07/30/2017  articles regarding 9/11 have been moved to the System Abuse/9/11 - General section CIA Torture Usage: Whistleblower The Guardian: Dan Jones CIA Torture cover report senate:  Senate investigator breaks silence about CIA's 'failed coverup' of torture report. By Spencer Ackerman (09/09/2016) Excerpt:  Senate investigator breaks silence about CIA's 'failed coverup' of torture report Exclusive: Daniel Jones, the man at the center of landmark Senate report, goes public for the first time about the investigation that led to the CIA spying on him…The man at the center of the US Senate’s landmark investigation of the CIA torture program has gone public for the first time about an experience that led to the CIA spying on him as part of what he calls a “failed coverup”.  For six years, Daniel Jones was the chief investigator for the Senate intelligence committee’s inquiry into CIA detentions and interrogations carried out in the post- 9/11 Bush era. Jones and his team turned 6.3m pages of internal CIA documents into a scathing study which concluded that torture was ineffective and that the CIA had lied about it to two presidents, Congress and the US public.  But before Jones’s investigation was released in December 2014, the CIA searched through Senate files on a shared, firewalled network that had been set up by the agency for Jones and his team to securely receive classified documents.  The CIA accessed Jones’s work and even reconstructed his emails, sparking an unprecedented clash between the agency and its legislative overseers on Capitol Hill.  Jones has broken his silence in an extensive series of interviews with the Guardian, expressing dissatisfaction with what he called a lack of accountability for torture at the CIA. He also says the agency, under the leadership of John Brennan was abetted in trying to silence criticism by Barack Obama, the president who banned torture as one of the first acts of his tenure. “People who played a significant role in this program, who are in the report, continue to play significant roles in sensitive programs at the agency,” said Jones, a former FBI counter-terrorism analyst. earlier 07/30/2017: Florida Bulldog: New documents show US investigated support network 9/11 hijackers in 2012 2012/?mc_cid=591519e84b&mc_eid=d8ef4ca449 Who What Why: FBI coverup evidence emerges (2012) 07/28-29/2017 Added note 07/29/2017: Port Authority (New York/New  Jersey) area corruption, continued -  see System Abuse/Port Authority Issues  section created.  Recommend your reading and Don Paul’s Garlic and Grass on Port Authority as well as 9/11   More on Israeli Problems: Huffington Post: Israel’s Richard Nixon. By Richard North Patterson (10/27/2015) Excerpt:  For Netanyahu, at last, there is no historic falsehood too grotesque, no tragedy — not even the Holocaust — beyond his exploitation. It is Israel’s tragedy, and the world’s, that its leader has so thoroughly squandered his moral authority to speak for “all the Jewish people,” either the living or the dead. Excerpt:  And so Israel falls ever deeper into the dangerous abyss between his refusal to risk his right-wing power base, and his readiness to say anything to retain it. During his 2015 campaign for reelection, he used the world as a soundstage for his own self-serving electoral theatrics. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, France organized a massive march against terror. So as not to cloud their message of pluralism and national unity, the French implored Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to stay away. Netanyahu not only came, but maneuvered his way to the front rows of the march, calling on “all French Jews to move to Israel” — later bragging to Israeli voters that “the world saw the Prime Minister of Israel marching with all the world leaders in a united effort against terror.” Excerpt on Y. Rabin: These traits are imprinted on his history — and Israel’s. One starts with Yitzhak Rabin, a hard man for hard times, who, in life and death, casts a pitiless light on Netanyahu’s smallness. In the early 1990s, Rabin grasped that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, home to several million Palestinians, posed an existential conundrum. Incorporating the Palestinians as citizens would doom Israel as a Jewish state; incorporating the land while oppressing its people would metastasize into violence and despair. So this cold-eyed realist put aside his loathing for Yasir Arafat, and resolved to make a secure peace with a demilitarized Palestinian state.  Enter Netanyahu. Determined to become prime minister by currying favor with extremists who believe that God granted the West Bank to the Jewish people, he did not stop at opposing Rabin’s plans. Instead he labeled this war hero a traitor: comparing Rabin’s negotiations to Neville Chamberlain’s efforts to appease Adolf Hitler, he accused him of giving away “parts of our homeland” and precipitating “the destruction of the Jewish state.”  