CURRENT COMMENTARY Dated Notes 02/23-25/2018 Friday; some editing/additions made later after original post; 02/24/2018-photos/totalitarian added02/25/2018 sources added - Frank Gaffney Course - Muslim Brotherhood Letting Dracula in the Door: Doorways made open for entrance of the occult Psychically I have been picking up occultist issues connected to letting hostile entities in the door.  Analogies are giving Satan permission to enter, or removing garlic around entrances to let in Dracula.  This feeling has come up more than once.  I think we are dealing with what is sometimes referred to as the High Occult here.  Another aspect is a TI (targeted individual) coming into their zone of influence - coming in through the gate - some of them might want to expel the person.  Sometimes it seems to do with haunted areas - in other cases it seems more about the living.  I possibly picked this up around San Juan College in Farmington. New Mexico and had one of these zones/expulsion experiences there.  I have felt this vibe around an Arizona State Park in the Cottonwood, Arizona area.  Strange undercurrents each time I go back. Perhaps we are indeed dealing with Satanists - but I want people to be very  careful with this concept because it can be loaded for some of you, operating as a buzz term that lights up pictures, some of which might take people down the wrong alleys.  added 02/25/2018-Anti-abortion visual domain turfing: Another kind of totalitarianism? Fetishism?  -added 02/24/2018-Photos of anti-abortion bumper sticker covered white car in Farmington, New Mexico about 2-3 blocks north of old Catholic Church located on corner of 20th Street and Farmington Avenue.  Several anti-abortion signs in that general area Anti-abortionists seek dominance - might be obsessed with control of a whole community’s beliefs - when linked to cultural and racial agendas, could this sort of thing fuse with or at least work alongside Islamic extremists?  Could Hispanic minority issues get mixed in with Shariah agendas?  To date, many Catholics never really took responsibility for the wide-scale priest sexual abuses.  There were many cover-ups.  Are they using the theme of anti-abortion to distract the public and their own diminishing congregations from the priest scandals?  Is there an old historic cultural tendency between Islam and Spanish Catholics passed down from Spain through the southwestern United States?  Witchcraft, cultism, Male-First Males? (see this website in Personal Notes)  Ritualism?  How much of Hispanic Catholicism is actually an old Ottoman Empire culture passed down through the generations? Watch for Islamic psychical embedding in Christian religious right groups See Point to Point, Point to Pitch on this website.  Embedding might include redirecting tendencies for submission to a spiritual authority found in one religion to submission in general, changing it beneath the surface to Mohammed and Shariah ways - coaxing deference and mindless obedience - the people think they are still doing it for Jesus but it is really about an old kingship mode, toward a central group elite.  The Shariah invaders possibly are changing things from the inside out - even getting anti-Shariah types to say and write things which are loaded for Islam in certain ways.  If true, it might it come in through the film crew and directors hired to do the documentaries, or to say things like we are losing the war which creates subliminal programming for self-defeat and low morale; sometimes it might be subliminal tones or messages in the documentaries.  There might be coded messages of various kinds embedded in these seemingly honest, instructive and Shariah-challenging materials.  The embedding could be about power, obsession, the mesmerism that comes from saying things over and overa desire to use race and culture to come across as more informed, admirable and spiritual than other people. You can have both authentic, factual and useful material and latently hostile material in information provided by the Christian religious right about Shariah, in other words.  People who want to give you the truth about Shariah and the need to protect America might have a fundamentalist bias.  This bias might be that there is no hope if people don’t accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  That is, for these Christians the issue is about good versus evil in terms of converting people to Christianity along certain trajectories.  They want to reset the balancing scale, to over-turn what they feel is a war being lost.  No Jesus, no hope, the world is doomed.  Strangely enough, some of these trajectories might actually be Islamic--especially the notion of Lord equals king equals caliphate.   Islamicists might be redirecting focus and energy toward  points involving a caliphate and global imperial Islamic state (derived via global jihadism) using Christians as pawns.  A subtle psychological motive for Christians might be sublimated power - you might not love me or accept me for who I am, but Jesus does.  You as a woman might not give me power as head of household and man things in community and nation,  but Jesus does.  