04/10/2017 There are times I get goosebumps as if from something from the past, maybe like spirits of the beings I am reading about.  Here is one issue in which I received goosebumps: BBzDREv?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp Is it over VC Clark herself?  Another one recently in the past two weeks was over Marc Bloch and his story.  Bloch was a French Historian who helped with his partner start the Annales school of historical thought. Both issues can be explained also by something in life going on at the same time.  Examples would be being in a business transaction between yourself and a person handling the transaction handling the issue, something about it sparks his or her interest.  Or someone you are not aware of can be reading your material, whatever it is - a letter or something else - and that person is inspired in something about that.  Both of these or similar issues can cause goosebumps. Miscellaneous I have been gathering a few websites on the connection between the Catholic Church, its priests and the Mafia or Mafia-like enterprises as this issue has come up for me again.  I suspect some Scots I was forced to collide with in business again after I thouight I had ceased all activities might be Catholic using some subliminal dangerous psychic tactics, way outside of the range of most people who do not believe in anything psychic.  04/01/2017 The sad truth is, large numbers of people are still ignorant about “the psychic thing.”  It is a subject that still garners hostility. People claiming psychic ability are still assumed to be frauds.   I keep running into people who are blatantly negative about the psychic thing.   Emotional maturity takes you to a new level here; there is something missing in the emotional development of people who cannot connect with the psychic world even to just simply be open-minded.   Listen carefully: the psychic thing is real. There is no reason to act ugly about it.  Facts and data are important: the prove it thing.  New York Post: Yes, the Saudi Government Helped the 9/11 Terrorists. By Paul Sperry (07/2016) I am going to reintroduce this on 9/11:  Corbett Report: 911: Trillions Follow The Money ACLU: Misconduct by officers at border, verbal abuse (2016) grandmother 03/28/2017 The possibility of a snake cult or snake priestly order from Egyptian times has come up.  Possibly old knowledge about snake venom and hypnosis through snake charming.  Various uses for snake venom.  Wonder if it has shown up in paints on cave walls and papyrus writing.  Are any constituents of venom poisonous after removed from snake and dried?  Is venom known to have been used in mummification?  Also images of victims placed in rooms with large or other sized snakes in Egyptian times, like around the era of Romans and Cleopatra, came up.  The snake cult might range widely globally, including into elite circles in the UK.  I ran into a website which spoke of an ancient Egyptian culture.  The problem with this sort of thing is sorting out fact from fantasy.  I put it out here in the commentary that in general a snake cult shows up as a possibility but I don’t have any substantial information to support it. Cartels/Surveillance/Chain Stores Reiteration of possible cartel-related networks running through across-city surveillance, hanging around and networked from the following: Walmarts, name brand grocery stores and other chain stores; community colleges and 4 year colleges or universities; private surveillance companies with veteran owned ones coming up on my radar.  I have repeated this concern several times.  I am not sure how we can nail the problem down but the vibe is “thievery” as well as retaliation of targets.  What Would You Do to Fight Surveillance and System Abuse? if you yourself felt threatened by this, how would YOU go about nailing down who it is and how they operate?  How would YOU get answers about who is involved in surveillance networks?  Flash through your own mind action on this.  When you try to think about it, how do you feel inside?  Dis-empowered, like you cannot do anything about it?  Are you someone who has been a member of a gang yourself - do you  know how these people think and operate, and so does that make you feel like you cannot do much about it?  Are you part of the sequence, that is, do you enter the network along the way, like in drug purchases or sales?  Do you yourself have a criminal record?  Are you a veteran who engaged in or saw illegal or immoral behavior overseas, so that impacts your ability to fight system abuse at home?   Do you tend to “lay low” by staying away from it, hoping it will leave you alone?  Do you feel some of the people in the system and surveillance abuse in your home town or city are relatives or members of your church?  Are they part of your race?   Do you see life as a system of bro helping bro, giving each other favors, with keeping silent part of it?  Do you feel organized crime is part of life and no one can ever hope to do anything real about it?  I want you to keep at the front of your mind, at top of mind awareness, the idea that surveillance that hangs around places like Walmart might include people who are not directly hired by Walmart, but are part of a SWAT-like underground police operation which involves thievery and abusive cartels.  People with cell phones talking to each other about what you buy, how much you spend, what you have put in your car or your home or on your person, and who are plotting to come to where you live or where you are parked around town to steal from you once you buy that stuff.  I want you to imagine that they are in your bank accounts.  People are not supposed to be in your bank accounts watching where you go and what you spend money on, but we need to consider the possibility that they are in fact in your bank accounts.  So as you are in stores buying stuff, they are also watching your bank account.  So they got you covered both ways.  The only thing left is for them to follow you in your life to either actually steal your stuff or to retaliate against you in some other way.  Retaliation can include causing you a problem in some way - messing with your car when you are not looking seems to be one way.  They can also send spies into your life, people pretending to be your friend but with other intentions.  The other intentions can be yet another way to steal from you.  One other place they seem to be targeting and following people is through Craigs List, which I have also mentioned a lot on this website.  I psychically sense a network of spies and thieves associated with Craigs List. Is Life One Big Cartel? Do you think Life is Organized Crime?  Can you think back when you started to feel that way?   Remember System Abuse means “networks.”  It’s about chains of contact - Mark knows Steve, Steve knows Amy, Amy knows a drug dealer, the drug dealers knows someone in Mexico, someone in Mexico knows someone in South Africa, someone in S. Africa knows someone in Australia….the list goes on.  Guns N’ Crosses It can mean people think they are cool for being connected with a church as it relates to their race.  So guns in one hand, crosses in another hand.  The idea that “I am too cool for my gun-cross thing.”  Almost like TV show morality, wearing crosses on the necklace and hiding knives in the pocket.  Like wearing a cross is sexy.  It becomes a cultural idea about what it means to be a certain race, rather than just being a human being on the planet.  Conformity, Peer Pressure If you are connected to your race and your religion as a means of expression and denial of other cultures, you probably are linked to some kind of network doing the same thing.  Everyone in your culture tells you that is how to act, so you act like that, you don’t ask questions.  Because you are basing your religion and race as a package, maybe you get defensive if people ask too many questions.  Maybe you say things like,  “That is a sensitive issue.”   No one can confront you so you just stay in the same space your whole life.  You try to pretend that Jesus would approve or that God is on your side, but down inside you know it’s pride.  Guns n’ Crosses is about group pride, about leaning on what the group to give you an identity.  The group will “kick your ass” if you try to be your own boss, so it is easier to flow with the crowd and act cool. I think a large part of the problem in fighting abusive network surveillance is that people have an avoidance reaction.  Part of it is ignorance or doubt, they are not sure it is actually going on around these chain stores and elsewhere.  There is a sense of unfamiliarity with surveillance.  If people have records they might want to stay clear of police related matters so as to avoid attention or detection.  I think what is going on is that illegal surveillance is spotting targets. Walmart Check System: A Shady Business There are some quirky signs around Walmarts over the use of checks.  I I have personally experienced it and also read something from Oregon recently which indicates a possible link to what I am talking about in this particular section.  Part of it is is using checks that are written to go after people pretending it is for legal reasons when it is cartel related.  They are hiding they are attacks on check writers behind Chek Rite or whatever their check proof system is.  It seems to be linked to illegal policing activity with dangerous and costly repercussions possible even when people are innocent or when the issues are truly minor.    There is something corrupt about the system and it is weird, it is outside normal ranges of perception about how they respond and what they do to people they suspect of fraud.
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