Shortly before Rabin’s assassination 20 years ago this month, Netanyahu appeared before a seething rally of right-wing zealots. Many carried placards showing the Prime Minister dressed in SS garb and shouted” death to Rabin” so loudly that at times it drowned out speakers. Warned by a colleague in the starkest terms — “You’d better restrain your people. Otherwise it will end in murder “ — Netanyahu demurred. In a harsh attack he denounced Rabin and his plan as “not Jewish” — a particularly toxic choice of words. And this:  see hilite in yellow about 1928 Mufti of Jerusalem in open alliance with Hitler Jerusalem Connection Report:  Obama is openly colluding with the enemy. By James Lewis (02/19/2015) Excerpt:  ll the signs therefore point to Obama as a major backer of ISIS on the one side, and of the Khomeinist nuclear-going tyranny on the other.  If they’re really unspeakably evil, you can expect Obama to support them. Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama is a big Muslim Brotherhood money man. The MBs have espoused jihad against the modern world since 1928, when their organization was founded. Malik “oversees Muslim Brotherhood investments worldwide,” and that means buying up politicians, like you-know-who. Malik is also a funder of Hamas, which has an identical war theology to ISIS’s. Excerpt:  For fifty years, Muslims did not actively practice jihad against the West – until Jimmy Carter betrayed our ally the shah of Iran, and therefore empowered the first jihad-preaching Islamofascist regime in the world, the mullahcracy of Iran. Because Carter was the weak horse, millions of Muslims around the world sensed a change in the wind – and that is why jihad is now breaking out all over.) Excerpt:  But wait! Our good friend Recip Erdoğan of Turkey, “Obama’s best friend in the Middle East” is now supporting ISIS – the worst mass murdering would-be regime on the Sunni side of the street. Turkey has openly established recruiting stations for ISIS, called “IS consulates,” and Obama’s next “best friend” Qatar is feeding billions of dollars to ISIS. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s biggest ideological ally, is also backing ISIS. Don’t believe the cover story that ISIS just mushroomed up by a miraculous dispensation from on high. Excerpt:  The Moobers are a Muslim fascist cult going back to 1928, when the Mufti of Jerusalem was in an open alliance with Hitler, helping to send Arabs troops to fight for the Nazis.  In 1981 the Moobs assassinated Egypt’s president, Anwar Sadat, for making peace with Israel.  In 2011 they were complicit in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, who was also trying to keep the Egypt-Israel peace treaty alive.  And today, in collusion with Obama, the Moobers are in open rebellion against the government of President El Sisi, the biggest peace advocate in the Arab world. (See below.) 07/28/2017 added later on the 28th:  Another thing I have been psychically picking up for some time is a female Jew pilot, like a military pilot.  I feel it was fuzzy before but more clear today.   Also the sense the Jews are trying to do to others what others did to them, so using some of the old Nazi technology against others.  Again, that feeling they found some old Nazi technology either still usable or intact enough to be copied or repaired - or with blueprints.  Something that comes to mind is an old vacuum-filled chamber, or an old underground vault without air so that things stayed in limbo - the stuff of sci fi, perhaps. It could just as easily have been a less intact and more decayed military weapons and technology burial found during construction. But also there is a hint that how the Jews are behaving might not be all of their own volition - that someone might be tweaking them to act out (invisible fingers).   To make them act like fascists.  Also the feeling someone who never let go of controlling them in more modern times has finally “let” them out of the hat, like releasing demon children to do dark deeds.  That general feeling is actually quite strong - this thing about a sadist “letting” his children practice bombing of flight TWA for example - the little minions “getting” to practice sending new fangled missiles against a civilian craft.  Whether it happened on TWA 800 or whether TWA was a civilian craft or a military attack being shot down, I do get the sense of someone tweaking young people who might be Jews.  Maybe it’s Jews under the thumbs of Nazis who have been in charge of certain forces.  If you are psychic, take the general idea and see if you can feel out what I am getting at.  The invisible fingers could be coming from old Islamic-German ties, so either from Islam, Germans or both and there could be a Soviet-East German connection.  Earlier 07/28/2017: Aaron Russo in the video clip with Alex Jones (shown in these notes recently) had indicated one plan from the NWO types was to send Israelis to Arizona, giving them a large sum of money to do so.  This is a further possible sign of “weirdness” in Arizona, which I mentioned again recently.  Russo had a video clip and a documentary film shortly before his death indicating problems with the United States Federal Reserve Board and that there was a plot to chip everyone so payments could come out of that chip.  I need to clarify firmly that psychically I do pick up that kind of thing going on.  I do feel there is truth to it.  