In short, Jesus at once becomes a child’s teddy bear as well as an alternate ego.  The alter-ego is the person’s way of pretending it honorably submits to Jesus who has all the power - while in reality subconsciously applying their own wishes, inclinations, frustrations and competitiveness.  This might include a desire for appeasement or the power to have the final word on the subject. In this sense, watch for point to point/pitch Islamic psychical embeddings into Christian motifs without Christians realizing it.  Perhaps slowly they are being turned inside out.  Religious right people might need to learn to take honest criticism and be willing to change their ways to keep up with these insidious possibilities.  We could be dealing with stealth-based Shariah Civilization Jihad* here - a highly planned and organized system.  One of the Shariah goals seems to be to Make the Other Guy Look Bad  (see this website) by having Christians come across as totalitarian (ie, nationalist/fascist) to counter ideas that the Shariah Islamicists are actually that way - to reconstruct the reality around and within these Christians. We need to fight Islamic terrorism using the best of the input of the religious right, but to stay well-grounded in church and state separation and common sense.  * from notes above A Course in Parts Presented by Frank Gaffney: Civilization Jihad in America The Threat Doctrine of Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood 02/19-22/2018, cont. added Super 8 notes 02/22/2018 Shadow government - Shariah conspiracy - global, national, local Infiltrations: from Understanding the Threat dot com and elsewhere: cab companies, motel management, media and beyond Local level - New Mexico and Farmington area - certain Native American and Mexican American networks working with Muslim Brotherhood; a sinister Power Plant network trying to keep power plant alive in San Juan County (farmington area) -certain-people dangerously jumpy over jobs going away.  Grandfather ex-power plant supervisor.  His 18 year old grandson who was killed not too long ago seems possibly mishandled by policing/prison system in this area.  I suspect leaving city council person is linked to the police problem. I feel grandfather is not directly linked to suspected power plant (attempted job-preserving) dangerous network. Farmington, New Mexico Police not taking cases in properly, not following up, not tracking them after originated.  Is this a conspiracy or mere negligence? This includes cases handled locally although they are supposed to connect with another city and state.  Leaving old, dated and currently erroneous notes in their electronic  sytem.    Not being able to track hard copy voluntary paperwork explaining the reason behind the two cases.  added 02/22/2018: Winter 2015 Super 8 Airport: Portland, Oregon Back Long-Term Parking Lot -Vandalism, Theft, Likely Identity Theft (Possibly used later in Comcast and Century Link cases); driver’s side window broken -glass all over front seat, etc; camera, leather backpack, old non-functional laptop; small TV, solar flashilight, etc. stolen; boxes of personal files, old credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. in car - had planned to store car and its household contents in a secure, gated, pin entry storage facility nearby down the road and could not get in the gate in time for plane flight - had to make last minute plans on where to park vehicle with changes in plans to come back earlier than expected and deal with car; hotel staff seemed to be the one who had taped up window -Car parked in first row closest to hotel front entrance and near main parking lot closest to hotel; was at the end of the row nearest a fence or divider on one side with no one parked there, someone parked on the other side -Incident occurred apparently same day I had first put the car in long-term parking;  -Zone of influence atmosphere-psychic feelings before and likely during incident-precognition, feeling of being stalked, feeling of electronic harassment; one of feelings was a cop or agent used an electronic device first to get into car, felt thi s person standing around the car looking in; did police tell hotel staff I was being “investigated” and that they needed to make the car look like a vandalism, so they broke the window after already getting in?  Were the police/agent(s) MB?  On the later fraud/id theft, were the police trying to pretend I had actually opened the Comcast and Century Link accounts, giving themselves to not take the investigations seriously? Had psychic feelings on plane that it might be being broken into -Super 8 did call police - police would not investigate until I called to report case -Super 8 shuttles driven by people who could fit the description of Muslim or Eastern India (or a mix) - looked and sounded possibly Middle Eastern-one of them had told me of a brother who had worked in a transited airlines company- it could have been Continental, but don’t hold me to that; for those of you in the know, is Portland a high risk area for MB (Muslim Brotherhood) activities? Taxis, shuttles, hotels/motels?  Storage facilities? Port area extraordinary satellite or other surveillance?  