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Older Notes  Selected case:   2017-13 (McCracken case NM)   2017-13  11/19/2017 The U.S. and Greece: Far Too Much in Common by MICHAEL TANNER July 15, 2015 Trolls and Shills: Male and Female Gnostic Media: Remove Facebook Trolls Agents Excerpt: Psychology:  The basic psychology of the paid internet troll, gang-stalker and counterintelligence agent is essentially of someone who gets off on kicking over sand castles and trying to destroy what others build. They’re psychopaths and pseudo- psychopaths (-someone under the influence of a psychopath), and, surprisingly, they’re quite often paid for misleading others online. Most trolls and counterintelligence agents seemingly have no talent or ability of their own, or at least they haven't fostered any - but lying, cheating, and misleading – and various other forms of sophism. Often because of their lack of talent or ability, as with most socialists, they take jobs with the government. They live off the backs of others who create and do hard work. But their psychopathology leads them to think that they're doing good by manipulating, rather than uplifting, “the herd,” hence trolls and counterintelligence types are more often than not paid by governments. Some also work for the “private sector”. Hatrick Penry:  Why do Trolls Fight Trolls Now you have begun to assemble a list of shills and trolls, by way of a method that exposes the operative based on what they are not allowed to talk about. After observing their tactics and strategy for a while, and you are convinced that more likely than not those on your list are controlled opposition agents, you notice that some of those on your list are accusing others on your list of being a shill. You do not understand: if they are working together towards a common cause, why do some of the trolls engage other trolls and ‘call them out’ as trolls? hen you add confusing psychic attacks and invisible fingers - having seen truly mellow and nice guys and the more aggressive flat cardboard trigger-penis”types - stereotyping puts us at a disadvantage because it keeps us from staying tuned into this person, this situation… 11/18/2017 FBI Corruption Page WWLTV:  FBI agent accuses Justice Department of Systemic Corruption. By David Hammer  (03/2017) 11/17/2017 9/11 and Bosnia connection 11/16/2017 Denver Tribune: Colorado news article:  Police for profit corruption (05/16/2017) Psychic antics Bots I suspect electronic harassment/manipulation in certain kinds of psychic-like connections.  Time is No Time To sensitives, projections of energy (even across the American continent) are like having the person there and you can even feel it in the past tense.  That is, a past visit to your area can feel like a current visit - the psychic sense is finding the recording in the Tao’s memory fabric and/or incidents are concurrent.  Time loses meaning on the deeper levels of the psychic experience.  Something could have been coming in from the future without our knowing who or what it was.   Pre and post-manifestation. Distance is No Distance I  have felt a person’s energy in my aura like the individual was in the room with me, although a continent away. Instant Manifestation Also, when some people are resonating, things manifest instantly between them. If you start thinking about that person he or she can feel something about it.  Polyphonic More than one thing going on psychically 11/14/2017 Thanks to someone I spoke with today, I was introduced to the historical issue surrounding white Irish slaves. Here are a few articles on the subject. Global Research:  Irish Slave Trade:  The Forgotten White Slaves.  By John Martin Global Research, March 17, 2015 Oped News 14 April 2008 his Oped News article originally posted in 2008 (reposted in 2015), skims the surface of a complex historical process which has been the object of critical debate, controversy and confusion. The Article also includes a number of factual errors.  In order to promote further discussion concerning the Irish Slave Trade, Global Research has published two followup articles on the subject, with a view to  providing a broader historical background.    The following article by Robert E. West text clarifies the historical context. The Irish slaves were sent to British territories in the Caribbean. They were categorized as “indentured” workers and “servants” of the English colonial elites. Here is the article being responded to with more accurate information below it: Excerpt: But, if anyone, black or white, believes that slavery was only an African experience, then they’ve got it completely wrong.  Irish slavery is a subject worth remembering, not erasing from our memories.  But, where are our public (and PRIVATE) schools???? Where are the history books? Why is it so seldom discussed?  Do the memories of hundreds of thousands of Irish victims merit more than a mention from an unknown writer?  Or is their story to be one that their English pirates intended: To (unlike the African book) have the Irish story utterly and completely disappear as if it never happened.  