IF it is Jewish related, it goes back to what I discussed yesterday and along the way off and on.  It has to do with eclectic mixes, with part of the mix a “Jewish thing” about dishing out a long burn of retaliation for The Holocaust and other anti-Semitic activities throughout history, including witch burnings and Inquisitions by the Catholic Church.  Whereas we must keep focused on possible and likely Islamic terrorism, as well as other global players like the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans, we must not forget there might be a lurking problem involving certain Jewish types.  Anotehr weird vibe that comes up is one that does not have any historical backing, so it seems unlikely, but it is that we have all been lied to in the news and history books all along,  and the Jews never “got” Israel after World War II; instead, a certain group of them were sent off on a permanent disembodied no-man’s land, a permanent diaspora, and this is why they engage in terrorism on planes and other public areas, including trains, subways and buildings.  The real people doing those things in the name of their rights are the Jews, not the Palestinians.  In addition, some other entity - not the Jews - was sent into Israel after WWII - maybe the Germans, a certain ISlamic group, or the Americans.  The media has been keeping up a mirage ever since.  Although some Jews are involved with Israel, it is really a Palestinian state or some other fascist controlled organization.  It never was a real contry, but some kind of controlled space, almost like a corporate enterprise. Although I realize the above is unlikely, I have to confess it has come up as a possiblity more than once. I never had any kind of built-in resentment or dislike for Jews.  It appears to be mostly a space of potential conflict in the east coast area in which neighborhoods have gangs, some of whom align against Jews.  My attitude and approach toward Jews most of the years was that they were intellectual, artistic people, hard workers, that the families strongly encouraged the children to study hard and to develop their careers.  I started having a good deal of empathy for Jews early on; like many kids, I read Ann Frank’s diary in about the fourth grade, or around 9 or 10 (it was in the American private school in Athens).  I was around a play put up at the time about it.  It had a huge impact on me.  Later I voluntarily chose a few books to read that involved Jews, always maintaining a kind of interest.  I have always rather liked the few I’ve met.  So my first inclination was to assume the bad guys were the Islamic peoples in world terrorism, not the Jews.  I most certainly was not raised on Zionist conspiracy theories and had no predilection whatsoever to search for Jewish cults. Again, I have opened up to considering it is I have been bombarded over the years with a kind of psychotronic noise in my air space which includes bits and pieces of conversations, a kind of subliminal radio noise that is not quite heard by ears, so it might be something running through the bones and felt-heard.  It includes bits of conversation which sound like they could be coming from Jews, as discussed below and over time on this website.  I realize I repeat this over and over, but I am trying to gorund in the idea that I was not hard-wired to think Jews are members of cults and terrorists.  In addition to bits of conversations, I also sense emotionally driven types of vibes which suggest the people are being vindictive because of things that happened to them or their families, and it does not feel like things that happened to Islamic people - and lots of stuff has happenedd to Muslims, too.  No, it feels like we are dealing with Jews or gypsies, as well as some mixes which could be Islamic, African, Hispanic/Latino, Eastern European and more.  I feel we are dealing with personality types who have a misguided idea about what power is, and have been reaching for the wrong sense of what it feels like to get it back, to make others feel small like they did, to be the ones who are now top dog. But there are just as strong of actions against Jews and Americans from the Islamic world - some of it coming from human rights groups in the United States.  For example, one “liberal Muslim” said she won’t permit American Christians to make Islam a second class religion.  She won’t let American Christians prevent Muslims from doing their prayers and tending to certain basic rituals.  It’s not the ideas of equality I am countering or concerned about: it’s the tone that suggests more could be afoot than just legally searching for equality.  In that tone and vibe I sense possibly some terrorist activity. What makes it further confusing is that blacks can and do work with more than one type of enterprise, and there is more than one type of old Communist theme running through, as well.  So we generally see blacks and Muslims working together in an Islamic space - such as in the Black Panthers.  Well, there are certain kinds of blacks who work with Jewish Communists, as well.  Before World War II, there were groups of Jews who were seriously flirting with Communism.There are several indications that Jews in Poland were known to take on positions against other Poles during the Stalinist scourges.  