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BBC: Santeria Excerpt:  Santeria (Way of the Saints) is an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba beliefs and traditions, with some Roman Catholic elements added. The religion is also known as La Regla Lucumi and the Rule of Osha. Santeria is a syncretic religion that grew out of the slave trade in Cuba. 01/12/2017 Notes/Sections Revamping; Psychic Helpers The General Notes and Personal Notes sections are being revamped, as well as various sections on this website.  Links to topics on this website  might be temporarily down but will be back up shortly.  There is a lot of psychic energy going on in the background as people other than myself look into things at my request from what they have read on this website.  When people look into things, my own psychic impressions are stimulated by what they are doing psychically in my energy field and by what they themselves see. 01/10/2017  More on psychic skepticism The discussion of anything psychic is tricky. Reiteration of difficulty of dealing with people who are skeptical of the psychic thing:    I honestly believe that I am encountering another level of energy in which things are happening and that some of it manifests here in the physical world as we know it.  I also feel in some ways I was at both an advantage and disadvantage in where I was born, the state and community I was around much of my growing up years, my family and my later years delving into the psychic thing.  I will remind you of something I have indicated several times on this website: I was raised in a family devoid of the psychic thing, people who are really actually obnoxious about it  - very shut off, rejecting, fearful, taking extremely normative approaches to it.  However, a little further back in the generation on the mother’s side, there is a little light, a little relief.  Not a lot, but a little - the mother’s mother talked about ghosts, had some family stories, and so did the uncle, the mother’s brother.  I am sure this is one of the places a doorway was opened in terms of openness to such topics and interest.  My mother is  blocked in her way, and my father is blocked in his way.  People seem to turn it off if they sense it does not offer the success that they see as normal in life.  If people struggle with it and don’t seem to “get somewhere” then they turn it off for themselves.  The problem is, people can indeed get “somewhere” with it - but it might not show up on the physical in terms of money or educational success.  Focusing on those levels or  planes can distract from other things in life, but it does not mean things are not happening or going forward in their own way.  All I can tell you is I continue to pick up more and more stuff in certain ways even if I m not seeing minute detail most of the time still.  As a result of this, it can come across like I am being hateful or discriminatory toward an lot of classes of people - I will mention Catholics or Mormons, for example.  The problem truly is I think whatever the cult is I keep picking up, it runs the gambit across several races and religious groups - and other conspiracy theorists suggest the same thing.  Sometimes it feels more Catholic - I will say I pick that particular vibe up more than other vibes - I think what might have happened is a large influence is from the Catholic world.   I don’t think the Catholic world for the largest part has taken responsibility for its problems and old bad habits are still around.  With its message of guilt and shame around the Jesus story, they encourage people to evoke that type of trip on themselves and others.  There is a type of head trip associated with feeling important for connecting with that guilt to work it over other people to get them to submit to your will by pretending it is God’s will.  The ego gets involved but the people tell themselves they are touching base with compassion for the plight of Jesus at the hands of vicious Romans.  It is a lower form of compassion which gets mixed in with self- importance for feeling compassionate.   Some people suggest that when the Catholic thing is taken further, it becomes the Illuminati cult because some of the same language of “we are all sinners” gets taken to the next level of world condemnation and annihilation.  I think people need to get a grip on the sin psychology behind the mafias and terrorism.  I have been running into quite a bit of it in the southwestern United States.  Those of us who are sufficiently outside of the sin pathologies need to find each other to help fight the cults and domination in our communities.  A lot of it is controlling the homeless and poor sectors, mixing being poor in with ideas of sinfulness and other cult ideas.  By withering away at people’s self-esteem and confidence, these religious groups implant their own messages.  These cults are very dominating on mroe than one level - and one of the levels is indeed the psychic.  With so many Americans turned off and tuned away from the psychic thing, itis no wonder the cults spread like wildfire.  After mentioning in these notes I had registered recently as a Democrat in the state of New Mexico, having returned after some uncomfortable psychic impressions about the Coconino County area and Arizona in general (namely they kept watching my registered address area and screwed with my votes), I had strong images of Democrat related complicity in 9/11, coming in largely through a La Raza type of minority sector including Blacks and Hispanics, as well as others. I also had impressions of legitimate old (original) Constitution loyal Democrats in politics who have been outspoken, whistleblowers and also quietly doing what they could from behind the scenes.   