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ON THIS PAGE - 2016-3:  Summary of Links     06/11/2016 Contrails     04/01-02/2016 Contrails     06/09/2016     05/05/2016     04/11/2016     04/07/2016     04/04/2016     04/03/2016    03/25/2016 (notprofessionalpsychic)     01/09/2016 1997 Farmington, NM newspaper fundamentalism  Summary of Links on this page Archive 2016-3, 03/25/2016 to 06/11/2016: syria.html?_r=2 06/11/2016 Contrails    Added Note 02/11/2017:  Contrails are everywhere.  There are times I see flying aircraft without contrails.  Some contrails disappear relatively quickly into a non-entity wisp.  Other contrails do in fact seem suspicious.  Some seem to come with planes doing a dance across the sky, leaving long streaks.  Shortly afterwards, it does seem the sky gets milky or creamy looking, and then shortly after that it seems large clouds appear, and then within a day or a few days - or by night fall, those large clouds become rain.  There is no wonder people suggest that contrails are connected to weather changes and that they are making clouds to cover up operations either in the sky or the ground.  Some of those plumes become like part ladders, almost like a long skinny rib cage.  I took pictures for awhile and at the time, I seemed to be almost directed to looking up around that time.  The photos don’t seem to be anything great or weird but I am going to keep the photos here as a record that I did spend some time with the subject matter after years of never once giving it attention and also not even knowing about the concerns over contrails.   Some of the photos show area weather after particularly heavy contrail activity in the general area.  For example, Moab, Utah is five hours from Durango, Colorado and was showing heavy cloud formations after having seen contrails earlier in Durango. Go to the photos at the bottom of the page 04/11/2016 The fact is, most of what probably has been going on with 9/11 before, during and after is lurking behind the scenes in a variety of ways.  I believe Americans are especially out of touch with the world of possible psychotronic interference in our lives, as well as the possible extent of police system abuse.  When you try to talk to most Americans about it, you hit a wall.  Our biggest concern is how do you get through that wall?  It is an especially difficult wall.  That wall must be given top priority before doing anything else.  It is going to take a massive overhaul of the American system to penetrate various mindsets in the country.  Until Americans get past that, we as a country are going to continue to be abused and taken advantage of.  9/11 is about criminal activity, murder and high level thievery on a huge scale and it came in on a wave of subterfuge which possibly includes psychotronic abuse.  The perpetrators are acting like colonists colonizing New York in the aftermath of 9/11 through the disgustingly costly and jaded luxurious rebuilding going on there in Lower Manhattan over the old World Trade Center and nearby sites, including the tunnels.   It’s nasty.  Some of the people who seem to possibly be involved with he whole 9/11 thing - including system abuse, surveillance abuse, police abuse are: 1. Israelis with a Holocaust connection, including East Europe, communism, banking or finance industries 2. an old Ottoman theme which can include Muslims and others, including both Nazi and Israeli mixes 3. an old link between Jews and Nazis in the sense maybe some of the Jews were part of the Nazi game in some way and they helped kill other Jews - how from a financing or higher up level - we hear a lot of weird stuff on the internet and we need to be careful with that stuff, like Illuminati - rumors about Jews being evil bankers or financiers have been going on for hundreds of years - even around Shakespeare’s time - given the huge number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust we absolutely must assume that most Jews ere not of that ilk, but we can wonder if there is a strange Jewish link behind the Nazis in some way. 4. A more modern or more recent Israel-Islam link with friendships and marriages growing from having been in proximity since the 1940s.  In that sense, we might be dealing with some especially militant and crafty Muslims behind the technology that spurred 9/11, including some types that had USA military training, maybe even in CIA or special forces, they might have had Israeli clearances and/or American clearances.  We need to consider more Asian types of Muslims, as well - like India, Indonesia, Pakistan and beyond.  Many Eastern Indians are in high tech positions in finance companies (including Chase) and beyond; we need to be thinking as Americans ho these people are in our living rooms through credit card debt, mortgages, car loans, call centers and more. 04/07/2016 The Eastern European, Jewish and Corporate connection  think partly what is going on is that the Jews associated with various countries around the world - some of them, not all Jews  are getting back at Americans and others for having had it too easy while they suffered through the Soviet, East German and Nazi regimes.  