None of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot. Articles: irish slave trade England’s Irish Slaves By Robert E. West, June 09, 2016 In this article by Liam Hogan (Part IV of a five part series) reviews the data and presents an analysis of the literature. irish_slaves_myth-390x285 England’s “Irish Slaves” Meme: The Numbers By Liam Hogan, June 10, 2016 The article below by Liam Hogan is published in response to The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves By John Martin, March 17, 2015. Minor edits by Global Research. Author’s Note: The numbers game is a depressing one and every life is significant and of equal importance. Unfortunately the “Irish slaves” meme exaggerates and fabricates to such an egregious extent that a basic corrective is necessary. (This is part four of my series debunking/contextualising the meme. See Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Five)“The Irish Slave Trade” article claims that PART IV James I sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. [edit by GR, James I] This Proclamation of 1625 which supposedly stated that “Irish political prisoners” were to be sold as servants to English colonists in the New World does not appear to exist. Charles I did issue A proclamation for settling the Plantation of Virginia (13 May 1625) but it does not mention anything about transportation or banishment. There is a much earlier proclamation by James I (17 September 1603) which was For the Due and Speedy Execution of the Statue against Rogues, Vagabonds, Idle, and Dissolute Persons. This renewed an older Elizabethan law that criminalised repeated vagabondage and “idleness” in 1597. The Privy Council named “New-found Land, the East and West Indies, France, Germanie, and the Low-Countries, or any of them” as the location for banishment. These ideological attempts to “correct” poverty (through subjugation and forced labour) partly explain the disproportionately high level of forced transportations from Ireland to the American colonies in the wake of the Cromwellian war. “From 1641 to 1652 [the] English [sold] 300,000 [Irish people] as slaves.” To put this into context, the total migration from Ireland to the West Indies for the entire 17th century is estimated to have been around 50,000 people and the total migration from Ireland to British North America and the West Indies is estimated to have been circa 165,000 between 1630 and 1775. (See Bielenberg, The Irish Diaspora, p. 216) If this is the case, where on earth is the meme getting the unequivocal and impossible 300,000 forced deportations from Ireland over a ten year period? This number being nearly double the estimated total migration from Ireland to the Americas over 145 years? Cromwellian era forced deportations from Ireland to the British West Indies did not begin in earnest until May 1653 and the total number forcibly deported during the Cromwellian era is roughly estimated by scholars (Corish, Watson, Akenson, et al) to have been around 10-12,000 people. The paucity of records ensures that we will never know the exact number. Kerby Miller (Emigrants and Exiles, 143), Robin Blackburn (The Making of New World Slavery, 247) and Matthew C. Reilly (“Poor Whites” of Barbados, 6) estimate that “several thousand” were banished. These estimates are educated guesses based on contemporary population figures for the islands, allowing for a high mortality rate, pre-existing Irish populations and concurrent voluntary emigration.The “300,000 Irish slaves” claim is a spectacular exaggeration. There is no scholarship or even logic behind this number. It appears that the meme has taken the guesstimate on the blurb on the back cover of White Cargo (by Jordan and Walsh) and applied it to the Cromwellian era forced transportations from Ireland. Keep in mind that this appropriated guesstimate refers to all the indentured servants and convicts who were transplanted to the British American colonies from Britain and Ireland over a 200 year period. Andrew Welch and William Downing We were brought out of or owne Country, contrary to our owne wills & minds, & sold here unto Mr Symonds, by ye master of the Ship, Mr Dill, but what Agreement was made betweene Mr Symonds & ye Said master, was neuer Acted by our Consent or knowledge, yet notwithstanding we haue indeauored to do him ye best seruice wee Could these seuen Compleat yeeres. John King …Divers others were stollen in Ireland, by some of ye English soldiers, in ye night out of theyr beds & brought to Mr Dills ship, where the boate lay ready to receaue them, & in the way as they went, some others they tooke with them against their Consents, & brought them aboard ye said ship, where there were divers others of their Country men, weeping and Crying, because they were stollen from theyr frends.. John Downing William Downing and Phillip Welch, with several of their countrymen, were taken up and stolen by the ship master or some one whom he hired. The Ship-master, George Dill, was fain to go away and leave his water and much of his provisions behind for fear the country would have taken them from him…[…]…he knew that he and three or four others of his townsmen were taken up by force; that he did not know the two parties in question, but they said in the ship that they were stolen and brought by force. Such methods of kidnapping eventually attracted the attention of the Council who enacted a range of measures to inspect ships before they departed from Irish ports. One report (6 July 1655) warned the Commissioners that …under the colour of some later orders from this Board for transporting rogues and vagrants to Barbados, several Irish and others are surreptitiously apprehended and forcibly put on board a ship in this harbour of Dublin, bound for that island, who