I feel both Obama and Trump are corrupt and came in on rigged elections, and would like to see those Democrats who were in complicity with 9/11 punished to the full extent of the law.  I will work with those Democrat politicians and other Democrats who support the United States and are not part of a minority based rebellion. I also want to acknowledge the British and other members of the UK who have helped to expose the Putin hacking, as I feel this comes from an honest sector.  I also sense a type of sanity and clarity in those types which would be useful in fighting global threats as a whole.  However, we need to be on alert about UK aincluding Australian anti-American complcity with 9/11. 01/09/2017: Alternet/Trump, Avoid term ‘Religious Right’, Craigslist watcher concerns Alternet: Trump: Let’s Impeach Him Now. By Heather Digby Parton (01/06/2017) Excerpt:  There are some creative strategic thinkers out there, however, who are looking at the big picture and coming up with some exciting propositions. For instance, Robert Kuttner wrote a provocative piece for the Huffington Post, advocating for a group of experts, preferably bipartisan, to begin seriously putting together the case for impeachment: There is only one constitutional way to remove a president, and that is via impeachment. What’s needed is a citizens’ impeachment inquiry, to begin on Trump’s first day in office. The inquiry should keep a running dossier, and forward updates at least weekly to the House Judiciary Committee. There will be no lack of evidence. The materials should be made public via a website. The inquiry should be conducted by a distinguished panel whose high-mindedness and credentials are, well, unimpeachable. There needs to be a parallel public campaign, pressing for an official investigation. For those appalled by Trump, who wonder where to focus their efforts, here is something concrete ― and more realistic than it may seem. He goes on to enumerate the high crimes and misdemeanors in which Trump is already implicated, beginning with the massive corruption inherent in his continued ownership of a privately held international company, the details of which he refuses to divulge. There are also his strange and uncharacteristic fondness for Vladimir Putin and his untrammeled nepotism, just for starters. Avoid Term Religious Right Recommend using a term other than religious right to refer to those adhering to a religious extremist position.  This is because the word right might link to a subconscious feeling of correctness, as in “He is right - that is, he is correct.”  We do not want to give the notion that being a member of the religious fundamentalist brigade is the correct thing to do.  On the other hand, using the terms religious extremists or religious fanatics connotes bias, judgment and non-objectivity….a kind of extremism in its own way, a type of defensive posturing…a form of passive aggressiveness.  We need a term which somehow avoids these pitfalls. I recommend the following book on OBEs, life after life, NDEs, shamanic journeys, and more: The Out of Body Experience: The History and Science of Astral Travel (2016) Peake, Anthony It is a broad summary with critical analysis of remote viewing and other psychic-like phenomena. He covers Monroe, Moody and others  Peake does a good job of pointing out the anecdotal from the veridical, showing how a seeming psychic event could be tricked, downright wrong or explained elsewise. Craigslist Concerns Continue Continue to psychically pick up watchers around postings and feel it is a critical area for investigation as the people involved come across as dangerous.  I feel it is linked to a mafia type of network with police related associations.  I feel it could be linked to 9/11 cover-ups.    I feel psychic detectives with proven track records and grassroots anti-Big Brother networks need to work together to isolate this Craigslist problem: is it associated with Craigslist itself; where are they; who are they; are they linked to an Islamic-white supremacist network; are they connected to drugs and gun running; are some thuggish Mormons involved.  These things come up for me, also hostile attitudes toward independent women.  These people at Craigslist might have entanglements with the darker side of American journalism and cover-ups.  Craigslist has a D rating at the Better Business Bureau out of their central offices area of San Francisco.  I am picking up plots when I put ads out on Craigslist and feel exclamation points building up until I take down the ads.  I feel it is particularly observable around Craigslist but have reason to suspect they are also watching ads through American Classifieds or other online venues. Electronic Caging - A Type of Prison System for Targets I am psychically picking up that part of the gangstalking protocol has included using electronic force fields of some kind linked to something in a physical body to keep a person from leaving an area.  It is a way to imprison someone invisibly without going through the legal system.  I sense it could be connected to the Craigslist problem noted above.  It is connected to Turfing. 01/06/2017 Trump, Hillary, Democrats, Election Rigging (Truth Out) A few views on Trump:  I do not agree with the blatant use of his kingly approaches without true democratic input.  