I think 9/11 was part of that, and the secret attacks on private American citizens like me are also part of that.  I think there is a minority component which includes victims of Apartheid, other African areas, people with Spanish heritage (Hispanic0 as well as as Jews.  I feel most of the Jews behind this are linked to communist countries or are in fact communists.  I also feel there is a Catholic component to this in terms of Catholics blending into Jewishness and communism in certain ways - there is a link to Catholic or the way Catholics dominate to force religion.  It could have something to do with the conversos (marranos) - Jews who under dominant rule or through social pressure converted to Christianity.  I sense  Catholic-Jewish blend sometimes and a Catholic_Communist blend in other ways.  We need to also remember the Catholic link to Ottoman Empire, how basal roots or attitudes toward religion are seeded throughout all the major religions and also even in Taoist and Buddhist mentalities.  The core issues are guilt or beating out the lower self using harsh discipline tactics.  Focusing on pain as spiritual advancement.  I think these core tenets behind all the world’s religions are wrong because they focus on domination/submission and  dis-empowering parts of the self to make them malleable for a system of ideas to take over that person’s being.  The Obama - Navajo (ie, NAPI, Power Plants, Casinos) - Other Native American - Mexican - Mexican American - Organized Crime - Military Connection in New Mexico; The New Mexico - Fossil Fuel - Military - Good Old Boy Network Connection The possible connection between the fossil fuel companies, mergers and big corporation links during 9/11 make high oil and gas areas like northwestern New Mexico suspect for strange undercurrents when it comes odd or at least possibly suspect aircraft activity.  I also feel some of the guys who are harassing me on a subversive, secretive level in the area are connected to a good old boy network, some are religionists who like to dominate women and the area with the anti-abortion sigh, some are linked to both the military and oil and gas.  I suspect these guys of being connected to what happened to me in Arizona and Oregon, but am not sure.  I also suspect them of being capable of braking into cars and doing things to cars while they are parked even in public areas or parking lots.  I keep picking up a vibe it is in the air for them to watch my car and mess with it.  All of this seems to be linked to the vibes over concerns about what I might be seeing and photographing in the skies.  One thing that has come up repeatedly is a possible set of on-demand agreements made around the time of 9/11 or as part of it which were a type of take-over and it is connected to the oil and gas connections of the White House at that time through Bush and Cheney.  I feel also there is a minority link to the Jewish or Israeli component of the big business issues.  How it all interfaces and pans out in the real world needs to be worked out, but I feel strongly all these things are linked.  It is possible some of the aircraft doing strange things in the skies around this area are linked to that minority component.     The other thing that comes up is a Catholic aspect lurking beneath the surface of many religions and approaches, like communism.  It is the same exact thing many people wonder about when they question whether the Illuminati is behind some of the new world order conglomerates and take-overs.  Sometimes it is a more Protestant or Mormon thing.  Its general them seems to be two-faced with a sense of moral purpose on the one side and a look the other way on the other side.  One reason for the huge insistence on obedience that you find in the religious groups is they are doing things they know in their hearts they should not be doing but they convince themselves it is for the good of the majority or that ultimately is is what God wants them to do to protect themselves.  Obedience takes people down a path toward a point that these people control but they tell themselves it is Jesus or Allah or God.  Religionists with heavy emphases on obedience are often doing things that are mean and cold.  They let themselves off the hook for that meanness by saying it is God’s will or it is for the good of their jobs or their families.  In the process, they dig themselves and all of us into deeper holes they ultimately refused to take responsibly for.  The obedience issue is closely tied to ego and domination of the human will, but also has problems with sneaking.  I generally ignore the skies until something struck me to look up recently.  Now i am looking up.  My suggestion to you is that we consider I have been warned or programmed to not look up.  The general reason I seemed to notice the aircraft was that there were wide hoops across the sky going in different direction all at the same time, with several aircraft apparently doing the same sort of antics.  