05/08/2017 Regarding notes from 05/07/17: Regarding Fat Leonard Case, the following came up as feelings, visuals or knowings psychically:  the boat scenes might be connected to visions I had of someone with a boat in Portland possibly stalking, kidnapping and abusing women on his boat.  This Portland vision seemed to float in and out of a feeling around boats at Navajo Dam, New Mexico.  The Navy ships, Portland and Navajo Dam boats, being drugged and abused through laced drinks, etc. could be leak-throughs.  That being said, something is definitely coming up around water born craft, being tied up - possibly using watercraft roping.  In addition, some things showing up around photos of the indicted Navy personnel indicate material specific to them, and not related to the other two watercraft types scenes.  I also have since picked up the possibility of kidnapped and abused prostitutes used as “hired sex workers” for the Navy - prostitutes were not all voluntary.  I also suspect some were spies or agents.  The image of at least one of the men - it seems to come up strongest around Loveless - shows a younger Loveless with hands tied behind the back in a captured state, possibly being abused, interrogated and put through mind control; I sense Asian-Afghan-Russian guerrilla types, it feels like a ship that has  been partly or fully taken over.  I am not attempting in any way whatsoever to come up with excuses, real or imaginary, regarding the American military scandal.  I am trying to report authentically that my psychic sensor indicates there might be an additional element to the Fat Leonard case involving capture and abuse of at least some of the men.  Something about the Cambodian who had experienced terrorism to his family comes up around that country’s terrorist org and I feel that needs to be looked more into.  I will go into it more shortly.  I feel there might be a link. On another note, one of the ways to heal sexual addictions involving illicit sex, prostitution, child abuse, etc. is through kundalini work.  Also, males need healthy role models of men who have a commitment to healthy lifestyles. We also need to be considering pheromones in group behavior, energy imprints around past violent areas, telepathic interplay in group dynamics (mob mentality, etc.) 05/07/2017 added note 05/07/2017: I will add opium comes up around the Fat Leonard Case and shenanigans associated with that in that part of the world.  Feels historical.  I am feeling a military thing around Obama - in his roots.  As much as I don’t like Trump, I also don’t like Obama and would like to see both put through judicial procedings - as well as Bush, Jr.  I am also picking up Asians in the space of several if not all of the photos of the American military personnel involved in the Fat Leonard case.  I actually see it in their eyes, around their faces, even though most of the Americans are white.  I am picking up an Islamic thing around some of the Asian female prostitutes who “serviced” the American men.  I also want us to check out the Australian military connection.  Australia came up strongly around 9/11 - people who benefited from tower insurance claims, ownership change of hands shortly before 9/11 - rebuilds (post-9/11 construction and business benefits) seem to be tied to Australian business men.  We need to identify any possible links between Australia in Fat Leonard and Australia in 9/11, in other words.  There needs to be follow-up on Australia. Might also check for Americans in military with French sounding last names for a French-old Vietnam (very historical) and French-Corsican Mafia connection.  I will remind people I had also seen a takeover type of thing around Condoleeza Rice possibly shortly after 9/11, like people breaking into the office with guns.  Felt she was already doing somethng corrupt, this was an additional corruption.  I can and do send in energy based on psychic visions and feelings, but become more effective with validation and facts because without them part of the energy holds back in slight uncertainty even though it knows it is getting something. I also feel some “real” Americans have been trying to help from outside of the United States because they were ousted during the coup. What is going on with the Trump administration is more of the same whacko garbage just made to look like crazy white guy stuff. 05/07/2017 (first note) I had mentioned earlier that I suspected abuse around at least one Navy man involved in the Fat Leonard Case.Where I am feeling that abuse is around an early photograph of is around Rear Admiral Loveless.  The image that came up was of men in a drugged, captured and abused state.  I see a man sitting on a boat or ship with hands tied behind him.  There is the sense of an attack against several on a ship.  I sensed at first a possible airborne drug hitting several people at once, maybe through something innocuous like cigarette smoke or perfume, or maybe something more formal like a gas bomb - this aspect of the vision is extremely weak.  The other possibility came up after the idea of an airborne drug - as a drinkk lacing, maybe at an onboard or ship-side martini room/bar.  The idea of laced drinks comes up stronger.  I feel if the abuse occurred, it’s about mind control and intimidation, threats, physical abuse, sexual abuse and implanted, repeated suggestions. I would like people to read the 2002 article on the Fat Leonard Case on this site about a stopped Islamic attack on Americans in Singapore.  