I disagree with the appointments of religious fundamentalists. I am certain the election was rigged.  I completely and thoroughly disagree with the wall being built between the USA and Mexico.  I do agree with getting rid of Obamacare - I hate it.  I do agree with taxing imports from China.  Behind all things in government, we are dealing with selfish undisclosed special interests - government projects channeling funds to certain corporations and encouraging a monopolistic enterprise.   We need to be trying to help clean up the Democratic party (I never liked Obama) and help it fight election rigging and the corrupt Republican kingship, or create a new party - I lean toward helping Democrats clean up their act and have shifted from Green (NM) and Independent (AZ) to Democrat recently.  I was psychically picking up the possibility that mailed in ballots of Independent voters in Arizona were especially targeted for being rigged.  I do suspect my own mailed in ballot was changed by people who did not like how I was voting.  I felt a distinct impression in this regard.  I feel there is a link between New Mexico and Arizona mafia-like networks which means people are being targeted in certain ways when crossing state lines.  Part of it seems to be about a target trying to leave one mafia controlled turf for another.  I think this has something to do with the break-ins and stealing of items I experienced in both Arizona and Oregon in the past two years or so.  I think it is also connected to purchases in chain stores - and returns.  I feel the spy networks might be retaliative over what they feel to be excessive returns at these stores.  I think the spy networks are involved in money proceeds from these chain stores. Hillary I feel Hillary has been in danger with some undisclosed containment practices of her person already, and that she is better than some of the things she has been caught with would indicate - look for zones of influence.  I feel her husband (the other Clinton) has skewed energy, what is causing his energy to be skewed needs to be looked at by psychics.  It could be Russians in his space, including a Russian-British interface of some kind.  I would look for an abusive homosexual contingency there as part of it.  Even while we investigate Russians, always keep an eye on Islam and China. Democrats Democrats need to be focusing intensely on all ranges of surveillance abuse and psychotronic control.  Democrats need to ‘fess up to their own past riggings of elections.  We need to be looking for an Illuminati type of rigging behind both Republicans and Democrats.   I believe strongly that fascist police networks are behind many problems and that the Trump regime could be the thing they were waiting for - an opportunity to act lawlessly and to target whoever and however they want without recourse.  What I am picking up about this network is a misguided idea of human stewardship - that society should stand back and let them be the fathers of micromanagement - including even who gets to stay and who gets cut out (life or death).  It is similar to what you see in the Mormon and Catholic churches in which people are supposed to defer things to a body of supposed elders handling the tiniest details of people’s lives. Election Rigging  Truth Out: The Shocking Truth About Election Rigging in America. By Victoria Collier (09/05/2016) Excerpt:  If there is anything positive to say about the 2016 elections, it's that they have finally forced an end to the official denial of computerized election rigging. In the past month, the fact that our voting technology is a hacker's paradise has been validated by no less than all the major TV news networks: NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, USA Today, The Hill, The Guardian, Mother Jones, Politico, and a dozen other outlets.  Of course, the corporate media and political parties are now professing "shock" at the very prospect that US elections can be manipulated, and yes, even stolen.  Yet it has long been an open secret that game-changing races have been decided not by voters, but by insiders; from the presidential race of 1960, appropriated for John Kennedy by Democratic muscle in Chicago, to the two victories secured for George W. Bush by GOP fixers in Florida and hackers in Ohio. Among other suspect elections in recent years are key Congressional races hijacked by combinations of voter suppression, gerrymandering, dark money and the ugly little secret of American elections: rigged voting machines…We don't need assurances. We need truth and ultimately, we need reform.  Elections are, to put it mildly, a wonky subject. Few Americans care to tackle their complexity, and most are eager to believe someone responsible is minding the store. While most elections officials are decent, underpaid public servants with integrity, many in positions of power are not. Over the years they have enabled -- and sometimes profited from -- deep structural security breaches that are not going to fix themselves.  To understand what's happening and what we can do about it, we need to speak some uncomfortable truths and also dispel a few persistent myths.  