T Hey did not appear to be normal one-track commercial flight, but the aircraft photos upon close-up or enlargement seem,at least some of them, to be normal commercial jets.  i am not an expert on planes nor any other form of aircraft but I get whiffs or images of technology.  The other thing that made me pay attention to the aircraft was that some of them were flying in duo, with their plumes making a clear close two-track across the sky, although one of the aircraft seemed to be moving faster most of the time.  The other reason was because  However, for whatever reason.  PHOTOS OF POSSIBLE CONTRAIL/CHEMTRAIL ACTIVITY although probably not likely given the photographer’s inexperience with both aircraft and what “real” contrails look like  Go to the photos at the bottom of the page. See reason for concern: 04/03/2016 Strong feeling in past few days of Afghanistan, Israeli, Russian connection to 9/11.  I am working with the energy.  As usual, when I get hints psychically about some things, I go to the internet and elsewhere to look for background information on these areas, people and anything else that applies.  This is how I keep learning and growing, and how I push back delays in knowledge or awareness.  I think I have missed some things in history or then current events that I am making up for in later times.  It is like being someone who was asleep or went away for awhile and is now coming back to catch up on things that were missed. 03/25/2016 Not a Professional Psychic I am not a professional psychic; do not do readings.  I tried it once or twice and felt myself to be floundering and possibly giving out erroneous information.  It made me uncomfortable and I felt bad about one of the responses as the woman called me on the issue, questioning what I had told her.  The truth is, she was right to question it and the whole thing was a mess. So I decided to pull back from that kind of thing, although I myself have had a large number of psychic readings done on me.  I feel I learned and grew from those readings.  I became aware of things, was given some guidance on my own abilities, and learned to be more discerning about other people’s psychic abilities or lack thereof. I do in fact have some psychic abilities.  Everyone does.  I would refer to mine as spotty or coming in on certain angles or ranges.  So we cannot call it up at will for a reading per se, but if we allow it to express itself in a free flow manner so that I can say well, right now such and such is coming up, then it works better.  This is not to say that, like most people, under a good remote viewing training program I would not in fact be able to call things up at will.  I suspect training would help.  But for now, let us work with it the way it naturally flows best which is to say that as things come up, I often will report it in one way or another on this website.  By having that flow of communication and expression, it seems to grease the systembecause the information wants to go somewhere useful for all of us, not to just sit in a pile of notes in a back room.  I might not always express the psychic material as psychic; it might show up as an essay on, say, “misery loves company” or “downer talk.”  In that case, it is often a mixture of psychic feelings combined with personal experiences that go into an expression calling out, in essence, for a better humanity - something more self aware, patient and compassionate. I will also add that I am not always a nice person.  I can and do whine.   Seriously.  I can complain about trivia and have temper tantrums.  I am sorry to have to report this, but there it is.  I attribute some of the emotion to psychic attack which creates mood swings.  Until proven, my relating of psychic or psychotronic attacks lands in the world of the subjective for most of you.  Those of you who are psychic should be able to tune in and find out what I am talking about, but not all of you will be able to find it.  Different psychics have different ranges and abilities, blind spots and tender areas or vulnerabilities.  Just because we cannot sense or find something does not mean it is not there; some of us will not take that into consideration, some of us will.  I have had psychics pick up that I have been psychically attacked right off the bat over the phone during readings without prompts on my part.  It is a vibration you can feel if you are tuned into that sort of thing.  Some pick up sexual abuse, too and that is right also in both the physical and as part of psychic attack.  Psychic sexual abuse has greatly receded in later years and is not as much a problem as it was about ten years ago or so, I am happy to report.  here for awhile it was horrible.  I also probably had childhood sexual abuse in a home daycare which is discussed in more detail elsewhere on this website.So, back to my psychic abilities.  Here they are: 1. telepathy: increased with time.  Hear some people’s thoughts, get a sense of their direction or ideas, personality propensities. 