05/28-29/2017 added 05/29/2017 Student Loan SWAT Some are doing it illegally, not going through due process, backed by Texan hard hats (Trump style fundamentalists and others) and cartels Gangstalking might be associated with Dept. of Education SWAT and mind control gaming style technology Gaming technology/mind control imagery coming up again: I have had the image of a white male locked up behind mind control gadgetry (I have mentioned before it looks like a complex gaming full body apparatus) forced to comply with the wishes of some controllers; he is being used.  I feel he is a cop - it could be FBI, CIA or NSA - but I think he is a cop in this case.  It could be multi-tiered control, in other words to make someone who would have been a whistleblower or less compliant forced to do a bad deed.    See Geeldon - Gaslighting, below. I think it is system wide - not just associated with Craigs List, a vehicle dealership service department, a community college…these places are where some of the system abuse manifests and becomes more visible.  I feel surveillance and some kind of tagging/warning/watch list used in these places might be a form of electronic fencing, among other things. Do not black list the entire other race: Don’t let certain blacks or certain whites who are using mind control on the other race destroy cooperation, trust and relationship building between the two races.   Sometimes abuse makes us blanketly reject everyone from the group of the abuser; we need to remember to refrain from assuming everyone in that group is bad.  This also holds true for other racial differences.  I try to remember to use the the clarifier certain like certain blacks, certain white males, certain Mormons. One thing I have felt about the wall of silence behavior is they say and act around the following idea:  the person is a nuisance, he or she is wasting that better, more professional person’s time with that nonsense.  It is a type of pooh-poohing of the concerns of the target.  It is possible it gets run through a police network:  He/she is a nuisance, ignore or otherwise deflect her. Treaty trades for mind control experimentation Syncretic cults. Part of the ganstalking issue relates to blacks. I suspect some of the non-touch torture of whites includes black or mixed black cultists who are a mix of gypsies, Jews and Romanian or other Eastern European Catholicism or orthodox Christianity - they might link across countries into areas they figure there is genetic connection, places like parts of the Caribbean - there might be a connection to Santeria there. Also Islam. These would be mixed history zones possibly past Inquisition areas.  For example, a Catholic inquisition involving black Jews or Muslims. For some reason today the black aspect came up more strongly. I weave between more European gypsy-Jew and less black and black types on this subject. I am picking up something also possibly around southern France and nearby.  I think one type of controlled networking includes directing a white victim target to blacks who will demonstrate some kind of intelligence or power in contrast to that white.  I have picked this up several times.  Another thing they seem to be doing is scolding, disciplining, playing favorites.  Something that might be linked to this is the Cult of the Black Virgin  (also a book by Ean Begg see link below) I have mentioned several times picking up a kind of Eastern gypsy-Jew Catholic thing - I am now more convinced there might be a black aspect, as well. ( tJTkv&sig=jhMRW2xwZwsDZoEzTdDkLcJxOjw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjCiPDX3ZXUAhXosVQKHVlEAbkQ6AEIRDAF) Directed Focus, Redirected/Snuffed Out Focus (the snuffed out part is linked to Blink Outs on this website) See: Geeldon: Gaslighting Excerpt: Both techniques combined allow the exact picture seen by a victim to be written on the retina of a CIA/ NSA/ FBI official. Then the movements of the muscles in the eye of the CIA/ NSA/ FBI official can be measured with radar and the data be used to steer the muscles of the victim likewise. This allows the agency preceding the CIA/ NSA/ FBI to cause a victim to see what they want him to see and to prevent the victim from seeing something else. This technique is being used in many ways to force a victim to make decisions, like choosing a certain company from the yellow pages or looking at specific points of a map omitting others. I have suspected this around Craigs List when using it as a consumer: when making choices about what to buy or rent, with the feeling race and religious orientation according to known networks in the area - a type of steering to benefit certain groups or to create certain outcomes based on their dispositions. Some editing 05/29/2017: HIGH   Craigslist dot org Another psychic warning (high) about paramilitary operations behind Craigs List or around it:  The warnings are: 1. Harassment by numerous fake or fake seeming responses from various phone numbers or emails (sometimes with names in the email address) through Craigs List - most of which ask that the poster respond to their private email address - the responses never indicate they are reading anything specific about the ad.   Some seem to be generic responses with canned messages.  Some might be scouting for racial discrimination or other kinds of intolerance.   2. (See also topics on this website: Building up to an exclamation point, Weird precognitive feelings). Increased sense of the possibility of someone coming to one’s home, looking at it to break in, a sense of upcoming violence and danger.   