It's Not Voter Fraud, It's Election Rigging Excerpt:  Cyber security experts and "white hat" hackers, who have gained access to the machines over the years, report that every component of these electronic voting systems are ridiculously vulnerable to fraud: Machines are not safeguarded and sit vulnerable for weeks leading up to an election The shoddy locks and keys on the machines are easily opened and replaced Machines can be breached without breaking official security seals The secret software can be rigged with malicious, self-deleting code to steal elections The rigged code will not be detected by standard security tests Vote-rigging viruses can be spread from one computer through an entire network The administrative passwords are often easily hacked or missing entirely One person can access voting systems and others can enter behind them Last minute "patches" to (supposedly) update software can harbor malicious code Wireless connections are insecure and aren't always evident Vulnerable hacking points include voter registration lists, any machines that are linked to the internet, any digital vote results that are transferred wirelessly to central tabulators, and all final vote tallies transferred to the websites of secretaries of states Dozens of technical reports and studies, books, films and videos, articles, investigations and even congressional whistleblower testimony have exposed the depth of this crisis. Both Touchscreens and Optical Scanners Can Be Rigged Here it gets a little wonkier, so hang in there….There are two kinds of vote tabulating systems in use: Approximately 20 percent are Direct Recording Electronic (DRE), called Touchscreens, which look something like an ATM. DREs both record and tally votes within their internal computers. The other ubiquitous machines are Optical Scanners, which scan paper ballots filled out by the voter, including absentee and vote-by-mail ballots. The Touchscreens were an inappropriate technology purchased by states with funds from the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA), a $3.9 billion pork barrel promoted by the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who served six years in prison for conspiracy to bribe public officials, tax evasion and mail fraud. Touchscreens immediately violated democratic elections by providing no paper ballot to audit or recount. Many Touchscreens were later retrofitted with a Voter Verified Paper Trail (VVPAT), essentially a glorified toilet paper roll of flimsy receipt paper that has proven both expensive and useless for verifying elections.  01/04/2017 Trump possible Islamic ties, Eastern European/Roma/Catholic/Old European Royalty/Trump, Roots Action Petition: Don’t put Muslims on Gestapo Lists Trump possible Islamic ties Trump and hidden Islamic ties: don’t forget to consider an Islamic link to the games being played in the USA about removing Muslims or putting them on lists.   Keep remembering the psychological wars that could be being played to push events.  I have added a link about Trumps earlier connections to Islamic business deals to the Trump section.  A photo in that article looks suspicious to me and the business activities need to be checked using other sources.  However, the ideas are important.  We need to remind ourselves things might not be as they seem. Eastern European/Roma/Catholic/Old European Royalty/Trump -I have picked up the possibility of an Eastern European Roma/Catholic type of link to old European royalty as it might be playing out through or around Trump in the United States.  I sense they might want to put in a type of government that represents that royalty.  As ever, I go through several groups trying to isolate exactly what this group reminds me the most of.  Here are some strong psychic sensations about them: they kind of remind me of locusts, eating through areas they come in contact with.  They kill people.  It is a type of cult.  It might fit the Donmeh’s description.  The Donmeh are reported to have gone to various areas, including Cairo and Greece.  I think they were also in India but need to check that.  They have a link to Catholics in early old horseback Spain, like Spaniards with horses, Muslims in Turkey and were Jews.  They are said to have done things in their own way.  I cannot find a whole lot about them and what is available seems uncertain.  All I can tell you is I am picking up a vibe and they feel a little Spanish, a little hindu Indian, a little Greek, a little Catholic, a little Muslim.  Sometimes it feels almost like Hari Krishna.  I sense sacrifices.  Some of it feels like people from a long time ago.  There could be a Jesus cult mixed in with an old Mediterranean bull or other animal sacrifice cult.    I sense issues with bloodlines.  They might be ones who think someone in their group is related to Jesus, and that this is royalty. There is a franticness, a type of hysteria, a mix between high tech and old ways.  There might be links with European royalty and Islamic royalty.  I sense they would cut people’s heads off.   I do think there are witches and magic in the group.  I sense ties to Eastern Europe and paganism.  I feel some of them feel they don’t know how to be like the rest of us and that they are locked into something about their group.  Part of it could be genetic.  There might also be an old leprosy colony isolation/gene pool issue.  Also perhaps experiments were done on Jews and gypsies in their group during World War II, maybe earlier as well.  I sense secrets and odd things around caves and underground facilities.   I feel they have gotten themselves into a mess for all they have done and for how bloody it has been.  So in this regard there is a sickness. Roots Action Petition: Don’t put Muslims on Gestapo Lists Have signed a Roots Action petition to not have Muslims put on Gestapo-types of lists.  