Communist mixes from around the world can be entering Israel under the heading of “Jew” but with extremely mixed political and religious orientations.  During various problem tyimes in hisotry, Jews were forced to relocate and can be found globally, including in South America.  In conditions that were poor, cramped and highly competitive, Jews might have turned to mafia-like enterprises because they could not get a job and were suffering from problems inherent in crime-ridden slums.  Rubbing up against other gangs, it is possible some crude habits developed.  Jews were also left out of certain trades through history, but found openings in medicine and money lending - one of the reasons Jewish banksters comes up.  The problem is in figuring out what is hype about Jews and what is jealousy and competition from Muslims.  We can also consider that both Catholics and Germans might still be thwarting Jews because of old history.  Is it any wonder then we have trouble isolating fact from fiction about Jews?   My point with this is that although at times it seems Jews could be involved in terrorism, there are other equal sings that Sunni or Shia are involved.  My approach is to keep an open mind and to stay flexible in problem solving about terrorism and cartels until such time we have more definitive answers.  It is not enough, obviously, when a certain group in the world claims it was the one who did a bombing because several different things could be going on with that.  07/27/2017 In going over the Aviation World corruption, I have come to some understandings, as well as increased intuitive inputs.  I feel a psychic link to a core issue surrounding some kind of old munitions factory associated with at least World War II, if not earlier.  It is possible I read about it somewhere along the lines and that it is fully recorded in historical literature.  However, all I remember consciously at this point is reading about Albert Einstein’s family having been in munitions - he knew about weapons from that standpoint.  I feel that if we follow the scent of munitions factories around the time of World War II - the families and networks - we will come closer to understanding the origins of the war.  We are told to follow the scent of bankers and old corporations like IG Farben (Bayer), BMW, IBM, Porsche-VW, Jetta, Kodak, Hugo Boss (uniforms), Siemens, Adidas and more.  Here is a link summarizing some of that: Ranker:  Surprising companies that had ties to the Nazis.  By Chris Abraham. Ford’s connection to the Nazis.  He had a strong Irish connection, but also a Belgian one by birth although not upraising. Telegraph: Ford used slave labor in Nazi plants. By Simon English (2003) Research into Aviation World corruption stirs up vile flotsam: corruption case after corruption case….all you have to do is type in [some major aviation world related corporation] + [corruption] and something inevitably pops up.  It should not be that way.  In addition, the same holds true for governmental agencies association with aviation oversight - like the FAA.  Oversight agencies should not be anything other than a pristine harbor for checks and balances of private and public sector aviation.  They should be the safe zone.  Well, in going over Aviation World corruption, they most certainly are not the safe zone.  What is further disturbing is finding that the corruption extends beyond the planes themselves but into the world of airliners and airports; I had already caught a glimpse of this when going over 9/11 material and finding the Port Authority area between New Jersey and New York coming up suspiciously as part of the conspiracy.  New Jersey is thought to be one of the most corrupt states in the country. The other thing I want to add here is to make more clear my position on the The Holocaust.   I think it should come across clearly in my general bent and approach, but in case anyone was still wondering, I firmly believe that what happened to the Jews and others during World War II was wrong.   The plight of the Jews in that era is terrible.  It should not be forgotten or treated lightly.  I have often felt like I had a past life and was either Jewish or someone dealing with concentration camps.  I have read that a lot of people feel this way, like they have returned to try to make this a better world, a world in which things like that won’t happen again.   Some people suggest it is guilt or sympathy pains that causes people to think they had a past life either as a victim in The Holocaust; the possibility is that the stories that are told are so vivid they encounter the Group Soul space in which we can all feel each other’s pain on a deeper level.  No matter the actual reason for the resonance, like many of us, the Holocaust is always at the back of my mind as something none of us wants to experience in this or any other lifetime.  