There was the sense of them wishing to dominate and over-ride wishes (like temporary occupancy) and to come to the property to take it over, to make it theirs long- term and permanently, to treat the person who ran the post and who lives there like small fry 3. (See Building up to an exclamation point, Weird precognitive feelings on this website). False arrests looming - The sense of paramilitary upcoming possible false arrests - based on a small or petty idea blown up to make the issue look real.  The sense it is linked to Mexico or Latin America.  The people are male, have anger issues, seem to become retaliative if the ad triggers something. 4.  (See also topics on this website: Turfing).  I would refer to it as gang style turfing (there can be more types of turfing but they have the same basic edge to it) 5.  Sometimes it feels they are sniffing for how materials are being bought or sold (exchange of cash, or where the money comes and goes), or for things to steal or do something illegally with 6. Also part of Turfing: serendipitous events, wide-ranged coordination of players in networks, perhaps both consciously and subconsciously.  I suspect a police or police related agency, Navajo and Hispanic criminals linked to Navajo and other reservations. I would like your assistance in catching these people. This came up today as a possible coordinate to the above Craigs List issue: when doing a google search for Craigs List and paramilitary - although it does not relate directly from first viewing, it seems to me related in some way: New York Daily News: Mexico Deadly Journalists Targeted Cartels.  By Deborah Hastings (2013) And as an issue generally connected ito cartels: The Dailly Beast: Cartel Watch - Why the Military Will Never Beat Mexico's Cartels By Jermy Kryt (04/02/2016) As the murder rate in Mexico rises yet again, it’s time to admit current policies aren’t working—and start looking for new solutions. 05/26-27/2017 added later 05/26/2017: As a national security issue, I will add that I feel certain Islamic terrorist groups are using mind control strategies which include hypnosis and psychic or psychotronic attacks.  It is a very distinct, highly recognizable vibe because it seems to come with their way of doing prayer.  This is not at all to say all Muslims do it during prayer or use it in prayer.  I suspect it has long-term cultural history, a type of knowledge passed on with the language, body language, religious orientations.  Psychic behavior can be, and often is, an invisible learned form of behavior, and can come in with the language, but is not limited to the language, and language only does not define or contain it.  To understand the more virile forms of Islam, you must come to terms with psychic-mesmeric attack. added 05/27/2017: I have listed a cult education website below because any type of religious group can swing into cult behavior, but if discussions on cults do not include “the psychic thing” they are sadly but firmly incomplete. Cult Education dot com: on “destructive totalists”  Destructive cults, groups, movements and/or leaders "maintain intense allegiance through the arguments of their ideology, and through social and psychological pressures and practices that, intentionally or not, amount to conditioning techniques that constrict attention, limit personal relationships, and devalue reasoning." - Margaret Singer, Ph.D.   Here you will find specific information about the process used by destructive totalists to control their followers. Excerpts from books authored by leading experts offer penetrating insights into the world of thought reform, coercive persuasion and brainwashing. You will see the criteria used to determine when a thought reform program of control is in use. Examples range from one-on-one cultic relationships to large groups. Also covered in this section is the process of breaking free from mind control and moving on to a road of recovery. This journey may begin with an intervention, often called "deprogramming." This process is detailed through a history of cult deprogramming, actual reports about specific cases and the most common issues encountered during the recovery process. earlier 05/26/2017: The sad truth is that more terrorist types of experiences such as has recently occurred in Manchester only up the state controls - at one point I read Great Britain was going to put out 5,000 troop personnel.  In other contexts, that could be seen as a take-over. Although I think Salman Abedi was likely linked to “bad stuff” (see articles below showing other Libyans in Manchester had called the authorities about signs he had terrorist tendencies) I would like people to step back a moment and consider other or additional possibilities behind the Manchester bombing. For example, the general election in Great Britain was under way. The story presented to us might be the correct one, but additional people might be behind the motives and tweaking the situation.  We need to question the United States government’s comments (leaks about the bomb got into American hands through the NY Times).   This is because Trump has brought in a group of questionable (in most cases highly suspect) people.  The Trump group -  I refer to it as a “regime” cannot be trusted. The other sad issue linked to the Trump problem (more like an American tragedy) is that Islamic softs are dominating the Democrats, ACLU, Americans United and other human rights advocates.  Both the white Christian fundamentalist right and the Islamic softs (heavy to moderate Islamic sympathies) have problems.  Neither offers a true balance reflecting real world common sense because both think their religious way is the best way, a tendency that can lean toward trying to make everyone conform to their version of reality when taken to an extreme.  