History has show us that this sort of discriminatory targeting shows up poorly with hindsight and can lead to damaging consequences.I 01/02-03/2017 Have felt psychically for a few years the possibility of certain Canadian influences on government and policing in Durango, Colorado.  Might be coming in through the uranium or other mining pursuits in the Rockies.  German, Australian and Asian connections come in slightly as linked with the Canadian intrusion.  Part of what I am possibly picking up is Canadian financing of undercover agents working as normal police officers in the Durango area; they might have a military designation.  One of the vibes is they are not connected to the interests of the United States and are making more money than they should be given what they are doing for it, a kind of elitist attitude toward locals struggling financially and toward Americans in general.  The other thing about Durango is I believe there is a religious-fascist network lurking behind the homeless shelters and food pantries for the poor - quite a bit of spying and control games going on.  It is perhaps surprising because a shallow look at the small town at the base of the Rockies looks fairly liberal with a mix of both carefully casual intellectuals, artists, business owners and tourists as well as jeans bearing types. Here is the thing about Canada: There are many good people in Canada.  Many feel oppressed by their system - and they are.  There are links between the USA and Canada across various enterprises, with much of it secretive.  I have seen some real insights come out of Canada in a way I don’t see in the United States.   I know there are Canadians who would join with Americans to fight the corrupt mafia-like military/secret service kingship oppressing both countries.       12/31/2016 New Year’s Eve Here are some loose notes about what I pick up on some of the mafia-like surveillance perpetrators who have been following me and using gangstalking types of influences: - the organizational network reminds me of an extended abusive Catholic monastery.  So any kind of monastery with abusive headmasters (priests, nuns, incorporated older students) - There is a cultural soup, a disposition of internal and external downer talk which offers motivation for self-pity and justification for the various mafia-like activities.  The internal mechanism is a justification source.  It is the emotional spur which lights the match for action.  It can be things like I am Jewish and my grandmother was in the Holocaust and now whites with Germanic ancestry need to get it….or I am Mexican in New Mexico and whites made my great-uncle sit at the back of the bus so now it’s our turn to be the dominant ones….or Mexicans were here first, we need to take back our lands….or I was raised dirt poor in a small village in Thailand, now I am going to be rich taking from all those selfish Americans…or all blacks are stinking scum that need to go back to Africa or wherever else they came fromMuslims are all lying, sneaking killers, let’s cut them off at the punch (at the moment before they can do another terrorist act)…Look what you create.  The internal comes from the external: the external is the cultural soup which acts like a matrix of ideas.  The matrix is an enclosed finite grouping of habituated ideas which keep families and their networks thinking and saying the same things over and over through the years.  It is also a re-enacted feeling world of memories to give validation to the hostile acts against others.  After awhile, when the habits take on a life of their own, people cannot remember another way of doing things and cannot imagine doing things in a new way. - There is emotional behavior in the form of defiance.   Several of the doers are younger and have issues with their parents or elders both within the organization and as a way to oppose them from the organization.  The defiance can cause them to make quick decisions and actions prematurely and out of shallow malice.  There is ego material about sneaking, getting away with it, tricking their victims, a feeling of elation in winning over somebody in a variety of ways - a buzz - A sense of being at war and justification therein for doing bad things to people - Emotional detachment from compassion for victims outside the organization which mirrors a basic emptiness of sustainable nurturing, compassion and trust within the organization; although there is family group and network loyalty, it is often based on meanness and habit, selfishness - there is a group-centered selfishness gathered up in the anti-enemy momentum.  This prevents a more evolved maturing process.  The selfishness described here has a particular vibe and is distinctive to certain groups involved in terrorism and mafia-like enterprises.  The selfishness causes people in the group to not hear new answers to life’s problems, but to keep doing things in a mean way.  This is why they bomb public areas where innocent victims who had nothing to do with them are killed.  There is a disconnection from the broader concerns of mankind because the terrorists are only thinking of themselves.  Although this sounds like a morality play to judge them as selfish, it’s really a tool for investigation because it is a characteristic which can be counted on as part of the profile of the group.  It means there are certain identifiable tendencies.  