are not comprehended as vagrants or idlers. Cromwell’s policy of transportation of vagrants from Ireland was abandoned on 4 March 1657. It was abolished because it was being abused to such an extent by merchants and their agents. It is also interesting that these kidnappers did not discriminate between Irish or English victims. The cancellation order reads as follows …having received many complaints of the abuse of some orders granted to several persons to carry away idle and vagabond persons to the West Indies, who… employ persons to delude and deceive poor people by false pretences, either by getting them aboard the ships or in other by-places into their power, and forcing them away, the person so employed having so much a-piece for they so delude, and for the money’s sake have enticed and forced women from their husbands and children from their parents, who maintained them at school, and that they have not only dealt so with the Irish but also with the English [the Council now] do think fit and order that all Orders, granted to any person whatsoever (being now in force) to take up and carry idle and vagabond persons as aforesaid, be henceforth made null and void. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. 11/13/2017  additions later in the day after first insertions - some on Virginia Temporary glitch this morning -  The website was at first looking strange and then was offline.  I apologize for confusion. It is possible I am being electronically harassed by something.  It could be making us mutually feel attacked, stalked or generally bothered/uncomfortable/suspicious.   It is probably psychotronic but we need to consider an active, conscious, purposeful psychic attacker as well.  I always learn something during these spells, so all is not lost but things can get really weird and troubling in the process.  My trip to Virginia and West Virginia years ago The first trip was before I was noticing psychic attacks and had nothing to do with anyone living over there as far as I know on a conscious level.  My goal was to get to the Virginia Beach and see the ocean on that side of the continent.  I spent more time getting there on a grueling bus trip.  I went to some historic sites and an old historic college.  Went to a botanical gardens.  Trip was brief and economical.  The second trip was connected to similar weird bot-like attacks such as those I have been experiencing off and on in the past month to six weeks.  It also had to do with wanting to meet with a famous energy healer in thee Washington DC area.  I also met with a medium while I was there.  I am thinking it was around 2004.  I stayed at a Mom and Pop motel in Berkley Springs for about five days.  I definitely was experiencing psychic attacks during the trip.  I kept things cheap and affordable, I looked around, met with the bioenergy expert, had a healing session, drove around the area to get a feeling for things, turned around and went back home.  Have not felt drawn to go back - I psychically pick up the east coast might be heading toward certain problems.  I think Virginia has too much govt and military stuff, too many secrets.  Have always been drawn to early colonial and Revolutionary War history in that part of the south.  I feel I might have had a past life in that area, but images around it could be linked to distortions in the energy field from the bot-type attacks. Bots, hooks, small drones, biomalware My guess is that it is some kind of bot hooking into the human energy field.  I have run into someone thru emails who is likely watching this section, smokes pot and perhaps does other drugs, and seemed to have an anti-Jew conspiracy one-track mind, there were signs of possible domination.   It could be someone else around the two of us, or around me in particular however  I suspect some hooking might be coming in thru Craigs list ads.  Something in the chest feels like a hook in connection with the attacks and skewing energy.  I have suspected the chest hooks to be linked to Catholic Mafia.  I also feel the attackers could be sending energy from this space into the chest and this could be one source of stalking energy in the form of invisible fingers mentioned on this website.  If you have remote viewing skills, I encourage you to check out my lower brain and chest region first for any signs of devices and check for micromalware in our bodies - I don’t know if it exists but have read about the possibility.  If the malware exists, you could be dealing with an infected person who is partially in and partially out.  Some people refer to this as cyborgs.  It could be revenge or rejection or not supporting drugs (drug users and dealers), or being straight but not narrow, happily hetero (lesbian attacks) or not fully supporting the liberal positions on blacks, Hispanics or Native Americans; it could be male-first males.  I pick up the possibility of all these things.  Stalking can be device implanted in a type of cyborg - find the device. Here are some things that also come up for me in an intermittent ongoing manner as a possiblity: small fly or other insect drones, can fly in and out of house windows - maybe some small enough to fit through screen mesh; invisible drones that hang around a person’s body in the air- perhaps magnetized downloads to personal computers have some kind of connection to human biomalware Here are some likely or possible features: Break Mutual Trust Break down trust and communication between whistleblowers or others fighting system.  