2. empathic emotional knowing, can sense when people have anger points or blocked abilities to think things through 3. precognition - some of it might be psychotronically connected 4. historically related clairvoyance and empathy 5. a sense of ghosts - almost never see them and do not consciously talk to them, just a feeling 6. a certain range of clairvoyance, seeing things in my inner vision 04/04/2016 Referencing the WTC 9/11 destruction area: (Links to Westfield added 4/8/2016) Deutch Bank - near 9/11, had to be demolished because of shrapnel from WTC explosions,parts of bodies were found on roof and in building, people were afraid of asbestos, people died during demolition fires - foul play?  DId some of those people who died see something they should not have? American Express - building nearby, don’t know much about this currently Verizon building nearby ACLU American Civil Liberties Union building currently nearby in that part of Lower Manhattan a very short block or so over Chase (Morgan) is part of reconstruction phase of post 9/11, needs to be questioned New Jersey, Port - both before and after - some suggest a semi or quasi public body, possibly corrupt links to private sector Muslims in Paterson NJ - second largest Muslim population in country - nearby; added 5/7/2016: also high number of Hispanics India - credit card and banking industry, CEOs, call centers; any connection to tech work behind 9/11? Afghanistan - Indian Muslims Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union block and Afghanistan Former and current Jewish Communists transferred to Israel, 15 miles north of war zone with Palestinians Muslim terrorism: Keep in mind heavy abuses by Muslims of innocent people like journalists and western country civilians living and working overseas, but also realize that other groups could be postering as Muslims to set them up or act as a shield of anonymity USA Hitman: Uncanny deaths of 9/11 related people (note from this website: or at least people who seem to be related) The History Forum Above Top Secret Whale: MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS  AND SUPER COMPUTERS By Judy Wall 9/11 New World Order Eric Kalstrom New York Times Theo Padnos American Journalist Being Kidnapped Tortured and Released in Syria in-syria.html?_r=2 Fascism USA 9/11 Hard Facts Wiki Spooks.  Chemtrails - Proof and Purpose. Westfield Corporation:  Australia-Jew-9/11-post-9/11 development ($billions) link: Reuters Steven Lowy WTC Concourse Opens Area Shut Since 9/11 05/05/2016 Energy Battles, Hidden Agreements, Secret Technology My objective is to get things out in the open, not to carry out secret battles - I want politicians to be put through trials; Obama, Bush and Clinton all probably need to be investigated and put through trials and punished. My feeling is there are weapons being used secretly between warring elements; that some ex-military are assisting each other and certain civilians by sharing access to weapons that fight the energy battles.  I feel I have been given weapons on some kind of working secondl layer to help increase my technological level and ability to fight what has been attacking me.  I don’t see or act with these things on this level - it’s not here with me in the room, for example.  It’s on that etheric type of level - or parallel universe - or other dimension (something I keep talking about on this website).   Like progressions in computer software, we also might have out-dated chips in our body, rendering our ability to fight energy battles less or completely effective.  The counter-movement might be able to identify when you are out-dated and either offer new body chips/software or etheric hand-held weaponry.  I feel part of the battles are happening on the etheric or other level. My concern with all this secrecy, including the quiet counter-movement, is that it does not report to the Americans at large what is going on as it keeps up the wall of secrecy.  We have a president who is lying and keeping his mouth shut about what is really going on and in all reality should be put through an investigation and trial for impeachment and further legal action, including imprisonment and charges of being a traitor.  We are being kept from being able to take that kind of logical action against the president, and part of the way we are controlled is through the suppression of our thought processes.    Anti-Constitutional Approaches Cloud Our Reasoning To be clear, I feel the conspiracy works on people’s ability to use normal common sense about legalities; only a few Americans recognize what is likely going on.  Bush and Cheney were also guilty and should be charged for post-presidency violations.  It is likely Clinton also has similar baggage and will try to continue the trend if the Clinton package are put in office again.  Consider the possibility theperpetrators are trying to make a mockery of the United States by having controlled slaves in office.  what I will say about Bill Clinton is I feel he is smart enough to figure things out and process a counter-movement if heh ad the moral character and self-confidence to do it.  Hillary might be under the influence of fascist types of feminists and others; her energy feels off to me.  