Instead of calling it selfishness, which suggests a bias and judgment, consider calling it something like detached ethnocentrism. In the sense a group of cohesively identifiable adherents operate from certain retained identity constructs, the directives are for personal gain at the often tragic expense of others.  If there is a religious connection, people might delude themselves into thinking Allah made them do it, or it is God’s chosen people who must kill and rampage for the continued survival of the blessed race.  The money and materials from others outside the group is directed back to the group, and in domino effect, back to the individual who has learned these thought processes from the group.  The ego gets involved in the fact We Might Be Wrong. -Sex as a ploy.  For example, some of the male white cops have Mexican girlfriends on drugs hooked up to gangs.   Telepathic - psychic/psychotronic - thoughts put into people’s heads with a sexual theme.  This seems to be a way people are abused in black ops prisons, too. -Hooking into people’s money in all aspects of their lives, as well as hooking into ttheir energy.  The objective is to drain the person’s finances.  It can even involve watching what a person tries to sell or rent out on Craigslist. 12/30/2016 Some miscellaneous notes: Another thing coming up is the possible link Viet Cong during the 1960s Vietnam War, Subud, certain parts of Latino communism, South Africans.  Also the possibility the Viet Cong had access to old Nazi German technology.  We need to remember France’s connection to Vietnam in the earlier years.  France is one of those changeling countries which might get forgotten.  Remember Corsica, Napoleon, and the Corsican Mafia in its connection with France.  Remember France was one of the European countries in early American history.  Some of the French hid children from Hitler’s forces and France opened its doors on the UFO phenomenon in a way the USA still has not.  The Corsican Mafia and links to Catholicism, Italy and Spain should not be taken lightly.  A Jewish Mafia was identified in the early part of the last century, as well.   Mafias were around by the time of World War II, in other words.  As I mentioned earlier, I psychically pick up an energy around the Subud and Obama.  I feel much of the material on the Internet on Subud is likely skewed, but that there is a link to the truth somewhere in it.  I feel some of the trail of the Subud goes back to Vietnam and Obama’s secrets.  He keeps the truth buried.  I feel part of the issue is he was abused as a child.  I feel he was both mistreated for being black while part of the abuse was from the minorities involved in the infiltration.  It is connected to the Black Panther movement but the larger problem was coming from non-Americans, from various minority groups shedding white European colonialist control.  The thing about dope being sent back in body bags to the USA during Vietnam is connected to this.  Cuban voo doo or other dark occultism feels linked to African occultism.  I also sense an old sour occultism that runs through the black community from before the time of the American Revolution which might be part of all this.  Coming in through plantations linked to each other from the South into the Caribbean.  Some of the mixed blood and darkness might have entered the white community.  The British, Irish and Scots might have had their own occultism coming in through royalty and elitist intellectual circles, including the alchemists.  Minority and white occultism might have become interconnected early on, with slaves of white plantation owners taking on some of the characteristics and knowledge through bloodlines and in-household interactions.  The old slave trade and plantation links might be one way the black community has extant links with the Latino community  - Communism gets mixed in there, or shall we say Marxism.  The whole drug thing has been going on a long time, as we can recall the old historic China opium business.  Mercantile businesses, opium, fur, tea and coffee, coca, cocaine, silk, slavery….these in connection with certain royalty might have shifted into Chinese Communism. There had been German and other colonies in China.  The old ties to empires and colonialism come up regularly on the Internet.  It is possible old family lines - both white and white ties to minorities through blood and enterprise - kept up old bad habits which finally coagulated into Communism.  By shutting the doors on information and doings, the empires finally had a way to stop rebellion.  China has created an almost impenetrable way of getting to its core group of controllers through rebellion.  A new paradigm is needed to fight that level of control, and it is likely the same disease there has infested the United States and beyond.  The Chinese have tried to kill off and destroy all old esoteric and advanced knowledge of qigong and martial arts because of the fear of an adroit reprisal. On another note, and perhaps a remote idea,what has been coming up for me is the possibility of an ancient Asian cult with knowledge of qigong, martial arts, the psychic and shamanic etheric travel has been controlling humanity and its main religions for a long time.  This group might be the prototype using invisible fingers and the notion of untouchables to use others as proxies. 12/29/2016 Another thing possibly being picked up psychically are special effects/sets in the filming of 9/11 using DIsney. Years ago when I was a small child, I had a strange experience at one of the Disneys, probably the one in California.  