I feel strongly this is a critical piece of the puzzle and is likely linked to 9/11 as well as the Fat Leonard Case.  Please notice the details about how American Navy personnel were being watched in Singapore, and which Islamic group was involved.  I also suspect a link to this overall issue and Obama’s Asian/Islamic early schooling ties and feel people should follow threads in the Asian/Islamic world in that area of the world. Don’t get too distracted by the often repeated list of “high cost cigars, pens and whores” found on news articles; stay focused on the types of information which were handed over to Francis and the sense of turning Navy and Marine people into dependent prostitutes (like Loveless) being fed by a pimp (Francis) - I think we need to be asking whether there is an additional abuse package lurking against some of the military men involved.  I suspect penetration of personnel might come through direct abuse and intimidation, drugs and alcohol as well as sophisticated mind control which includes psychic and psychotronic attack.  I also suspect a higher up controller behind Francis himself - that Francis is a decoy.  I feel there is an MO which can be identified and followed back to the source in the way Americans are being made to look like materialistic, superficial and hapless fools - to create this effect - like they are just dummies or puppets - is part of the mastermind’s craft.    I also suspect a possible old Vietnam tie, back to the way drugs were sold for funds for Vietnam military enterprises - a hidden underground.  I also suspect something in the Old South linked to that.  I feel Obama is linked to that issue and the corruption. I am sending energy into these spaces to help loosen it up but I need help with the missing pieces.  The more I learn and can anchor down as fact, the more I can help loosen up the corruption, break up the old secrets and distill the malicious games.  When I am left hanging with uncertainty, like with visions such as those around Loveless, I am kept in limbo and am less effective.  Visions without facts can just go so far. 05/06/2017 More material added to Fat Leonard Case over past several days.  In going over this material, I am taken into the extended issues of other Navy and Marine corruption, including past and recent rapes and sexual misconduct. This corresponds to misogyny found in other parts of the United States, and relates to the poor selection of the current American president and his “helpers.”  It reflects an overall mindset which needs to be acknowledged, studied and understood before it can be nipped in the bud.  Something that gets overlooked is the need to nurture males in our society and to have a realistic understanding of their anatomy, biology, sexual tendencies and psychic energy  - the bioenergy-sexioenergy-anatomy.  When I connect with men, I try to create a space for the whole man which includes his natural tendencies and needs - something I started later in life after several earlier experiences.   Until we get real about it, we are only going to have problems.  This does not mean I am perfectly in tune with men or always have a great rapport with them.  What it means is that with certain men in particular, I receive an energy impression which tells me to create space for the sexual component of the body and its related energy field.  Some men as they age tend to dry out because they did not develop their intellectual side through life; what is left is a stale sex-only connection with women.  They walk around like they don’t particularly like women or trust them, and that the main connection to a woman is a sort of dominant, flat, soulless sexual thing; with these types, there often is a bitingly angry undertone.  Other men seem to be manipulative and watching for angles and vulnerabilities - it’s a game of “gotcha!”  The most self-empowered men seem to look over at a woman and try to sense the real pulse inside her without the dryness or the games; sex is not a game of barter - they are looking for a real experience, not a take.  Part of the solution is early childhood raising, which needs to include nurturing and excellent frank communication between sons and both genders.  I find time and again those sons with excellent communication with mothers are almost always the most balanced.  They tend to be good lovers, parents and citizens - as well as good teachers of both males and females.  Men can be tamed, in other words, and taming is a good thing as long as it balances the wild with the civilized.  You don’t want to completely smash the wild!  Chances are, it will be leak out unhealthily or come out in forced outbursts criminalistically.    Women are sexual too and we are seeing increased violence from them in the news.  Women need to learn to be gentlewomen, just like some men need to learn to be gentlemen.  It goes both ways.  Some men will say, she was coming onto me, she wore a lowcut blouse so she was asking for it, blah, blah.  Ultimately, if she says no, no means no, no matter what went on or did not go on before that.  If she or he says no, back off.  Harassment can come up on us out of nowhere, like fast - either coming onto someone or being come onto.  