We need to consider the tremendous amount of potential abuse high profile candidates might be put through; what real protections are there for people connected to official United States positions?  We are told they are guarded - and they are - but there might be other types of abuses that get in.  Being in those offices might bin fact keep them from certain kinds of help.  It’s a type of cage.  Please think about it; these people are human beings despite their behavior and apparent flaws.  Always ask yourself if hidden technology and abusive perpetrators are at work on our politicians behind the scenes.  Ask yourself what you would do if you were in those peoples shoes, and how you would have a silent cry for help buried deep inside.  I think we need to start feeling out the vibes of the organization behind our politicians and to start working on chipping away at that.  It is infecting both the left and the right.  Non-democracy/anti-Constitutional controlled politicans; elections in a convoluted web of weird energy I feel strongly that Hillary Clinton is controlled by an anti-Constitutional group and that our elections are a joke.  The only one who seems closer to the mark is Bernie but I don’t entirely trust him, either.  He doesn’t seem to be as much on autopilot in terms of being hooked into by the CIA.  I feel like we are still dealing with a person there, a human being, but he might be too socialist in terms of an old connection with the fascist Germans; this is a suspicion, not a factual representation of data.  For some reason, I feel there is an old German link with Bernie, one that has historic roots.  Most of the Republican candidates seem to be embedded with weird energy - they feel hooked into.  Whether or not such things abut the CIA as the perpetrators and webbed energy are true, we should at least consider what it would be like if such terrible things were possible. What is happening is that I am actually dealing with energy in a pretty sophisticated way and I suspect that is one reason I have been targeted for psychic and/or psychotronic attacks.  I think they target gifted people and especially ones that have “corrupted” files – ie, are not fully controllable because something went wrong in the abusive programming process of that person which was designed to get them to be a type of puppet for their games.  When someone like me comes along who was not fully “operable” they are not prepared to totally blow off their investments into me, but they do attack that “defective property” regularly because some of their own technology is being used against them.  When the “property” realizes what has been going on and turns on them, they see that item as both a defect and a possible asset because it is demonstrating higher level qualities than others who succumbed to the programming more easily.  Agreements Broken by “Property” Cause Retaliation I am suggesting here I inadvertently agreed to somethin because I indicatied an interest in training.  In return for training, I would get this or that - both ends of the deal fell through, now we are in a quasi-state of in and out complicity and battles.  They thought I would do this or that, and I thought I would be a good citizen working with the police to solve crimes.  When neither expectation panned out, we remained partly hooked into each other.  This is a theory, a suggestion, about what happened.  One point of enetry I suspect is during the time I wrote letters to the police in Kansas City.  Another might be when I wrote emails to a man named Brian  either by im directly or by those exploiting his emails. The challenge presented by higher end assets makes them at once a liability yet more valuable.  So here I am.  I probably am hooked into in various ways, folks, and some of it is not pretty when it comes to aggressive responses to sense of attacks.  Attacks can and do include the feeling of being used or taken advantage of; that feeling in and of itself creates a state of anger and higher than normal self-protective sensitivity.  Use your imagination to figure out what someone with high tech equipment can do if they feel attacked, especially if it includes working within a framework of hidden energy battles.  Your imagination does not have to go very far, does it?  There seems to an underlying feeling of being provoked or teased to make the “property” feel angry.  Included in this notion of property is slavehood with the words trolls and slaves probably used interchangeably; there might be other terms, as well. It seems possible to control the anger by going to an even deeper level of meditation and self-control, but if a person is tired or stretched, gut responses to the provoking can lead to across-the-board energy attacks of anyone who is pissing that person off.  It should not be like that, but I am telling you how it is.  To be explicitly clear, “the property” can kill people using energy probably with the assistance of implanted technology.  The primary ability seems to be to suck energy out of the living until they die or give up using suicide.  