And like many others as well, I have often sought to find the root causes behind such treachery, following various trajectories to see if that would lead us to the ultimate reason behind a Hitler or a massive mental aberration found in the Nazi group think. So with this in mind, I need to repeat that I do still get psychic impressions which suggest that certain types of Jews could be involved in the world treachery behind plane-related bombings at least since the 1970s, and that these Jews could be a mix of other kinds of people, including certain Muslims.  And how all that works together - the Jew-Islam thing - really puzzles me.  In that psychically derived puzzlement caused by a whiff or a scent of “something Jewish” I have gone to the internet repeatedly trying to find groups that would match that criteria.   The whiff also includes something “Eastern European” with a mix of “something Catholic-like”  as well as a mix that might include black gypsies.  It touches base with the wild pagan side of of Eastern Europe, with the scent taking me into Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and other places where magic, Christian orthodoxy and Islam conjoined - as well as Mongols - through antiquity and beyond.  This search has been b y necessity only a cursory one, creating a patchwork quilt effect, a general birds eye view of what is possible more than any real in-depth understanding of the cultures involved.  And in this search, people like the real or imaginary Kazarian Mafia (as put forth by Veterans Today) came up, as well as the Donme.  The closest thing to a possible match might indeed be an Eastern European orthodoxy cult mixed in with a Turkish/Jewish blend - sort of a Catholic gypsy/Turkish Jew thing.   The idea of a math/religion cult fits in with this, as well as a Greek.  The fish symbol has often been hitting my psychic sensors as “something is up with this” for years now, and fits in perfectly with the Donmeh connection, and deserves more study.  The Dionysian cult from Greece and the ancient Mediterranean also fits in.  A possible northward movement of ancient Egyptians into Eastern Europe, as well as the well known Alexandria-Greek intellect connection might fit in.   Etruscans show up on my radar, along with the black-Carthaginian- Scandinavian Roman thing. Something also that has come up  around cultural retention: what types of things might tend to stick around over vast periods of time, running through family or certain group lineages?  The idea of guilds came up for me last night.  Also things that are psychic:  people might forget a lot of details or roots, but might keep passing along psychic ways from child to child.  Also the possible link between guilds and sororities and fraternities.  Not all psychic things are magic, and not all magic is psychically endowed, but where there is a mix, perhaps something like the kaballa - and probably certain interpretations of the kaballa - could indeed get passed down the generations.   I strongly feel not all people associated with the kaballa are into weird dark deeds, because the little bit of introduction I had years ago (I was not that interested or drawn) did not seem to be that horrific or profound.  However, because I do pick up energy that suggests that people do know how to do stuff that messes with energy, it is possible that ancient knowledge of “the black arts” was passed down for vast periods of time through family lines and things like guilds.  The guilds would be linked to skills and special craftsmanship, keeping knowledge of math, architecture and mechanics within a certain stream of society while excluding others.  I suspect someone like myself is in a mixed zone in which I am partly in and partly out of that guilds-type of lineage - I definitely connect with at least some of it on some level, but was never fully taken in by the NASA’s of the world.  In other words, I caught drifts (scents) but never was fully indoctrinated or taken in by its members.   Maybe it has to do with genetics - and maybe it has to do with past lives - or both.  This is why someone like me is able to kind of look into their world and come back with some possible interpretations of what is going on. Just a theory, but it might explain part of my involvement and interest in this material.  It could also explain why, even though I am not a mechanic or aviations expert, I am able to look into that world and get such a strong feeling for it while going over something like Aviation World Corruption.  Not fully part of that world, I somehow have some kind of feeling for it.  I tune into the subject and stay focused; it’s on my path; I can sense on a psychic level some of the shenanigans of the players.  The corruption is not coming from a vacuum or isolated group of trajectories, in other words. Another area of the world that hit my radar is Goa in India.  See also Cobra Gypsies. The link between something Jewish and something Islamic, with eclectic cultish Christian orthodoxy and magic mixed in, might be a coyote mentality, or the Great Undoer to bring people back to The One Truth.  