Before you know it, you might be in the middle of something the other person is uncomfortable with.  If they are showing signs of discomfort, back off - leave the room, take time out, whatever it takes to cut off that harassment energy.  Sometimes we don’t realize we are making that other person uncomfortable because we are in the middle of an idea in our heads - an idea that person does not share with us - we are both on different pages.  We have to realize this about ourselves and other people, that people can be off on a tangent and might be thinking we are coming along, too - when we are not.  Harassment can be about two people on two different pages, with one of them not realizing it until it is too late.  Fantasies can cause people to go off somewhere like that - off on a different page. But without that good communication and nurturing - a more equal parenting style between parent and child, a style based on common sense and real caring - men can go wild.  Acknowledging the wild state might sound cruel and judgmental - but I feel it is key to police investigations involving male killers and rapists.  I might go into this more later, but know this observation comes from both being a woman  - as well as psychically.  ALso, this includes my experiences wwith psychic attack, which has included periods of doubt and walking my own immoral line in that space of uncertainty.  Not always an angel myself, I can recount where things can and did go awry - this can help us together come to terms with dysfunction in a solutions based way.  Sexual deviance can start in the psychic world and this is one reason I speak consftantly about psychc and pscyhotronic attack on this website and with my discussions with the public at large, even with those people who might be entirely negative toward the psychic.  I don’t just think, I know, that there is something going on between the military, cartels and corporations and the civilian world in the sense that psychic sexual attack is being used on people to manipulate energy, thoughts and tendencies.  Fighting it is not just about willpower or being a good person because some of it seems to be usng advanced technology which means things are not fair and there is not an even playing field.  Our best defense is getting it out in the open and talking about it, not chiding the discussions as unbelievable. 05/03/2017 Military Corruption:  Jose Sanchez Excerpt:  Navy CDR Jose Luis Sanchez has cut a deal with government prosecutors, and that could be bad news for two Navy flag officers, sources tell  The 42 year-old former XO for Fleet Logistics Center at Yokosuka admitted to accepting bribes from Malaysian business mogul "Fat Leonard" Glenn Francis to make sure U.S. warships used his facilities at various Asian ports of call. Silent Soldier: 12 Hazing Complaints Since 2014 Confirmed at Marine Base replaced 5/03 notes with 05/04 notes:  I seem to psychically be picking up alternative possibilities for background information to the Fat Leonard Case.  Some of it seems to be linked to possible abuse of one or more of the officers involved.  At first a possible airborne drug, then laced drinks, came up as a way to incapicatate several men and then abuse them.  I continue to see hands tied and abuse, possible male rape.  First suspicion was it was before the trials and indictments, but we need to consider abuse after they were caught criminalistically.  I have had repeated warning bells go off about a third layer doing a quiet, secretive take-over and then using government or military officials as bendable fronts for a variety of reasons, including to “make the USA look bad” - a sense of embarrassing, shaming and making the USA look weak, silly, stupid, and just as authoritarian and bleak as Communist or Islamic countries.   It could be a public shaming game. Listen, my first understanding and expectation was that things were as they seem: after several years of warnings about fraud, several American Navy men and a corrupt overseas seller were caught and put through criminal trial then indicted.  Whereas I still feel that is true, I suspect there might be more to the story because of the psychic impressions I am having.  Not wanting to exonerate wrong doing in the military, I still want to investigate additional latent treachery.  I feel there is an additional mover behind the more obvious perpetrators.  My first reaction upon hearing the news was why doesn’t the United States military use United States based defense contractors and suppliers?  Why use people from other countries?  Why something strange like Singapore?  The military should not be linked to large contractors like name brands, like “Sponsored by….” Saw that on one military related website. I feel there is a link between prostitution and sexual psychic attack; that people might be being softened up psychically before physical contact, making targets more malleable to suggestion. 05/01/2017 There is subliminal, second layer material behind at least one American military school.  I feel they are enlisting and training people they decide they want as recruits on this second layer, it includes completing certification training.  It’s not happening on this physical level.  They are also attacking civilians int heir private lives when they don’t conform, includes things like vandalism and stealing, usually designed to make look like something else.  