The key seems to be to focus on the energy of antagonism and to work on that rather than to direct the anger at someone to kill them, no matter how pissed off “the property” might feel.  I am terribly afraid things like pacemakers might also be human control devices on another level, by the way.   One of the groups responsible for this terrible behavior are male-first males with a certain highly immature orientation toward themselves, women and life in general.  For those of you many males out there who are not like that, you are needed to step in with these less endowed guys (physically or otherwise) and shift them.  It will take a guy to shift a guy, they won’t listen to anyone else.  Many of you in the male population deal constantly with sexual energy in a certain way.  It goes both ways to in some cases include advances from women that you don’t want.   On the other hand women can be the ones who come at a guy, latch on, won’t leave no matter how firm or even rude you are.  How many ways do you have to say no?  Some women seem desperate and it’s a turn-off, others just don’t turn you on.  Whatever the reason, overly aggrassive sexual behaviors can go both ways.    Several males have been in overdrive with women because it is a sex thing.  That is, in bed, in relationship, you might find yourself hornier than she is, and with things going further than seems right for the balance of the situation.  So you have that bad feeling to deal with when you hear about other guys doing stuff to women.  It’s hard for you to sympathize with the woman because you kind of realize you were not so great with women, either.  Now this is true, isn’t it?  If you are really willing to talk about it, it’s true.  Things went too far and yeah, it was your fault more than anything.   That is because most guys have heavy duty sex drives when it is turned up.  Women seem to want it up to a point, right?  But after that, they are kind of done.  And there you are, wanting more and more in a certain kind of way.  Right?  So if women say “male-first” males – what does that mean?  Does it mean guys who are being jerks?  Guys who are being assholes?  See male-first types (in Personal Notes Section). 06/09/2016 June 9, 2016  Thursday related topics: see riding, tagging and exclamation point in Psychic Influencing section Here is a run-down of something written a few days ago and removed while I clarified in my mind what needed to be said.  Sometimes when I write things in this section, an energy comes up which puts me on alert.  It might take a little while or longer to deal with that before putting the material back up, or to decide to not put it up again.  Upon reflection and feeling things out, then, I have decided some things do in fact need to be said and reported here. Most of it has come up before but has shown up again in the past week on my radar (informal psychic warning bell  system). First, public libraries and other government related institutions like community colleges and colleges:  I have repeatedly picked up a zone of influence energy around these places.  In addition, there are at least two public libraries near Catholic churches big enough to also have schools or other extras.  There might be added surveillance coming in from them.  I have seen Catholic church surveillance come up in the wifi choices for internet access at the Farmington, new Mexico public library; the Catholic church is right across the street in full view  on Farmington and 30th, it has been there for many years. There  might be links between Catholic surveillance and government controlled areas.  Then again, there might not be.  But it needs to be checked out either way. Second, cell phone usage and being watched: it could be used in conjunction with psychic and psychotronic monitoring to cause a target problems with the police (like being pulled over for something minor like a temporary and rare seatbelt infraction).  Cell phones might be being used in stingray types of ways in Farmington.  See a little info also on tasers  and psychotronic attack.  I think this might be connected to police- gang harassment and robberies.  Here is what’s going on for me personally with this: library - sense of being watched - turn on cell phone - feeling of being followed from library - strong sense of dramas building up as network people are being contacted and apprised of my location and situation - subconscious undercurrents with subliminal messages sent to police so not all police are consciously aware of what is going on, some are - target is spotted with a minor seatbelt violation or apparent violation - target is pulled over by police - some kind of electromagnetic or other device is applied to the target sneakily - target feels nervousness, fear, very dry mouth, a mild sense of disorientation and shakiness.  Had the same set of symptoms come up during a pull-over for a minor issues in Santa Fe years ago.  In each case a minority had pulled over a white female, don’t know if this is a sign of reverse/gender discrimination or not.  