, here is my point of view:  if  you have at least some psychic ability, you can follow the threads of these people no matter who they are and what they are about and in that space right there, you can help shift energy if they are the bad guys.  OK?  For people who are not getting psychic material at all, who are almost completely blocked, that might not make sense.  For those of you who are psychic enough - you will hear me.  Sometimes people pretend to offer the truth while trying to gain your belief in them  I am also learning that people don’t want to tell the truth because they are insecure.   Well grounded people don’t need to play those games, life is too short. Another thing I have been learning is that many people seem to need to put a religious slant on it.  I think we should all be adult enough to keep our religious views separate from the hard core physical facts.  If someone is trying to sell religion at the same as providing yo with “facts” watch out.  Religion in its purest form does not require sales Second, cell phone usage and being watched: it could be used in conjunction with psychic and psychotronic monitoring to cause a target problems with the police (like being pulled over for something minor like a temporary and rare seatbelt infraction).  Cell phones might be being used in stingray types of ways in Farmington.  See a little info also on tasers  and psychotronic attack.  I think this might be connected to police-gang harassment and robberies.  Here is what’s going on for me personally with this: library - sense of being watched - turn on cell phone - feeling of being followed from library - strong sense of dramas building up as network people are being contacted and apprised of my location and situation - subconscious undercurrents with subliminal messages sent to police so not all police are consciously aware of what is going on, some are - target is spotted with a minor seatbelt violation or apparent violation - target is pulled over by police - some kind of electromagnetic or other device is applied to the target sneakily - target feels nervousness, fear, very dry mouth, a mild sense of disorientation and shakiness.  Had the same set of symptoms come up during a pull-over for a minor issues in Santa Fe years ago.  In each case a minority had pulled over a white female, don’t know if this is a sign of reverse/gender discrimination or not.  The Santa Fe cop was Hispanic, the Farmington cop was Navajo or Native American and he had a buddy with him in another car part of the visual spotting of the seatbelt issue.  The cops look in her car, possibly taking photos of target and contents, recording speech tones for later use, etc.  It can be a form of intimidation.  There might be three to five people in the area doing this.  Codes might come up on the police system to handle the target in a certain way.  There is a feeling of tagging, riding, and exclamation point scenarios. Third, I do feel there is a particular military police conspiracy going on in Farmington, New Mexico and that it definitely needs to be checked out by objective third parties both inside and outside the area.  I feel it is dangerous for the country and perhaps the world as a whole.  What is going on in the Four Corners Area, in other words, applies to other areas.  I think it is connected to fossil fuels, drug and possibly weapons trafficking but all things should be considered, because I feel there might be something on top of that.  Underground facilities and facilities with fronts for others things should also be considered.  Some key areas to check first might be newer developments in the past five to ten years or thereabouts, don’t get picky about “new” but just the feeling of things that have come up facility-wise that were outside the earlier scope or trends of the area.  Like the police training center between Farmington and Kirtland on the west side of Farmington off Country Road 6480 (see map here) and Native American casinos. I do feel there are local secrets with certain families (probably along both racial and religious lines) knowing exactly what is going on, some linked to oil and gas, power plant mining (which might not just be about coal) and that some of the police are on it.  I also think the Catholic Hispanics might be retaliative to people who speak out against them in certain “arms of the law” ways - where police are sent in on apparent other issues.  It could include whites with family ties to the Hispanic “Catholics.  Each religious group with fundamentalist orientations should be checked out, not just Catholics.  Although not tried and true, Methodists and Presbyterians in the area seem to be milder.  The churches that have enough money to include white vans to carry children and other passengers need to be checked out.  An energy keeps coming up around that.  Something funky about those vans.  Churches that were developed in more recent years with a lot of money, super-large facilities and lots of land also need to be checked out. Tribe connections need t o be considered.  Links to Obama and tribal corruption, millions of dollars.  EPA lawsuits related, water issues, Durango-Silverton Gold King Mine spill, waste water treatment plants, dishonest attorney system.  Fly in the ointment types of things, in the sense of create the problem (even by killing people), then collect on the lawsuits. 06/13/2016 Radio like sensations in body linked to bombs, that is, I am and have been for quite some time, maybe even since 9/11, gotten a feeling of being wired and bombs going off in that etheric almost here layer in m body  It showed up again today.  Sometimes these feelings seem to be related to psychic connections with 9/11 but also with feeling that terrorists are planning things.  My psychically related concerns on this issue: 1. plot to use cell phones as widespread global terrorism by having them be remote controlled and even timed bombings.  This has been coming up for years with me if not on a global level just as local bombings but here in the past few days I have been picking up radio frequency feelings as related to cell phones and bombs for maybe both specific terrorist events, maybe even something going on now or being planned, and also this 2. local:: imagine several people in a building spread across several floors all with cell phones remote controlled to go off as bombs. 3. body, in person: devices wired inside a body, making them cell-phone-like bombs triggered by radio waves. Geek: Cell phones bombs Excerpt: Cellphones used to trigger bombs By Brian Osborne Jun. 13, 2003 11:27 am The FBI has warned law enforcement agencies of the potential use of cellphones to detonate bombs remotely. Modified cellphones have been found in Saudi Arabia during investigations into the recent bombings. In the FBI's bulletin, officers are warned about using “radios, cellular phones, and pagers within 50 feet” of any suspected bomb. A cellphone was used during the bombing of Hebrew University in July 2002. The device was detonated when a modified cellphone received a phone call from another cellphone. Modified cellphones used to detonate explosions have also turned up in other places, including Paris, France. The cellphones give terrorists the advantage of detonating a device from long distances. .  
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