The retaliation is connected to surveillance around Walmart and other large store chains, as well as around government owned properties like public libraries and college campuses, 2 year, 4 year and beyond.   I feel it is a rogue group.  I feel white Christian Americans have been feeding information to the Russians which is not really news but it needs to be looked into. In protecting the United States, we need an informed citizenry and a better informed lower ranks military group.  The shenanigans are operating in a psychic level.  I am picking up the vibes of some of the conspiracy people, have been so for a long time, very competitive with Americans, oneupmanship, constantly trying to steal information; part of it as I have said before could be an ethnically related Russian group working with certain white fascists who are pulling the strings.  It’s a tentative theory because these ethnics that I pick up seem to be working for somebody else, have picked that vibe up for a ong time now - years.  In that vibe is a sense of sex in the women, as if tehy are being manipulated by sex and religion.  The women are part of the problem.  04/28-29/2017 CNN: Singapore (01/11/2002) Note:  This article was written before Fat Lenoard Case, and shows early signs of Singapore-Navy connections, describes Islamic insurgents.  We should consider this likely critical in an investigation to connections between 9/11 and Navy-Singapore-Islamic issues.  Excerpt: Singapore has broken an al Qaeda plot targeting the U.S. Navy presence there as the direct result of intelligence gathered in Afghanistan, U.S. officials told CNN on Friday. The plot, these sources say, included plans to attack U.S. Navy ships, sailors and the nightspots they frequent. The 17,000 Americans living in Singapore and other expatriates were also among the targets. I will shortly be setting up separate pages for Afghanistan, The Fat Leonard Case and the TWA 800 case. Washington Post Admirals Illicit History Fat Leonard Case Goes Back 20 years say/2017/04/19/1a46610a-2387-11e7-bb9d-8cd6118e1409_story.html?utm_term=.a00f0afd5b32 Boy Finds WWII Plane and Pilots Remains Fat Leonard Case Timeline 04/22/2017 Recent message from Roots Action about Att. Gen. J. Sessions: Possible Red Flag Warning about Police Oversight: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is apparently working to undo federal oversight of systemically criminal, abusive, and racist local police departments. Sessions is re-negotiating an agreement with Baltimore that in its current form includes a community oversight task force, an independent federal monitor, and the requirement that officers receive instruction about implicit bias. Sessions has asked his subordinates to review agreements with other police departments to be sure that they accomplish such goals as boosting morale and the recruitment of police. A memo from Sessions states flatly, "It is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies.” The message to militarized police departments in this era of free war weapons and the sanctioning of racism and bigotry at the highest levels is clear: have no fear of federal oversight. Click here to help us stop this effort in its tracks. It is the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce U.S. law, including by bringing under control lawless police departments. Let's tell Congress to tell Sessions that he cannot shirk this duty. 04/17/2017 New York Times: A Giant U.S. Bomb Carries an Even Bigger Message. By Eric Schmitt, Helene Cooper and C. J. Chivers 04/14/2017 Excerpt:   In Afghanistan, with its rural and agrarian economy, civilians who are engaged in food-gathering, woodcutting, farming or tending herds are often near or beside concentrations of militants. The blast radius of an explosion of this size could pose risks to people far from the center of the target. For that reason, President Barack Obama’s administration did not consider using the bomb, American officials said. Early in the Iraq war in April 2003, during the administration of President George W. Bush, American commanders weighed using the weapon to try to kill President Saddam Hussein, who was on the run from United States troops who had toppled his government. But commanders discarded the option when analysts estimated that the bomb’s blast would also kill thousands of civilians. “The collateral damage would have been massive,” said Marc Garlasco, who led a team in the military’s Joint Staff that was seeking to target Mr. Hussein. Note: I do not support this bombing and did not vote for a president who would do something like this.  I think it is ugly, malicous and uncalled for because it targets civilians as well as oppostional forces, even though we are told the target was designed to avoid civilians.  I would like to see tactically more sensible and humane operations out of the United States.  Belatedly gotten a few days after the fact, as soon as I read about the bombing this morning, I stepped up anti-Trump behaviors locally by reaching out for a more sensible and directly applicable Trump impeachment campaign.  We need to come together and stop fighting based on race and sexual orientation.  One way to do this is through church and state separation.  It is important that church and state separation organizations not divide up over race and sexual orientation; everyone needs to work together.  