ATMs of banks being watched in this or other ways?  Psychically picked up bad vibes around ATMs in general around Oregon. -there was some kind of undercurrent around the Super 8 front desk main manager - seemed to be a Hispanic person - female - I discovered her voicemail message after I had learned of the incident - she seems to have only called once or at least only left one message - she had not been proactive in making sure I was contacted directly and that we had firm communication about what had happened; also around shuttle driver who took me to my car after I got back - that is when I found car had been broken into Earlier 02/19/2018 notes: I put each together individually when I received the collections notices (Comcast, Century Link) in the mail specifically to avoid this level of confusion.  Each small packet of papers was brought into the front public service desk behind glass windows straight ahead from front door (not to left) in main office on Airport Drive.  Who read the paperwork?  Why does each subsequent officer act almost like they doubt I brought it in, questioning who I gave the papers to?   Series of different officers across two cases involving fraud/identity theft out of the Portland, Oregon area. Likely linked to vandalism of my car at the Super 8 in Portland Airport area. Portland Police would not take the case reports from me because I did not live in Portland.  Farmington Police seemed reluctant to take the report.  One officer indicated it would likely go to the bottom of a pile.  Each subsequent officer, sergeant or detective did not know what was going on from the previous officer who handled it and I had to relate the situation again and again.  Detective (female) last one assigned to case.  Detective department above courthouse.  Was told by a sergeant she was the one assigned to case.  Waited for her to get back with me.  Had to call police department for her -another officer called back first.  More than a year had passed on first case (Comcast) and several months on the second case (Century Link).  This detective had gotten a text from an officer earlier that day after I had called.  When she called me, she knew nothing about what was going on and reeated the erroneous “waiting for paperwork” in the electronic system.  After I explained the situation yet again to this new police person, she did get a report from the Portland Police showing the case had been closed because of lack of leads.  She tried to give Portland the two cases taken in by Farmington police.  Portland rejected them flat out, saying the Portland vandalism case had been closed, so they could not accept these separate but likely linked cases.  Not being treated as three separate cases.  She seemed to downplay the rejection b Portland.  She gave me an FTC id theft packet, one that looks similar to one I had filled out both over the phone and online.  Again, finally got feedback on Portland Super 8 car vandalism case from late 2015,  Comcast case after over a year and Century Link case after several months. Woo Woo stuff I suspect someone in the Farmington area is using the shadow network to try to send some kind of police (possibly corrupt) to front door - ongoing psychic impression across recent years.  They are still doing it-it is precognition - vibe in the air-they want to do it, are thinking about it - seems linked to real estate companies, locksmiths, possibly certain newspaper people-maybe  power plant - maybe casinos.  There might be a Mexican American and Native American link in real estate company over this. 02/19/2018 Muslim Brotherhood in America:  A Course in 10 Parts by Frank Gaffney -  this free online course seems to be on the mark.  One concern is listed below in 2/18/18 on possible tainted film footage. 02/18/2018 Commentary 02/18/2018- Islam-Muslim Mafia page The Golden River thinks there is a good deal of truth behind the Shariah Islamic global/American conspiracy supposition or exposition. However, please watch for possible tainted film footage evidence.  One place I am having red flags go off is over at least two videos viewed so far in which FBI leaders are shown cooperating with Islamic extremists - the videos seem possibly tainted with voice-overs, fake filming, cut-out filmage with added in fake material, etc, etc.  There is a funky energy, in my opinion, around that as well.  One group doing this fakery might be members of the religious right, but we can ask if others are involved, as well.    One place I picked up the possibility was in this link in this section showing an agent speaking Arabic: Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within - Overview.  American agent (or military person) speaking Islamic greeting to Islamic people starts approx on track 59/14:59 I suspect embedding of Islamic material in counter-terrorism efforts using invisible fingers tactics.  Beyond this, perhaps dark humor is present in anti-Islamic tainted filmage. 02/06/2018 Psychical section - given its own section - I think this is a key issue in certain forms of Psyops: Gaslighting We need to consider gaslighting as associated with mafias.  