We need true moderates to return to governing the United States.  It is possible the polarization between Islam and Christianty is purposely being tweaked by manipulators and controllers to destabilize the western world, including the United States.  Neither Islamic nor Christian biases should apply to the running of government.  I don’t want Christians dominating Jews or Islamic groups in the United States, but none of these should weasel into power at the expense of equality.  No religious group should destroy true diversity with protections for church and state separation.  One of the complaints I hear on both sides of the Islamic/Christian divide is that the other group is trying to squash the right to pray.  This includes being kept from following certain rituals or displays of respect.  In the USA, it can be Christians trying to dominate the public domain with signage, icons and prayers (like before governmental meetings or football).  In Islamic countries, it can be signs of idolatory of a leader in coordination with Islamic icons; a requirement people come to pray together at certain times, strict rules about how women should dress or act in public as part of strict definitions of gender roles.  The fundamental Christians can also try to culturally enforce feminine or masculine roles, which includes things like which kinds of jobs are best performed by men.  Moderates will help push back both types of extremes, which is exacly what is need in the Unted States.  I see no problem creating an open door for prayer or meditation before football games - as long as each belief system can do either or neither according to his or her own preferences - without harassment or peer pressure. Meditation or prayer in a group setting or individually can be a way to center one’s self, establish a sense of higher connection with each other and the broader meaning of a game, as long as it does not create a divide between believers and non-believers, certain racial groups within a team and a sense of self- importance compared to others. As mentioned repeatedly, I live in a community with people still posting pro-Trump bumper stickers (here in May 2017), nailing signs on buildings (including prominent commercial buildings off heavy traffic roads) and more.  The ignorance of people who still support Trump must be taken seriously even though we are appalled.  The community I am discussing is Farmington, New Mexico, the city that still, after several years of complaints to various parties in the area and the state itself, including various liberal groups, puts up anti-abortion signs on every single major street.  There are no alternative messages (especially regarding pro-choice and church and state separation) anywhere on the city streets, the exception being Bernie supporters - some people have even left those bumper stickers on their cars to this day (several months after Trump was elected president).   Where are the liberals and progressives in oppressive areas like this?  I have heard more than one comment that they feel it is dangerous  to speak out.  Locals say they just ignore the religious thing and go about their business, but the truth is, these attitudes are a cop-out which through non-confrontation aids and abets the behavior - the behavior does not just go away by itself (decades later of relentless anti-abortion signage in the area is testimony to this).  A liberal who complains but does not “kiss ass” to the full blown liberal agenda likely will not get support; in other words, moderates will piss off both liberals and conservatives and find few of any allies in the area.  The remaining moderates are the “do nothing, tread lightly” types - their version of “don’t rock the boat” likely comes with bumper stickers showing all the religious insignia indicating “tolerance.”  Although tolerance is the ultimate goal, the way there requires more assertiveness for change. The most recent bombing of Manchester should not have happened: Great Britian is one of the most watched and controlled countries in the world.  High level of technology, including surveillance technology. LOW trust but definite psychic imagery and feelings: What I refer to as “the boy” - Salman Abedi - and sometimes I speak in the present about a past event when looking in psychically - seems to have been linked to adults pushing his behavior and actions in certain directions: I don’t get an internal direction to be a suicide bomber, like I don’t feel he was directly in control of that impetus to bomb.  I feel he is into  “stuff” - connected to dangerous issues - but I feel he is more of a victim himself, that he is being used….I suspect at least some Americas might be involved - people linked to cartels, gun and other weapon selling - probably working with Middle Eastern types and others around the world.  There might be an old Irish-Islamic link.  What I need to disclose is this a fairly new idea for me and seems to be a topic I tend to skirt as if connecting to a bad feeling and wanting to back off - over the yeras I have tried to deal with the issue and seem to always become distracted.  This might mean that on a subconscious level, I am hitting “poison.”  Part of it seems to be about metaphysical secrets, codes and symbols which link two orders of belief. Perhaps there is a link as far back as the late 1800s when the Populist movement was at its most active, with secrecy linked to Irish Catholics in the labor unions and other groups.  Very little is discussed about Middle Eastern connections in developing companies and corportions during the development years of the USA, but I feel we need to at least consider it.  