I don’t care what your skin color is and who you sleep with,  I want to see that you are supportive of the original Constitution of the United States, are pro-American and not operatives from another country sneaking in the back door to fight the United States. I want you to stop acting like a victim, like an injured minority against the big, bad whites.  Where there is justification for a sense of unfairness, take each issue at a time, but don’t make sweeping remarks about the entire white race and all Christians.  In addition, in if you are part of a contingency of liberals helping to target Americans through psychotronic warfare to make a moral point against certain whites you don’t like, you should not be part of church and state separationist activities, obviously.  It is possible some of the attacks of this nature are coming from more than one source, with Christian fundamentalist/military- police/military part of it and part of it coming from moralistic liberals teaching certain whites a “lesson” - largely coming from a sense of justification out of a feeling of victimization.  Out of this victimization mentality, we could be seeing a cartel-like approach to retaliation outside the law.  Some of these cartels could be working for the American government and military in a strange, multifaceted and covert attack on the American public.  This means both liberal/minority groups and white Christian/military- police/big business entourages could be working together in a weird way.  At the core of a church and state separationist group we could be finding an insidious connection between both groups.   People with agendas could be mopping up your tears - one way minorities won’t unite with outspoken whites Here is a scenario to consider if you are a “minority” reading this, perhaps a person of color, or someone in a marginalized non- Christian religion.  Being an equal means to stop hiding behind victimization as a justification for stealing from and attacking white populations, even when that white person has told you repeatedly he or she does not support the things you feel victimized about.  You keep asking for more, more more in terms of fair play and equal rights; how that white person operates is never good enough, you always find something to feel sensitive about.  That could mean you are acting more like an adolescent rebelling against a school teacher than a fellow equal on an equal playing field of life.  But people are not supposed to say that to your face if a white says it, you assume that white is insensitive to your race and needs. We are all in this together and must come together despite our mutual bad habits - and I have them too, just like you do.  If you are minority, perhaps that means not letting white liberals coach any tendencies in yourself for self-pity, because the white liberals might have their own agendas - maybe it is something like “let me smoke pot without saying anything about it” or “all men are better than all women,  females are a bunch of bitches, let us males sleep together without worrying about moral questions involving early childhood sexual abuse.”    In other words, sensitivities abound if you let them.   “That is a sensitive topic, don’t go there.”  Can you rise above it?  Can I?  Admitting our faults in racism, religious preference or sexual orientation does not mean the whole progressive movement needs to be held suspect.  We can admit to having said racist or sexist things, but still mean it today, now, that we want to come together no matter skin color, religion or sexual orientation.  Sometimes it is a matter of growing out of old tendencies, which means taking steps day by day. It is more than likely our real enemies in America are what they have always been:  private interests in the forms of large business conglomerates like those found in fossil fuel industries.  I think oil and gas is running operations through our government at the expense of the American people and freedom loving people anywhere.  Closely tied to the oil and gas orientation is the military and religious fundamentalism.  The religious fundamentalism gives these people a sense they know more than other people how to run government, business and life. So one way - and not the only way, and perhaps not the central way - but one good way to fight the Trump regime is through church and state separation activities.  My firm stand with Islamic relgionists and “liberal” Arabs working in church and state separationist organizations: Again, we must not divide over race and sexual orientation in church and state separation organizations.  Although civil rights are unqestioningly a part of church and state separation concerns because certain types of Christians are undermining/preventing the full expression of other religions in the country, we don’t want Islamic groups or any other religous group taking over the church and state separation activities.  Arabs working in church and state separation groups need to be sincerely trying to support a better United States  as a freedom loving,  diverse, egalitarian country, a country not polarized along the lines of any one religion or belief system.  If religionist or “liberal” Arabs in the church and state separationist groups are privately working to take down the United States OR to make the USA an Islamic country, these groups do not have my support.  