Keep potential allies away from each other.  Gremlins/psychotroncs around both.  Getting people to turn against each other. Mirrors, Projections Feed into each other’s fears and judgments, fault finding, guilt by association Confusion, Distortion Energy and psychological muddles, Making  the other guy or gal look bad Acting Out Psychotronics and psychic attack could be encouraging mood swings, biochemical imbalances, distortions of various types could be bending reality along our energy fields, making us act out - causing people to fear us  but also getting us to act genuinely weird or out of sync in some way with expected or preferred  human behavior.  Melvin Goodman Truth Out:  Melvin Goodman democracy Melvin A. Goodman: I spent 24 years at the CIA as a Soviet analyst in the directorate of intelligence. I was not drawn to the agency by idealism, but by a fascination with the incredible repository of intelligence that is held within the entire community. I received an early introduction to this collection as a US Army cryptographer in the 1950s. democracy Kevin Shipp Shipp might be a fake but I suggest starting with him to get a feeling for things; watch for far right antics, like anti-Hillary Clinton/skewed or fake news: this could be disinfo Geoeng. Watch:   CIA Agent whistleblower risks all to expose the shadow government.  By Dave Wigington (08/23/2017) Excerpt:  Kevin Shipp (author of "From The Company Of Shadows") was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. At a very important public awareness event, held by in Northern California, on July 28th, 2017, Mr. Shipp presented a shocking and compelling presentation on numerous, horrific and ongoing government crimes. The total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny is also fully exposed. The paradigm we have all known has been built on deception and the dark agendas of the global power structure. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all. 11/11/2017 07:35 am mst   DOJ, CIA and related sections are being worked on.  One link added 11/12/2017 to be added to appropriate sections later on: Denver Post: How Colorado laws give fired police officers from other states a second chance here (10/10/2015) MSN: Mueller-Flynn investigation. AAutdwx?ocid=spartandhp Current Argus (Carlsbad):  on domestic violence in New Mexico, concerns and comments written by an officer Excerpt: A re-commitment to ending domestic violence October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it marks the 23rd anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA. VAWA marked a turning point for many, including law enforcement. I began my career as a police officer in 1986. At that time there was no domestic violence shelter in the town I worked in. The best that a victim could hope for was that there was enough money in the chaplains’ fund to get one night in a cheap motel. If an officer responded to your home for a domestic violence call, he would often tell the victim to leave the house, and ask misguided questions like 'Why do you stay here anyway?  Why do you put up with it?  What did you do to make him angry?' Or make detrimental statements like, “If I have to come back here one more time tonight, someone is going to jail.”    Domestic violence was, for far too long, seen as a lesser offense, and frequently treated like a private matter. Victims were often just sent home from the hospital without intervention, children were left to suffer in silence. And as a consequence, abuse could go on for years. In many cases the violence only ended with the death of a woman or a child. We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years or so. We have changed laws. We’ve made progress in changing the way people think about domestic abuse. We’ve reduced the incidences of domestic violence. I’m happy to say that police officers receive much better training on dealing with family violence these days. We have a better understanding of the dynamics of family violence. We know why people stay in violent relationships, we understand the financial hurdles that must be overcome, the power and control exerted by offenders, how children are used a pawns. We are mandated to offer adequate protection to victims.  We understand how drugs and alcohol are used as excuses for violent behavior. We have policies and procedures to hold us accountable, and we understand the fear.    In Carlsbad and Artesia we have a first class domestic violence shelter to take a victim and her children to. A shelter with well trained, professional, caring staff. A clean, comfortable, and most importantly, a safe place to stay. All of the law enforcement officers in Eddy County, and thousands of county residents can tell you stories of how cruel, how menacing domestic violence can be — because it happens at home, the place where you should feel safe. Because the abuse comes at the hands of the people who are supposed to love you and take care of you. Because domestic violence is not only associated with fear but also incredible financial and legal challenges that often leave victims of abuse feeling trapped. We’ve made a great deal of progress in recent years, but we must understand that the work is far from complete. Not when there is much more to do to ensure that the victims of abuse have access to legal protection. Not when children are trapped in abusive homes — especially when we know the lingering damage and despair that this can cause in a child’s life. Not when one in every four women experiences domestic violence — and one in six women are sexually assaulted — at some point in their lives. Not when one out of every 10 teenagers are physically hurt on purpose by someone they are dating. Not when nearly two out of three Americans 15 years of age or older know a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, and domestic violence homicides claim the lives of three women every day. This is not acceptable. I say that not only as a police officer, but as a son, as a husband, and as a father. We must work harder to help the victims of violence to overcome the financial barriers they often face getting back on their feet. We must work harder to assist victims with getting legal representation, job skills training, and counseling. We must work harder to ensure that no one has to choose between a violent home and no home at all. Nobody should live in fear because they are unsafe in their own home. No adult, no child. And no one who is the victim of domestic violence should ever feel that they have no way to get out. Working together we can make sure that every victim of domestic violence knows that they are not alone, that there are resources available to them in their moment of greatest need. Let’s use Domestic Violence Awareness Month to mark our re-commitment to offering a helping hand to those most in need, and as a reminder to them that they are not alone, and also to recommit to changing our culture and rejecting tolerance of what is unacceptable. Eddy County's success will be judged by how we treat women and girls. We must all work together to end domestic violence. Det. Sgt. Eric K. Threlkeld 11/03-04/2017 Justice Department  Issues:  See new page started  Justice Department (DOJ) Covers both corruption within the DOJ as well as a few cases related to topics on this website it has covered. 11/10/2017 08:23-08:59 am mst; additions/editing off and on across morning through 12:30 am mst, incl. excellent article on PTSD by attorney and Marine Iraq War veteran  (see article excerpt here)   Happy Veterans Day.  Many wars and battles, many American military lives lost, bodies and spirits damaged, some beyond normal repair or functionality.  Families torn up, grieving spouses or military comrades.  Heartaches, despair, hope, bravery, fear, trauma.  Let us also remember members of the CIA, FBI, SWAT, traveling policemen, private contractors, journalists and others who furthered the cause of American security and helped save American lives in difficult and precarious battle zones overseas and who often worked hand in hand with military personnel but might not get a Veterans Day sense of credit or memory.  In some cases, we have hidden veterans who just do it and help in one way or another without the payment, bangs or whistles.  No matter who and how they are, we offer tribute to those who helped, suffered, contributed or shared in the weight of the load. Here are a few tribute items - letter from a senator, articles or sites: Letter from State Senator I will note here that literally within one to two minutes of starting preparations for this Veterans Day section, Senator Heinrich’s email came in.  It was so timely and “right on” I decided to include it here.  I will not deny a possible telepathic or psychic link of some kind, although I was not consciously aware of it at the time. Senator Martin Heinrich: Email sent today to email subscribers from New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich (11/10/2017) economic-force-of-outdoor-recreation Dear Friend, Today and every day, I join communities across New Mexico and our nation in offering sincere gratitude for our veterans for their service to our country. This year, I will be joining the community in southern New Mexico by marching in the Veterans Day Parade in Las Cruces. Few sacrifices are as selfless as those made by our military service men and women. Their unwavering devotion and extraordinary courage reflect the core principles we share as Americans.  The tradition of answering the call of duty runs deep in New Mexico's history. From the Navajo Code Talkers and Bataan Death Marchers, to the Korean and Vietnam War GI's, to the men and women serving today at Cannon, Holloman, Kirtland, Fort Bliss, White Sands Missile Range, and across the world. On the Senate Armed Services Committee, I am firmly committed to ensuring that our military has the tools and resources it needs to keep our nation safe, fight terrorism, and support our allies. I will continue to fight for New Mexico's military personnel and missions in my role on this committee.  I also firmly believe that our ability to maintain the strongest and most dedicated military force in the world depends on our nation's ability to keep its promises to provide our veterans the best care, benefits, and opportunities they earned. I've fought to increase timely access to health care services for our veterans. Earlier this year, I was proud to help pass legislation to strengthen the G.I. Bill's education benefits, bring accountability to the VA, and reduce wait times and the disability backlog. I also remain committed to improving New Mexico's community-based outpatient clinics and securing the Veterans Choice Program to ensure our rural veterans have a real choice in accessing the health care they need.  