I know around the turn of the last century (around 1900) Eastern Europeans were being stopped at Ellis Island for a “check” before being allowed full access to the rest of the country.  Because of the Islamic mixes in certain parts of those areas, it is possible some gained entry and started making quiet inroads into the matrix of the country.  There is also an old link to certain parts of Germany and Eastern Europe through the British monarchy; perhaps there is an Islamic and Welsh, Scottish and/or Irish link there.  Conspiracy theories abound.  We need to remember the Ottoman Empire’s hold on certain parts of Europe, the old Holy Roman Empire and various changes in hands of control throughout Europe over time, and the way the various monarchies intermarried across countries to start getting a feeling for the possibilities.  T The old very real animosities between the British and the Irish must be taken into consideration even today, at a time when things seem to have settled down there (via Belfast Agreement).  I would suggest old terrorist behaviors and habits might be hard to break after so many years, and that old developed networks abroad (such as with Islamic groups) might still be at play.  The fact the IRish and the Americans are so closely tied should also be remembered, as some of the issues about who ets put in government, politically bloodlines (like the Kennedys and BUshes) might relate to one European stock or another. I strongly recommend people read the Jpost article below for a good review of the IRA-PLO connection and Libya/Lebanon (Manchester bomber has these links) and Ireland, and to obtain an Israeli perspective: Jpost:  IRA-PLO cooperation - a long cozy relationship. By Sean Gannon (04/07/2009) Independent: Salman Abedi Manchester attack reported family imam friends did nothing - previous warnings ingored by M15.  By Mudassar Ahmend (05/26/2017) Excerpt: (see Telegraph link shown in this article below) Telegraph: -Security Services missed five opportunites to stop Manchester. By Robert Mendick (05/24/2017) Excerpt: The authorities were also aware that Abedi’s father was linked to a well-known militant Islamist group in Libya, which is proscribed in Britain. Abedi also had links to several British-based jihadis with Isil connections. Irish jihadist 'Khalid Kelly' blows himself up in Isil suicide bombing near Mosul. By Raf Sanchez (11/05/20160 05/25/2017 Irish Mirror:  Isis Could Use Ireland. By Brynor Pattison (05/02/2016) ISIS could use Ireland as a 'back door' to attack UK, ministers warn Government ministers over the water are reportedly concerned that the terror group could use this island as a base Isis behind Paris. By Sam Adams (05/01/2016) Independent: Manchester Attack Salman Abedi - Paris- Brussels links a7754381.html - will add that around the time of the Manchester bombing attacks the only thing that might be applicable to the UK was a sense of possible links between Irish terrorists and Middle Eastern terrorists - I had checked into Shiite terrorism around that time and found instead a website article about an earlier attack on Shiites in Afghanistan: New York Times: (11/22/2016) - STRONG  am psychically picking up some kind of thing around selling of gun weapons and Americans linked to Middle Eastern and perhaps other terrorism.  Some of the men seem to be dominating or giving money to Islamic types. Money is being exchanged.  Certain Americans could be linked to certain Islamic (or even Israeli) groups - try to discover ultimately who is the brains or source. I am psychically reaching on an energy level for that source but am only picking up guns/weapon sales/money involving certain Americans along the way, wealthy well-dressed Islamic higher ups working with Americans as a source showing up as a weak possibility. The boy involved in the bombing at Manchester seems to have been dominated by something.   It could be linked to certain disgruntled veterans in the USA.  The issues could go back to Vietnam.  Am getting some kind of sense of the attitude and approach of these American men; some seem to be physically fit, late 20s to early/mid 30s; getting a feeling for their motives and psychology seems important in terms of discouraging other American men of this generation from participating in this type of activity.  It likely started with an overseas military connection.  What I mean by this is that older generation types might be out of synch with this age group.  Although older Americans are likely the “gang leaders” why this age group goes along with it is half the battle of understanding who, where, what and why.  Disenfranchisement from the American dream, a sense of lostness, apathy about values, a sense of personal survival at the expense of other values; growing up with no real optimism about the USA or an American future; a sense of low self worth as white American males - up for grabs on who will pay for me first - a certain kind of prostitution. Also picking up fishy behind the scenes connection between certain parts of the UK and this week’s terrorist bombing - more to story than meets the eye - might be related to economics, war funding as well as the reported issues 05/23/2017 Deadly Blast Manchester Stadium in UK: CNBC: (05/22/2017)  BBC says UK police treating deadly blast at manchester stadium as terrorism incident (05/22/2017) New York Times: manchester arena attack - ariana grande concert (05/23/2017) Telegraph 1996 Manchester bombing: A few days ago, I was having very strong terrorist attack psychic feelings.  I attributed it to reading a website listed below.  