Almost seems like I was taken from my mother, or had gotten lost from my mother, and while I was away from her, I was taken into a hidden room where something odd happened to me, and there is a feeling of lost memories.  It can be explained away by I simply was small and confused and my memories are incongruous with the actual events, and nothing might have happened.  However, I put it out that all these years I had a bad feeling about whatever it was and have always wondered.  The other thing that has been coming up is this thing about gymnasts in the country at the time of 9/11 and the sense of agility training as it might relate to rappelling, and certain family lines.  In this regard, I am picking up something like gypsies, circuses, carnivals, fortune telling and also a mix of possible Olympian style training along with espionage training and hooks into higher tech things.  We need to be mindful of any Jewish and gypsy links to the Muslim world. 12/28/2016  Berlin attack (USA), etc. In continuation with the material on psychic images or feelings around 9/11, I had something come up around Disney in Florida as if there might have been (perhaps still are) paramilitary ops there, perhaps something about simulation around 9/11.   Also perhaps some equipment or other materials gets hidden or mixed in there, maybe there are hidden underground chambers. Have been picking up possible antics around Disney films for some time, in the sense of possible subliminal tones, lights, messages, etc.   Found also in non-Disney theater movies.  The films are often filled with fluff and have stupid pseudo-classical or dramatic music with all of it advertised as something great.  The subliminal inserts might spur emotional responses, change brainwave activity, have some kind of hook.  I also had an image of gymnasts or other athletes being in the country around 9/11 associated with it.  Also I need to make clear that I don’t feel Cheney and Bush are guilt free.  I think they had ties, knew at least part of the build-up of problems in their extended international oil and gas affiliations, were complicit in some ways and should not have been in government in the first place.  I think their election, like the current one and several others in our country, were rigged.  I am not sure exactly when the rigging in American history started taking place. In the past few days, I have even suspected George Washington might have been a hidden British loyalist, setting the pace for a divided country from the beginning.  In this regard, I sense a possible occult knowledge coming in from royalty and an odd connection with mercantile companies and pirates. The other thing I want to mention again is that I keep picking up a possible kidnapping around an Islamic type of princess, seems to be associated with Afghanistan and the Bush group in the events preceding 9/11.  Seems to be oil and gas related. The diamond mine/operations psychic vision mentioned earlier might be connected largely or in part with South Africa, maybe a Dutch, German, British and Australian association there. The other thing we need to look out for is people actively causing or supporting a Nazi-type of United States, then loudly screaming “See, look!  The USA is fascist!  The USA is corrupt!”  I think part of the problem might be a mix of certain resentful Germans and ex- victims of both the Nazi and Soviet (ex-USSR) regimes corroborating to bring down the USA, along with certain Islamic groups.  The main totalitarian countries are well known: Nazi Germany, the ex-USSR, Communist China and Middle Eastern Islam dominated countries.  North Korea has been added to this list.   China has prison systems and labor camps which severely violate human rights.   As mentioned before, I think part of the approach or motivation is nihilism.  Whereas the United States has a history of early slavery, ongoing discrimination problems with minorities, corruption in government and more, to its credit, it has had an actively operating legal system for change to keep up with the expectations of a more progressive country.  I think groups who have been labeled totalitarian resented the better reputation of the United States and have been turning the tables on it, widening the gulf unnaturally between citizen, government and military-industrial complex.  These people are tweaking the problem and then turning around to point at it as if in real alarm.  This adds a confusing infusion of material to the resources available to us, because part of the information or mis/disinformation is coming from the perpetrators themselves.  In this regard, it is a form of dark humor.  It is like fire maniacs who start the fire then call the fire marshals or are themselves one of the fire fighters. It is as if people are trying to show up the futileness of it all.  In another way, I think religious types are trying to play out millennialism ideas and a forced heaven/damnation theme.   For religionists, it is a way to channel people’s beliefs toward Mohammed or Jesus by destroying other lines of hope or opportunity.  With a forced nowhere else to go, they say, “See, here is your one true solution (Mohammed or Jesus); everything else is futile.  People are chaotic, violent and foolishly materialistic until they turn to religion.”  In this regard, religious fundamentalists might be exaggerating the excesses to make the point the only answer is Jesus or Mohammed, while nihilists might be making the point there is nowhere to go (not even to God), it is all hopeless, so why not speed up the end? I think part of the radical religious behavior is connected to misguided sexual energy, a type of blocked kundalini.  