I recently launched a quarterly Veterans Newsletter that will inform New Mexico veterans and military about how my office can assist with filing VA claims, appealing outcomes, and receiving their earned benefits. Since taking office, I have helped hundreds of New Mexico veterans and their families access their care and benefits.  Whether you or a family member are experiencing trouble filing a claim, receiving benefits, accessing health benefits or military records, replacing medals, or other veterans issues, my office is here to help. Please contact my office by calling (505) 346-6601 or visit the Veterans Resources Center on my website.  We must be unwavering in our commitment to our men and women in uniform who deserve more than just words of gratitude for their sacrifice when they return home. On Veterans Day, we reaffirm our promise to care for our veterans, support our military families, and honor our men and women who continue to serve our nation. Sincerely,   MARTIN HEINRICH United States Senator Wounded Soldiers Videos and information Wounded Warrior Project Wounded Warrior Project: Reveals 8th Annual Survey Findings (11/06/2017) Excerpt:  Wounded Warrior Project Reveals 8th Annual Survey Findings.  JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 6, 2017 -- For the past eight years, Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has surveyed wounded veterans registered with the organization. The annual polling represents the largest and most comprehensive annual survey conducted by a veterans service organization. It provides valuable insights into the lives of more than 100,000 men and women who were wounded serving our nation and now are served by WWP. The data – including topics such as injuries, challenges, unemployment, health care choices, and successes – helps determine the needs of today's generation of wounded warriors.  Results in this year's survey, completed by more than 34,000 veterans, show more injured veterans are trusting the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for health care concerns. More warriors are also gainfully employed than in past years. However, there are significant challenges these men and women face.   Richard Kyle. Published on Dec 22, 2008.  Tribute to Wounded Warriors and the Wounded Warrior Project Wounded Warriors-"Unaffected"-Tribute.  Raider.  Published on May 15, 2017 “We die a little every day and by degrees we’re reborn into different men, older men in the same clothes, with the same scars.” History of Date History behind Nov. 10 date for Veterans Day Numbers of Casualties Coming Home and PTSD  Texas Bar:  Surviving the War Within.  A PANEL OF VETERANS OFFERS INSIGHTS ON LIVING WITH POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS By Victor A. Flores Here is an excellent article deemed of lsuch ikely value  the full article included  in Other Articles below: see more in-depth excerpt here Excerpt: This article is dedicated to veterans who have returned from war but whose hearts and minds remain overseas, still fighting. We also share this article with those who tirelessly care for their friend or family member (veteran), frustrated with their reluctance to seek or accept help. In both circumstances, we offer our encouragement and support. Vietnam War National Archives Pays Tribute to Vietnam War Veterans Gulf War 1990-1991, aka Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm Wikipedia: Brief Background The Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Shield (2 August 1990 – 17 January 1991) for operations leading to the buildup of troops and defence of Saudi Arabia and Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991) in its combat phase, was a war waged by coalition forces from 35 nations led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait. The war is also known under other names, such as the Persian Gulf War, First Gulf War, Gulf War I, Kuwait War, First Iraq War or Iraq War,[25][26][27][a] before the term "Iraq War" became identified instead with the 2003 Iraq War (also referred to in the US as "Operation Iraqi Freedom").[28] The Iraqi Army's occupation of Kuwait that began 2 August 1990 was met with international condemnation and brought immediate economic sanctions against Iraq by members of the UN Security Council. US President George H. W. Bush deployed US forces into Saudi Arabia, and urged other countries to send their own forces to the scene. An array of nations joined the coalition, the largest military alliance since World War II. The great majority of the coalition's military forces were from the US, with Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Egypt as leading contributors, in that order. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia paid around US$32 billion of the US$60 billion cost.[29] Youtube Gulf War (1990-91) tribute Video 2011 Gulf War Tribute CSPAN Gulf War Video Desert Storm Tribute 2003 Iraq War aka Operation Iraqi Freedom, prior to March 19 Operation Enduring Freedom The 2003 invasion of Iraq lasted from 20 March to 1 May 2003 and signalled the start of the Iraq War, which was dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United States (prior to 19 March, the mission in Iraq was called Operation Enduring Freedom, a carryover from the War in Afghanistan).