The Santa Fe cop was Hispanic, the Farmington cop was Navajo or Native American and he had a buddy with him in another car part of the visual spotting of the seatbelt issue.  The cops look in her car, possibly taking photos of target and contents, recording speech tones for later use, etc.  It can be a form of intimidation.  There might be three to five people in the area doing this.  Codes might come up on the police system to handle the target in a certain way.  There is a feeling of tagging, riding, and exclamation point scenarios. Third, I do feel there is a particular military police conspiracy going on in Farmington, New Mexico and that it definitely needs to be checked out by objective third parties both inside and outside the area.  I feel it is dangerous for the country and perhaps the world as a whole.  What is going on in the Four Corners Area, in other words, applies to other areas.  I think it is connected to fossil fuels, drug and possibly weapons trafficking but all things should be considered, because I feel there might be something on top of that.  Underground facilities and facilities with fronts for others things should also be considered.  Some key areas to check first might be newer developments in the past five to ten years or thereabouts, don’t get picky about “new” but just the feeling of things that have come up facility-wise that were outside the earlier scope or trends of the area.  Like the police training center between Farmington and Kirtland on the west side of Farmington off Country Road 6480 (see map here) and Native American casinos. I do feel there are local secrets with certain families (probably along both racial and religious lines) knowing exactly what is going on, some linked to oil and gas, power plant mining (which might not just be about coal) and that some of the police are on it.  I also think the Catholic Hispanics might be retaliative to people who speak out against them in certain “arms of the law” ways - where police are sent in on apparent other issues.  It could include whites with family ties to the Hispanic “Catholics.  Each religious group with fundamentalist orientations should be checked out, not just Catholics.  Although not tried and true, Methodists and Presbyterians in the area seem to be milder.  The churches that have enough money to include white vans to carry children and other passengers need to be checked out.  An energy keeps coming up around that.  Something funky about those vans.  Churches that were developed in more recent years with a lot of money, super-large facilities and lots of land also need to be checked out. Tribe connections need t o be considered.  Links to Obama and tribal corruption, millions of dollars.  EPA lawsuits related, water issues, Durango-Silverton Gold King Mine spill, waste water treatment plants, dishonest attorney system.  Fly in the ointment types of things, in the sense of create the problem (even by killing people), then collect on the lawsuits 01/09/2016 1997 Farmington, NM Daily Times (largest Farmington newspaper) History with Fundamentalism: Christianizing publisher Eliot O’Brien, once a well-known name in the area Questia  Stacy Jones  08/02/1997 Excerpt:  Former employees charge publisher of New Mexico daily with religious discrimination.  SOMETHING unholy appears to be happening at the Daily Times in Farmington, N.M., where employee turnover is rampant, a lawsuit has been filed and there are charges the publisher strolls throughout the newsroom singing "praise Jesus." The roots of the chaos come from a combustible alchemy: religion, news and a fundamentalist publisher, Eliot O'Brien, who former employees say is bent on "Christianizing the newsroom" and the pages of the Daily Times.  "In retrospect, I think he was serious because that's what he proceeded to do' said Jack Swickard, former general manager and executive editor at the Daily Times, of O'Brien's frequent mission statements.  Currently, general manager at the Roswell (N.M) Daily Record, Swickard was fired in November 1995 after 6 1/2 years for reasons, he said, are still not clear. Former employees of the Daily Times claim that: O'Brien cut news stories because they didn't have the "right" religious message or because they"glorified" other religions, certain employees were subjected to "prayer sessions" and employees with little or no news experience CONTRAILS 04/01-02/2016 Contrails On April 2, 2016 there were four to six of these aircraft scattered in the air at the same time over the countryside between Aztec and Farmington, NM.  The next day, there were strange dense odd shaped small clouds across the sky mixed in with larger ones.  Some were like long thin ovals, like the contrails had thickened into skinny clouds.  Within the week (by Wednesday April 6) the skies had a filmy cloudy overcast look with a mix of opaqueness and large big rain looking clouds, some flat on the bottom.  I did not manage to take pics of the strange dense little clouds and concomitant long thin clouds that came up on the 4th. CONTRAILS PHOTOS linked to June 2016 notes above
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