I am beginning to suspect the  Muslim Mafia is using gaslighting, and is intertwined with certain Hispanic and Native American groups in the Southwest.  I suspect they are to be doing is voice- to-skull electronic harassment, so unsuspecting family members or others channel repeated gaslighting types of messages (ie, you are crazy, you need real help).  It includes consistent invalidation of what someone says or thinks, how they say it, how they make decisions. XXXHIGHX  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give my suspicion which includes psychic intuition, about a 9…that gaslighting is in fact being used on targeted individuals. 12/09/2017 There can be a time of processing during the first psychic impressions of a person that come in for the psychic.  You can get it wrong as you sift through the various impressions that come up for you.  Gremlins can be in the middle of the contact with the person in current time as well as in in the past.  You can have more than one thing going on - polyphonic.  Someone can be trying to block things in one way or another.  After you keep getting the same psychic sensory material, you have to weigh and sift things - does what you get really mean what you first thought it meant, or could it be something else?  You look over the possible things it could be  and weigh what you most definitely seem to get against what seems hazy; if you don’t seem confident about anything, but seem to keep getting the same vague impressions, discuss this and explain your own feelings with the point of contact on a psychic level.  Do feelings of judgment come up for you?  Do you have an emotional response to the material you are contacting psychically?  If so, why?  Does this emotional response indicate an important definitiveness about what some other part of your mind sees, even if you are not able to anchor it down fully on the conscious level?  How does the emotional response materialize - do you lash out at the person you are viewing?  Do you say things you regret later?  If so, try to figure out why  Are you fully wrong or are you divided in your loyalties, or are you divided in wanting to accept the purity of the vision against a preconception, or the fear of a moral dilemma involving the person you are viewing?  Stay open and fluid, in other words, but acknowledge the things that keep coming up, even if you cannot seem to pin down enough detail about it. Let us say you have mixed emotions come up: a sense of affinity for the person being viewed, but also a a feeling he has lied about his actions in the past, or his full range of activities.  That is, let us say you feel he did not fully disclose everything - his full part in things.  Yet you also pick up this is a very gifted, intelligent and spiritual person who has developed the ability to love in this lifetime with a vibration rare in this world.  He is a family man with true love and dedication for them; also in his own way he did try to do something about the problems. Another dilemma here is that although he was a lone wolf at the time in how he tried to disclose, people seemed to come to him to get him to disclose activities  - he seems at this stage not to have taken the initiative himself to disclose the problems of which he was a part of. And the first significant thing that go disclosed alsmost seems to have been a slip-up on his part. This might be an inaccurate perception and more evidence is needed. But once he agreed to disclose, things starting rolling downhill. We are assuming he did not do it for money, like through bribes or opportunities around media publicity.. Then he was the one who took the guff while others, including leaders and coworkers, got away with it and even got promotions, including increased salary levels.  The things he disclosed are unmistakable wrongdoings and lead to significant investigations into them, ones that set the pace for positive directions for many years to come. In summary, You sense he was partly guilty himself and did not disclose everything, he did not come forward on his own, but agreed to comment….yet others were doing things much worse over longer periods of time.  You sense he did not have a full sense of personal center over the problems at hand while he was in the middle of them, and that he went along with some things, and in some cases initiated them (ie, strategic plans).  As you go through all this, a wide range of emotions come up and you ask yourself what you would have done in that situation.  Would you have followed orders and gone along with things as well?  Would you ever have come out with it to the world?  Would you have been one of the silent majority?  Would you have done the bad things yourself?  Are you being morally indefensible for liking this person (generally regarded as a hero and victim himself), even if you have reservations about his past deeds and possible current cover-ups or non full disclosure?  If you like him, are you overlooking his connections to any crimes?  Are you ignoring any victims?   Are you not doing enough for those victims?   It’s not just about where I stand in this; it’s about where should I stand in this.  
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