[20] The invasion consisted of 21 days of major combat operations, in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq and deposed the Ba'athist government of Saddam Hussein. The invasion phase consisted primarily of a conventionally fought war which included the capture of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad by American forces with the implicit assistance of the United Kingdom, alongside Australia and Poland. Iraq War aka Second Gulf War The Iraq War,[nb 1] also known as the Second Gulf War, was a protracted armed conflict that began in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein. The conflict continued for much of the next decade as an insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the post-invasion Iraqi government.[52] An estimated 151,000 to 600,000 or more Iraqis were killed in the first 3–4 years of conflict. The U.S. became re-involved in 2014 at the head of a new coalition; the insurgency and many dimensions of the civil armed conflict continue. The invasion occurred as part of a declared war against international terrorism and its sponsors under the administration of US President George W. Bush following the September 11 terror attacks. World War II WWII Memorial Friends Post and Courier: Charleston area woman placing official Veterans Day wreath (11/09/2017) at/article_cb0a3e16-c568-11e7-9fd3-6fdc2bbae14f.html Other articles USA Today: Veterans Day Military Sites (11/10/2017)     https:// Journalist Resource: U.S. military casualties and the costs of war: Iraq, Afghanistan and post-9/11 conflicts.  By John Wihbey post-911 Journals: Mortality in Iraq Associated with the 2003–2011 War and Occupation: Findings from a National Cluster Sample Survey by the          U         University Collaborative Iraq Mortality Study.  (10/15/2013) CBS: Seal Team salutes Our Armed Forces on Veterans Day.  Nov 6, 2017 Texas Bar:  Surviving the War Within.  A PANEL OF VETERANS OFFERS INSIGHTS ON LIVING WITH POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS By Victor A. Flores also listed above Excerpt:This article is dedicated to veterans who have returned from war but whose hearts and minds remain overseas, still fighting. We also share this article with those who tirelessly care for their friend or family member (veteran), frustrated with their reluctance to seek or accept help. In both circumstances, we offer our encouragement and support. In short, there isn’t an instant cure for post-traumatic stress, but there is hope for recovery. Today, thousands of veterans living with PTS also have successful professional careers and loving relationships. That is the underreported story. It is difficult getting there, but it is a strong reality for those looking for help and ready to accept it. In writing this article, I interviewed a small but diverse group of fellow Texas veterans, including a physical therapist assistant, federal agent, lawyer, police officer, and teacher. Each person who contributed is a combat veteran and has lived with PTS, including myself. Our goal is to (1) reassure other veterans that a fulfilling life is waiting for them around the corner from recovery; (2) equip family and friends with distinctive perspectives and recommendations to help them care for their veteran; and (3) challenge the Texas legal community to join the Remembering Our Heroes campaign, initiated by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation and the Joe Jamail Endowment for Veteran Legal Services. Due to the sensitive nature of these discussions, the paneled veterans disclosed their experiences under the veil of anonymity. As a result, their candor provides unique insight. At the end of the article, there is a list of additional resources for veterans, family and friends of veterans, and others wishing to help the veteran community. The following is a combination of our individual stories of recovery and other research that was made available by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Combat Related PTS: What Is It and Who Has It? Post-traumatic stress is an issue developed among combat veterans who experience or witness a life-threatening situation. Its symptomatic nature makes it difficult to identify and treat. Some of the symptoms include hypervigilance, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, depression, isolation, and guilt (survivor’s guilt). One misconception is that veterans with PTS are symptomatic 24 hours a day. This may be true for a few; however, most veterans identify with PTS “triggers.” “Sometimes the smell of diesel can remind me of my time over there. Or, it might be seeing a box of trash on the side of the road (reminding me of a roadside bomb in Iraq). Those things will trigger my anxiety or even flashbacks.” Another added, “I’ve tried to watch a movie in a theater. If the crowd is too big, I have to leave. If I stay, my anxiety gets the best of me. It feels like a thousand tiny bugs crawling all over me.” Still, as another veteran shared, the trigger can be completely unexpected: “You could be fine with life, work, and your relationships. Then, you might hear something on the news—some report of a mass shooting or terrorist act— that just sets you off. It’s an instant battle again to preserve all the progress that you’ve worked toward. It’s survival mode. You think: Just shake it off before anyone notices. But not telling anyone is the worst thing you can do.” Many veterans self-medicate through the use of alcohol or controlled substances. One of the reasons for self-medication is to
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