CURRENT COMMENTARY Dated Notes 11/22/2017 0932 am mst KOB: Names of officers involved in deadly police shooting released. By Kai Porter  (09/15/2017) Excerpt: State Police Chief Pete Kassetas identified the two officers who shot and killed suspect William Wilson as NMSP Officer Dwayne Simpson and San Juan Sheriff's Deputy Sara Howard.  The officers shot Wilson, 26, after they said Wilson pulled a gun out of his waistband and started firing at them as the officers tried to arrest him during a traffic stop. Body camera video of the shooting won't be released until the investigation is finished. Make sure well-rounded, trusty film footage is retrieved on the William Wilson case; as part of this, try to get hold of the Citizens Bank security camera footage as well as police footage because the police in New Mexico have been known to block or alter film footage.  I overheard bits and pieces of what seemed to be another officer talking about the case indicating the officer who shot Wilson might have been in the wrong in shooting William Wilson. It seems he referred to the way officers can make mistakes as being overly zealous.  The other officer seemed to described the shooting officer as someone who would likely tell the truth about what really happened.  The question that was left in my mind was was no matter which case was being talked about, are officers overall too self- protective when it comes to telling the truth about possible wrongdoings. On a psychic level, I feel Wilson could have been reached if reforms had been smarter.  We have to be careful in the state of New Mexico when the police defend their own.  The state police chief has a track record with early ties to several questionable cases and officers.   People like Wilson can be labeled and then treated crudely for that label with an “anything goes” attitude running throughout the criminal justice system.  Two odd things: someone apparently was seen walking around on the roof of the Starbucks coffee shop across the side street from Citizens Bank the night before - apparently a a police officer came in asking about it - heard this from another coffee shop patron who asked me if I knew anything about it - I had not been there the night before.  The other thing is my weird psychic sensation of a hidden, private burial in a cemetery around the time period Wilson’s crime scene was being blocked off and investigated.  I felt a possible organized crime connection to that secretive cemetery service.  I feel it might be related to the Wilson situation in the sense someone was already dead and being buried hastily in a cover-up operation.  I have never  had psychic things like this come up before. It came up out of nowhere around that same time of morning the police were blocking off the crime scene.  I sensed a group of family members and others in the know or connected to the death of the person being buried. I did not know William Wilson and do clearly see that he had a serious criminal record.  I came around the death site that morning - walked nearby, sat across the street in a coffee shop - and saw how the entire day was taken up by police and crime scene units blocking off that section of the street.  I felt sorry for William Wilson and still do to this day - never having met him.  My psychic intuition was and still is that this was a tragedy and a waste of a human life.  I feel things could have been done better - certain kind of preemptive precautions both in the legal system but also in the approach to the traffic stop that day.  I wrote a small number of news reporters of my concerns that they get hold of good film footage of the actual shooting and to watch for biases in regional culture and reporting, which I do not usually do. He seems to have been a possible Latino mix who apparently had gotten into gangs and drugs - he looks it from his photo and there is a Latino last name connected to his mother’s name.  He had a heavy gang look - lots of tattoos.  The mug shot looks suspiciously like a combination of a real face-front shot and someone else on the side - the side shot looks like someone older than 26 years of age - people need to double-check what he looked like from the side from family photos or other records. t  
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