Although it might have had a link to something about that website, it also could have been connected to the terrorist bombing in Manchester of the UK.  The timing of my psychic feelings and that bombing were in the same time period.  It included feelings of people being blown up.  I need to repeat, I had been having very strong feelings about bombing material - but it was not linked to the UK or anywhere in particular.  They were so strong, I removed the direct, activated link from a website below and on a page on this website, and also took out part of the excerpts.  I suspected it might be linked to whoever handles the website itself, an interceptor, or someone who read what I had put on this website.  I felt myself being heavily psychically attacked, a pinpointed hateful attack - and a feeling that someone doing it might be overseas in a Middle Eastern war zone compound.  I was havng more feelings of some place like Afghanistan than the UK.  I also had a return of an old feeling that some people’s energy fields might be being used toward certain kinds of bombing attack, as there is a feeling of an increase in intensity of energy associated with bombing. 05/22/2017 Added later 05/22/2017: I suspect a device planted in the human body that is then used to redirect intensified, bomb-like energy at a target.  Perhaps this energy is in accordance with a DEW (directed energy weapon) but don’t get hung up on just exactly what it is called.  I suspect the victim is being used so that he or she is an unwilling terrorist.  I also feel that the energy builds up in that person in a manner linked to emotion - anger.  Just exactly what kind of device I cannot say.  We should consider anything from an actual visible device down to a micro-sized implant.  I have suspected light reflective and bio-devices.  I suspect some kind of connection between software on a laptop, cell phones and something weird about some links applied to a website.  It does not make much sense from normal understanding.  I also suspect energy links between people being used to build up an energy battery, and I sense snagging of a person’s energy field in this regard.  The snagging is important in these overall considerations.  Another thing that came up for me today was kidnapping of journalists; it is possible terrorist activity is being linked to victims with the above types of devices implanted in them. Something about certain Israeli pow’s being intimidated into forced military service for Islam. When I start up a new page (like one on Afghanistan and NSA corruption (this latter today) understand not much might show up on those pages at first as I am likely working on other sections but that I often have more going on psychically with these newer more recent pages than might meet the eye.  Just because you don’t see activity there does not mean I am not working on it in a certain way.  As mentioned earlier, I often have some kind of energy link with all of the subjects put on this website, or they would not be here. I would like people to keep at top-of-mind awareness possible or likely cartel connections to the NSA. Earlier 05/22/2017: More on look into NSA and cartels (or other corruption): (added to new System Abuse/NSA Corruption section) The Atlantic:  Where is the investigation into financial corruption at the NSA. By Conor Friedersdorf (10/23/2014)  Excerpt: Earlier this year, when Keith Alexander resigned as head of the National Security Agency, he began trying to cash in on expertise he'd gained while in government, pitching himself as a security consultant who could protect Wall Street banks and other large corporations from cyber-attacks by hackers or foreign governments. Early reports focused on the eye-popping price tag for his services… the-nsa/381812/ 05/21/2017 My psychic sense of some kind of activity associated with visiting the Washington’s Blog site, no matter the actual source: HIGH I have decided to remove Washington’s Blog after putting it up here and on the Cartel’s page on this website.  It is because a similar type of psychic attack occurred as that apparently associated with Robert’s Court.  I suspect terrorist activity.  I will leave the articles from that website on cartel abuse.  I had let him/them know I was adding links from Washington’s Blog through an email contact they have on their website - I wrote them yesterday.  I don’t know for a fact it is someone associated with Robert’s Court or Washington’s Blog.  I do not know for a fact the two websites are related or manned by the same man/person.  It could be someone intercepting his message.  I sense whoever is doing the psychic attacks is on the war front in the Middle East, perhaps associated with a prison system and experiencing a bombing front.  I feel he does not like women, sees them as a threat.  I also sense someone who tries to parody American thinking.  If it is in fact someone from that website, we need to consider the following: -a Shiite -Afghanistan Russian supporter doesn’t like women, angry with women, suspicious of women we need to look into Shiite terrorism, names of terrorist groups It could be an interceptor of the Washingtons Blog website - someone could be routing his/their traffic to a terrorist group overseas. I will leave the excerpt from yesterday below but will remove the direct link in case it is compromised or dangerous. The psychic attack activity includes psychic invasion, terrorist related thoughts and feelings trying to be developed in the  host victim, psychic build-up in a host victim’s energy field toward terrorism (like energy developing toward some kind of bomb), efforts at change in host victim’s overall mood and orientation, a sense of the players actually overseas in a war zone, Islamic prayers from women Muslims. Brookings: Sunni and Shi’a Terrorism Differences that Matter My psychic sense of some kind of activity associated with visiting the Washington’s Blog site, no matter the actual source: HIGH From 5/20/2017 washingtons blog dot com: 2013/04/the-u-s-is-engaged-in-a-muslim-religious-war-on-the-side-of-the-muslim-jihadis Excerpt found on right side of Washington’s Blog Home Page:   We are NOT calling for the overthrow of the government. In fact, we are calling for the reinstatement of our government.  