Feeling superior in their religious beliefs, a group might try to create chaos and use widespread random murders (like plane terrorism and 9/11) to force the world to bow down to their belief system and to become the only ones left on the planet. From what I have been reading from both Jewish magazines/newspapers and Islamic ones, most Jews don’t want another Holocaust and are very sensitive to behaving like Nazis themselves; there are those who refuse to be mass victims again and will stand up tenaciously for their rights and lives, they will go after people they feel threatened by - and in the process could and probably do go overboard from time to time, if they attack to the death before they have all the facts (ie, like about Islamic types planning an invasion)….but I don’t feel that most Jews are part of a great conspiracy to take over the banks and the world. Rather, what I suspect is a Jewish-eclectic mix, as described above, which does have an emotional connection to The Holocaust and has a mental illness - a group mental illness - for lack of a better way to sum it up.  They never healed,  never grew up and past the Holocaust,  They never made meaningful connections to counter The Holocaust post-mortem  beyond vindictive pay-backs.    I think there is a sickness involved here in taking it out on humanity.  When you hear someone saying “Jew Hater!  Holocaust Denier!” I think it is an important red flag - wake up and pay attention about who is saying it, and from what direction.   The language and emotion of the speak tells us we are on the possible tail of some of the culprits involved in large-scale conspiracies.  Not all Jews do that by any means, so people must make a point to differentiate between types of Jews.  I think we need to be looking for those Jews/Jewish eclectic mixes who show certain key signs of group mental illness. In that space of mental illness, we need to look for cult behavior with links to more than just Jewish traditional beliefs, because I thnk the people “are going places” that most “normal” types do not go and do not even begin to understand.  It is the world of The Arabian Nights Effect, which needs to be broadened to include many forms of fairytales and mystical narratives which seem to at once “be over there somewhere” but are also down here on planet earth, too.  This would include the tales  Hansel and Gretel (Grimm), Thumbelina (Hans Christian Andersen) and Rumpelstiltskin (Grimm), for example.  Notice the German and Danish connection of these stories. What we are running into are certain Jews (not all) who want to stifle free speech and block varied reflections on The Holocaust so that anyone who does not offer full blown, ongoing, eternal commiseration and sympathy for The Holocaust along certain acceptable channels gets hit by these fanatics.  Anyone who does not seem to be politically correct gets “the treatment.”  What is happening here is that things have gone too far the other direction.  The Holocaust was a terrible thing which should not have happened and should not happen again.  We cannot save those people from their horrors; we cannot return them from the dead.  What is done is done.  I think what has happened is a cult has developed around that, as well as the plight of Jews by Catholics, and that it has gotten mixed in with other cultures and religions.  We therefore get the Catholic guilt and sin issues around Jesus and tthe Catholic version of authority as well as an Islamic sense of ego-centrism and authority in this eclectic cult.  I have repeatedly psychically heard “Now you know how we felt” or “Now you know what we went through.”  This seems to come from the Jewish sense of victimization in perhaps both The Holocaust and under Soviet domination.  I think part of it is that some of them remember a time when they were respected, had money and prestige, were leaders and business owners.  There is this feeling of humiliation and being made to feel like lowly people, people the world looked at as “Oh, those poor Jews” - a sense of defeat not only in person and place, but in image.  This would explain why I hear them say on a psychic level “Who we are”, like “Don’t you know who we are?”  It’s like trying to overcompensate for that loss of prestige, or the perception they have in their minds that they lost prestige.  But the feeling of prestige might even go back further in time than World War II and could relate to a displaced people in an earlier era and time - not too far removed from the Corsican loss of Corsica to France.  In that case, the Corsican people and their gentry descended into a vicious global mafia.  We can find some strands of connectivity here, as Jewish, Italian and Corsican mafias were already underway by the turn of the 20th century and there were times the lines blurred, it seems, although I don’t have a full grip on this topic.  Intuitively, I can say there seems to be a connection.  That story about the mysterious Israelis and white vans at time of 9/11 It is also why upon reading about Jews at the time of 9/11 jumping around congratulating the horrific downing of the WTC towers and saying in so many words “Now you Americans know how we have felt being in countries always bombed on and at war” it flows together and seems possible.  That mysterious seeming story about Israelis and one or two white vans being whisked away back to Israel needs more proof, but again it matches what I have picked up psychically. 
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