I need to see strong signs that these Arabs are working for the best interest of the USA and not just themselves.  There should be no sneaking in of Islam through the back door, just like there should be no sneaking in of Christian fundamentlism.  Keep church and state separate.  Muslims and “liberal” Arabs: Do not be supporting Islam in this country to sneak malicious poliitical agendas.  Liberal Arabs: If you want to pray or support devout Islamic people in their right to prayer and rituals in the name of Islam, fine - more power to you - but if part of the approach is an agenda for political control of any area you encounter, through something like Sharia law- Islam in that regard does not have my support.  If you are in the United States, you need to be supporting the United States and not trying to turn it into another Middle Eastern country.  I feel every Arab brought into the United States needs to be required to take a full series of courses on the American Contitution, Bill of Rights, human rights, the value of freedom of religion and speech, the value of diversity and applications in these matters.  They need to know why they are here: and to plan on creating a world in which freedom of expression, equal rights for women, freedom of religion and more are points of reciprocity across the globe so that Americans can seek reguge in Middle Eastern countries or other countries dominated by Islam and will have the same equal rights presented to them. It is time Islam steps up to the plate and does its part in the arenas involving human rights and fair treatment of all peoples and religions.  Where Christianity has fallen short in this country, Islam must not follow suit.  No religion should be a source of repression and tyranny.  Where Christianity is an oppressor in this country, we of diverse skin colors and sexual orientations must come together to combat that, without trying to instill our own religions in Christianity’s place.  That is the maturity we must expect from ourselves. I do not condone nor support abuse, harassment or ostracizing of Muslim people.  I want tyranny against Muslims in the United States legally addressed to the full extent of the law.  Anyone caught torturing Islamic people as of the result of 9/11 investigations or anything else should be put through real, meaningful, and serious legal procedings.  I also support a certain larger number of Islamic children from terrorized Middle Eastern war zones to be allowed refuge into the States.   04/13/2017 CNN  African American Muslim Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam Judge Found Dead in  (04/13/2017) New York Times: Police Think Suicide - Sheila Abdus Salaam (04/13/2017) Psychic impressions on Salaam Possible Foul Play, Not Suicide, Demand impartial investigation with a sense of fair play for Salaam I think she experienced foul play and did not commit suicide; I sense in her post-organic auric imprint anxiety, a sense that she knew something was coming and that there was a problem; a feeling of something like a hostile encounter (the feeling of struggling with keys at the door) outside the entrance to her home - I think she was in the middle of a mess.  .  I feel she would have welcomed help but might not have known how to reach out for it.   Perhaps look to old ties to civil rights activism.  I don’t feel her husband was involved in her possible murder.   We might look into other Muslims (another type of Islam) or something around Israeli anti-Islamic international intrigues. The sense around Santoria has come up around blacks before for me in the sense of old South, Caribbean and African connections, some of which could have an old historic and genetic lineage among blacks from the plantation eras.  I feel if there is such an occult connection with Salaam, it might be more internationally based, perhaps with ties to an African country than an old south or Caribbean thing, but I could be wrong about any occult connection.  Perhaps an occult connection is about who attacked her, not what she was into at any point in her life, past or present.  Also new Black Panthers comes up, Nation of Islam, that kind of thing. I would look for illegal backing to her career as just a hint comes up as a possibility; consider also someone she had sentenced who was retaliating against her.  Keep the mind open for motives; my first immediate thought was that it might have been related to white Christian nationalists targeting Muslims in the Trump conspiracy era, but something is coming up around who was possibly around her entrance door during a possible encounter; I sense possible international intrigue, a woman with something small and dangerous in her purse, possibly someone else with her nearby - these last impressions are fleeting and uncertain and must be given a low psychic rating.  However, to not mention that they come up as a possiblity would be wrong, too.  I cannot get a sense of just exactly what might have been used, but I instantly had a feeling of perhaps non-traceable poison or some kind of device. In the first photo of her I had an immediate energy impact of something associated with dark arts which I have felt around some members of the black community previously - possibly something like Santoria. I feel her death needs to be fully investigated and that any signs of partiality (like from police officers assigned to the investigation) needs to be stopped.  