We are not calling for lawlessness. We are calling for an end to lawlessness and lack of accountability and a return to the rule of law.  Rather than trying to subvert the constitution, we are calling for its enforcement. We are patriotic Americans born and raised in this country. We love the U.S.  We don't seek to destroy or attack America ... we seek to restore her to strength, prosperity, liberty and respect.We don't support or like Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, or any similar or supporting groups. We think they are all disgusting.  The nation's top legal scholars say that draconian security laws which violate the Constitution should not apply to Americans. washingtons blog dot com 2013/04/the-u-s-is-engaged-in-a-muslim-religious-war-on-the-side-of-the-muslim-jihadis 05/17/2017 I will repeat an earlier concern that some kind of behind-the-scenes surveillance network associated with an area’s local police is hovering around and linked to new car dealership service centers.  I have picked up a network of men keeping an eye on people through probably their VIN checks - it is something that not all technicians or mechanics in a dept. might be aware of.  I think they might even send people out to check out a property once an address provided - it is that invasive.  I also have felt they look inside people’s cars, and might even bring drug sniffers.  Now listen, it is possible they are themselves dealing in dope and trying to find contraband for their own illicit ops, but it also could be they are trying to hang someone they are keeping an eye on.  It is, in my opinion, cartel- oriented or cartel-like.  It happens every single time I deal with new car dealer service departments.  I mean it: every single time.  Weird vibes come up.  It is very, very sneaky.  It also could be happening with other private owner mechanics when and if VINs are checked, there might be some kind of red flag or warning system through the police networks.  In some cases the invasively acting group seems to target liberal, independent women, but they could also otherwise use women to help sniff cars with their trained dogs - women might not always know just exactly what is going on, and might have a tendency to follow the crowd by not asking questions or pushing back. My question to you is this: if it is happening, how do you catch them?  Also remember, I have often felt there might be an etheric doubling, parallel universe or similar type of issue which means maybe it is not even happening in this dimension - which is very odd and unlikely sounding to many of you.  How many of you are prepared to check out both 3D realilty and some other dimension for this sort of thing?  Do you see what I am talking about - it is going to take people who have “been there, done that” to be able to handle issues like this - probably someone who was part of some kind of corruption themselves and decided to pull out at some point - or someone who ran into it accidentally, or never meant to go that far in the first place. What you can count is I am absolutely certain I am picking up this level of invasiveness around new car dealer service departments and possibly other mechanics - but the new car dealers come up on my radar much more.  What I am not certain of is how awake the players are - who is participating - or whether it is happening on this 3D level or some other dimension.  I pick up activity, in other words. I found it around Honda and Nissan dealerships mostly in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you were going to catch these guys, how would you go about it?  I am very serious.  Think about it. 05/16/2017 Psychically I have been seeing an Afghan-Russian-Israeli compendium, some tannish jets, male and female pilots, possibly a link to 9/11.  T 05/13/2017 I encourage people to read this: Pilots for 9/11 Truth dot org: Latest News - ACARS CONFIRMED - 9/11 AIRCRAFT AIRBORNE LONG AFTER CRASH UNITED 175 IN THE VICINITY OF HARRISBURG AND PITTSBURGH, PA IT IS CONCLUSIVE - 9/11 AIRCRAFT AIRBORNE WELL AFTER CRASH UNITED 93 IN THE VICINITY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA AND CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS AT TIME OF SHANKSVILLE ALLEGED CRASH I will also add an older Irish liberation terrorist group as possibly associated with Islam has come up for me in the past few days.  I have also been picking up plane bombings being paid for - mercenary activities - someone is ordering the bombings and the people doing it are making money for doing it - at least in some of the cases I am picking up. I had a psychic image of old Vietnam related material - like maybe mines and more - being removed from the Singapore area - as if in a secret clearing, hiding of evidence.  Also the sense of some secret trades for prisoners of the war between US and Vietnam involving non-disclosed deals. Fat Leonard: ST, VT I have been consistently adding material to the Fat Leonards Corruption case, including ST subsidiaries like VT which started up in 2001 in the USA - any connection to 9/11?  I sense there is a deeper, back behind the scenes connection to ST, VT (and related subsidiaries) and 9/11.  