I suspect healthy sexual energy between people is a current with both people matching power.  People who engage in much prayer, meditation and physical exercise (like in preparation for battle) might have an abundance of sexual energy.  If they don’t have a safe outlet for this, and if it is not redirected into a current with another human being or through spiritually focused masturbation for enlightenment, I am afraid it can express itself in the form of terrorism or other types of violence.  Masturbation as a part of the human extension of life, like eating and drinking, without a spiritual direction, is also possible to redirect this energy current.  Part of the problem is not just erratic and unhealthy kundalini discharges.  I think group behavior in certain cults could be trying to get everyone to share their sex so no one has it to themselves.  Passing a person around, not leaving an individual alone to him or herself.  This group dynamic behind some terrorist activity should not be taken lightly and might be lurking in our degenerate American policing networks. People forget that they are not trying to stomp out an external enemy in the form of Satan, but to redirect forces toward productive ventures both inside and outside of themselves.  In order to do this, people have to have a belief in themselves and in the idea that, given opportunity, most people will live quiet, peaceful and productive lives in their own way and at their own pace.  I think a lot of Islamic acting out is misdirected kundalini coupled with growing up in abusive households and controlling cultures.  As The Spectator article below suggests regarding 9/11, like it or not, the problem is probably Islam.   I would add to that, however, that it could be an Islamic strain with some other racial, cultural and occult elements working together as a secretive, elusive and defiant cult.  There are elements of Islam that are out in the open and clear spoken; they are letting us know exactly what they believe and how they operate.  But there is something additional going on with the para-Islamic behavior.  This other something else is what is eluding the mainstream American public.   That public gets the idea of the stereotypical terrorist Islam, but it is largely not getting the cult behavior lurking behind finance, insurance, large well-funded churches, real estate deals, oil and gas, casinos and more.   The cult might include the white American church goer next door, the Latino living in a small village in South America and a Japanese visitor to Hawaii.   I feel that people who engage in these types of antics are insecure and disconnected from the most meaningful things of life.  They are destructive and play games rather than finding the personal power to engage with truth and self-expression from a more decided platform.  In addition, they are wasteful of energy, finances and finite resources by applying all of that to destructive ends rather than their brief time here on the planet toward long-term life supportive measures. One thing that feeds the destructive tendencies are not just the cruel leaders, but the soldiers and police networks willing to do their bidding for money.  For money, these types are in most of our communities as watchers, controllers and punishers.  To combat the tyrants, we must get to the source of the money and re-channel it back to normal enterprises fair for the bulk of the population.   I think that with advanced psychic training, as private citizens we can  help put the brakes on terrorism such as occurred in Paris and Berlin, London and the United States, as well as elsewhere (see USA today 12/2016 below).  I am psychically sensing that these terrorists put out an energy in their immediate fields of influence which, with sensitizing, can be picked up rather readily.  It is partly because the people are emotionally messy; they have emotional problems behind their negative acts.  This puts out an identifiable energy. USA Today:  Berlin attack latest in disturbing terror trend.  By Alan Gomez 12/20/2016 Excerpt:  Whether the Berlin rampage represents the latest lone wolf attack or is the latest example of an Islamic State operative able to conceal his ties to the terrorist organization worries authorities.  German officials are still searching for the unknown driver who plowed a truck loaded with steel beams into a popular Christmas market Monday night. Whatever his identity, his method has become commonplace.  ISIL calls Berlin attacker a 'soldier' as manhunt for killer resumes In July a Tunisian resident of France, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, used a rented cargo truck to run through a crowd in Nice, France, killing 86 people and wounding hundreds more. And Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born student at Ohio State University, crashed his car into a crowd of pedestrians in November before getting out and stabbing several of them with a butcher knife.  Rita Katz, executive director of the SITE Intelligence Group, said the Islamic State has been heavily promoting the use of trucks in recent years. The group even dedicated a three-page feature in the November edition of its online magazine explaining the right way to carry out such an attack, including a picture of a U-Haul truck, a list of suggested targets and tips on what kind of truck to use.
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