She needs to be investigated in an open forum. I understand she is well-respected for what sounds like good reasons, and I support that, but I am referring to a vibe that came up when I first saw her photo.  Taking Charge So again, if you wanted to be an assertive kind of person, someone who wants to take charge and fight system and surveillance abuse, what would you do to help break up the networks?  Where would you begin?? -Personal Inventory:  Are you one of “them” (spies, cartels, military, police) in some way, or have you been so?  If so, how does that impact your ability to fight back?  Do you feel overly loyal to the police/military system, blinded by faith?  Are you naive?  Have you lead a protected life? -They are Real: first acknowledge they actually do or might exist, that surveillance that is supposed to just watch for thieves in stores could also be used to target people illegally and maliciously -Allies: get some friends together who are on the same page -Big Brother Not Your Daddy: realize you cannot wait for the government to take care of you, to protect you -Sleeping With the Cartels: realize certain (not all) detectives and other police people hired by cities to “protect and serve” the public might be sleeping with the cartels, with complete disregard for laws and the constitution of the United States of America -Acknowledging Guns N’ Crosses Types:   Realize people in the surveillance and system abuse networks might be Guns N’ Crosses types, telling themselves they are cool in the names of Jesus or Mohammad.  They might operate from the idea that race and religion go together, and that their group affiliations and orientations justify cruelty to “non-believers.”  They are Machiavellian about religion and race, in other words, working from the means justify the ends.  They can literally tell themselves Jesus or Mohammad smiles down on them for standing up for their beliefs and ways, even if people are stolen from, shamed, ridiculed, financially destroyed or killed in the process.  They tell themselves Jesus or God approve of their negative acts toward non-believers or anyone who is different because they are the preferred people. -Military Ops.  Consider the real possibility that people in YOUR home town Walmart are connected to surveillance networks with military approaches.  First, envision that Walmart is actually a military PX/BX/Commissary fronting as a civilian department chain store.  Second, envision the people in surveillance hanging around Walmart see themselves as a military operation defending territory.  That territory is a source of funding for their hidden operations against those people who are not part of their organization.  When you walk into Walmart, you are walking into a non-disclosed military base funded by military people for military people at the expense of the general public.  When you start seeing chain stores - not just Walmart - in this way, you are probably on your way to “getting it” about what is going on with surveillance around these stores.  The military groups are networked to cartels with a Guns n’ Crosses mentality.  God/Empire Colonialists and Marxist Communists.  The cartels are like old colonial/nationalist systems running either Communist nationalism or Christian/Islamic nationalism alongside colonialist lines.  See yourself fighting colonial empires with either religious or atheist orientations, and you are on your way there.  In some cases, you are dealing with a Communist China or ex-Soviet Union type of operation; in other cases you are dealing with a colonialist type of empire that considers itself religiously “in the know” compared to other people. The Colonialism is God/Empire.   Go into a Walmart expecting surveillance comprised of either atheist Communism or religious Colonialism. Key Issue: Reciprocity This is the idea that minorities coming into this country need to build the bridge of equality and fairness for all humans, not just minorities.  Trump is not what any of us want if we seek equality and fair play for all races and genders.  We want a country that opens the door of opportunity for all humanity.  Reciprocity means minority areas need to hire whites and white areas need to hire minorities. It means no one faith is dominating other faiths.  It means making it safe to be “spiritual but not religious” or atheist or agnostic.    Racial groups need to be prepared to have reciprocal relations with different racial groups of other countries as well as in their own countries.  Minorities with a beef about discrimination need to be prepared to put their actions where their mouths are by helping to build a better world with equality and fair play for everyone.  That means everyone - whites too. The minority mixes fail to do reciprocity.  Why would a mix not be reciprocal?  It has to do with defiance against the system, special interests.  Reciprocity involves being of the people.  If you see yourself outside the main scope of the public, you are just championing your own cause.  It does not inolve dialogue.  If equal rights are demanded in the USA, it should be demanded in Islamic countries.  Islamic countries as well as the Trump era USA should be countries of refuge, not escape.   Coming out of hard times and violence in American minority life.
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