These companies relate to both ships and aircraft, high end technology and much more.  There has been extreme level corruption at least at ST, the main center, although VT is a worldwide HQ.  I encourage people to look further into these issues linking Singapore, East Asia and the Pacific and 9/11.   On Fat Leonard, I also have found evidence of Al Qaeda plots and surveillance of Navy around that time in Singapore.  Please notice the Free Trade agreement which was signed not too long after 9/11 by Bush regarding Singapore. 05/11/2017 Have added Singapore Technology corruption scandal - around the same time as Fat Leonard Case in Singapore, to the Fat Leonard section of this website.  ST is also a ship/naval ship related company - repairs ships.  Had major bribery scandal but there does not seem to be much teeth in the Singapore judicial response.  ST does not seem to be mentioned in the Fat Leonard Case news articles in the USA; I will go back over the articles now that I am aware of ST’s similar bribery problems, but I don’t remember seeing it in the American news.  We should look into ST’s connections to any American defense issues. Peter Singer, more on Fat Leonard section: Our dependency on military contractors shows all the signs of the last downward spirals of an addiction. If we judge by what has happened in Iraq, when it comes to counterinsurgency and the use of private military contractors, the U.S. has locked its national security into a vicious cycle. It can’t win with them, but can’t go to war without them. 05/10/2017 Russia - Saudia Arabia; Russia - France Psychic note:  I am picking up something to be concerned about over big oil, Russia and Trump over the eastern United States shore drilling issue.  I feel an investigation into the background and processes of coordination are needed.  Look at the companies and the individuals in those companies. Financial TImes article (seems you have to subscribe to read): Global oil pact underscores Saudi-Russian energy alliance Religion and Men’s sense of “place” We need new ways for certain types of men to find validation and a sense of place in this world other than through religous fundamentalism.  Bible- based fundamentalism - whether Christian or Islamic - seems to generate a focus on the power and leadership of males, putting women almost universally in secondary roles.  It’s almost like men fear the sky will fall in if they let go of that validation found in religious formats. Men fear the loss of importance found in these religious contexts, seeing their roles as trades for sex, privilege and leadership.  The sky won’t fall in, gentlemen.  You will find a whole new world awaiting you as you deepen and widen your perspectives and approaches.  New ideas and behaviors toward females and the roles that gender can play will set you free.  You don’t need a bible to tell you that you are a guy or that you have a place in this world. On private security around smaller cities I will remind people of concerns mentioned elsewhere on this website:  keep an eye out for private security firms doing surveillance for properties around town:  I have had more than one “red flag” warning that some of them might be run by right-wing religionists and/or veterans who are scouting the areas for “riff raff” - people they figure don’t look the part of a right wing Christian/Mormon or military type.  I think this is part of the source of the gangstalking of TI’s - targeted individuals. Local - Farmington, New Mexico Crime Rings Farmington Daily Times: Police Arrest Six San Juan County Crime Ring (03/01/2017 ) Justice dot gov:  Ring leader meth trafficking ring San Juan County sentenced 114 months federal SJSCI:  29 individuals face federal and state charges for trafficking meth in San Juan County (02/26/2014) County KRQE: Farmington burglar ring suspects face over 200 charges (05/05/2017) On Trump Comey Firing: Trump Thrusts US Presidency into Perilous Area (05/10/2017) 05/09/2017 I think there might be one more main Navy ship out there still under the control of a Fat Leonard type of enterprise - another corrupted leadership situation; feels like he might have Asian family, but he feels white.  I feel there is an Asian martial arts knowledge in the psychic attacks; again, seems to hit the chest and back of the heart region - I have suspected the energy moves around between these two areas but they could be two different things. I have added more contextual, historical background material to the Fat Leonard Case - there were some terrorist groups active around that time in that area.   This is critical.  Several had trained in Afghanistan and had definite Afghan connections. I am still picking up a possible historical opium link. A Mormon-American -fascist-contingency came up for me today.  We need to follow the roots of early Mormons in the United States possibly back to Europe.  Certain Mormons can be one anti-American group entrenched in the government and military working for selfish motives secretly against the mainstream United States.  There are many times I feel a vibration of commonality between Muslims and Catholics and early Asian martial arts orders, as well as early British East India Company/military/slave ships.  The British used to be Catholics then shifted to Church of England.  Some of the mind control could be coming in through that old naval connection - passed down over hundreds of years.  It’s weird, but I ask about an old Carthaginian connection in terms of naval and trade - what flags did they use, or were flags used back then? Do some orders remember the past like past lives, keeping a line of continuity from generation to generation?   Sometimes I feel Muslims are ancient Catholics.  I feel people are doing things to the energy.  This connects to my point to point section. I am still psychically picking up a possible hidden take-over around the Navy. We need to go back over old photos of Fat Leonard with various other Navy or Marine leaders who are not yet represented on the list of indicted parties to the scandal.  Admiral Mike Mullen is one of them.  See Fat Leonard Case, Other Possible People Involved in Scandal below list of arrested/indicted parties. 05/08/2017 Fat Leonard Case There is precedence for United States military men using prostitutes across various decades and war fronts.  It is not only a sad commentary on the military, men and the United States….but also on the women performing sex for money and other favors.  Sometimes the men bring them home and marry them. In going over the Fat Leonard Case, try to avoid disgust and judgment. Whereas things might be as they seem, in which case there is no excuse, keep an open mind about additional ramifications not yet revealed in the news.  Trading state secrets for perks: ring of ill-gotten higher ups; maybe we can blame it on moral decay, but maybe there are additional latent operations.  Work on the issue from a number of different angles.  Here are some psychic warning bells that came up as a possibility: -early on, some of the American military might have been victims of a take-over of ship(s) through something like drug lacing in martinis; I have psychically seen the possibility of hands tied, beatings, being drugged, intimidation, mind control.  Strong sense of Asians in their energy field.  Possible male-to-male sexual abuse.  A sense of some of them being abused, dominated and manipulated victims.  Airborne drugging, like through small gas bombs, perfume or cigarette smoke also came up but is a weak psychic impression, more of a suspicion that comes up.  A sense of guerilla type secret attacks and the possible use of advance psychic/psychotronic sex magic to soften people up.  Sex magic is a type of psychic sexual attack which causes arousal and distraction, might make people more open to suggestions of various kinds, not just sex.  Might encourage addictive behavior.  Might impact self-esteem. -Making the other guy look bad:  see this website’s web page on that.  Could be designed to make American military and others look stupid, immoral, foolish, materialistic, childish, overly sexual and greedy in some cases and in others, like fascists or Christian corporate bosses (as in gangster style boss).  Look for dark humor.  Part of it could be coming in through people who make high budget films and the entertainment world.  -back to latent ops: I suspect third party higher ups tweaking the situations controlling Fat Leonard, second layer, and the military men involved, first layer.  There is another layer, I believe, that is not being exposed.  In that layer we might have two aspects: corporate sponsors and international enemies to the United States.  Somewhere in this you will probably find drug cartels. See: Corp Watch on the corporation General Dynamics -issues like this impact the morale of the Navy and the rest of the military and have far-reaching consequences which becomes a threat to our national security; security clearances and items listed as secret or top secret used to mean something; there are two layers to top secret: illicit black box projects designed to line gangster pockets and real top secret issues designed to protect the safety and security of the United States.  Drugs and prostitutes erode the cohesive integrity of the United States.  Many people in the military come from poor parts of the country, some with past criminal records and ties to gangs.  We need to make sure that there is a before and after in the military so that young people realize the military is not an extension of business as usual.  The military is not an extension of the world of organized crime; playing around with drugs, prostitutes and high cost perks is not a joke.  Machismo attitudes toward women found on the streets do not belong in the military.  Then there are the issues of race, people bringing in their street based racial issues into the military, trying to run illegal networks based on that.  People need to realize that when they join the military, they are making a contract of loyalty to the United States, and this should be based not on Trump antics but on real Constitution and Bill of Rights values.  We should not be using the military as an extension of religion. -there might be secret trades and deals going on regarding the men who were involved that the Navy is not telling the press -prostitutes used might have been a mixed bag; some agents, spies; some forced through abductions and abused.  I sense an energy around that forced thing. -keep track of Asian-Islamic ties -there is an old history around opium and heroin in Asia/Afghanistan - includes Vietnam.  Keep that in mind. -pay attention to corporate sponsors of the US military -understand the real victims are the people in the United States military; have empathy.  This covers the people who were in complicity, too.  Why?  Because they are not living full lives, they cheat themselves while letting the negative behavior around them go on.  Time on the job should be real, meaningful.  This website covers it well: I have been picking up second layer, parallel universe, etheric doubling, etheric manipulation types of activity around the military.  It is a type of influencing.  Most of the American public will not treat these subjects respectfully.
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