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Updates: 02/12/2018  page started Arsing the Asses MAKING AN ASS OF A SMART ASS See also Vengeance Quotient    Acting Out - Forced   Arsing the Asses    The Long Burn     Despoiling the Spoiled     An Eye for an Eye        Guilt       Making Others Look Bad     Misery Loves Company     Playing God     Popping     Rubbing It In     Taste: Giving People a Taste of their Own Medicine     Trophyism     Turning the Tables Cutting a person, group (like a religious system or culture) or country down to size As it sounds, this refers to making someone look like a fool.  A target who someone deems has had too high of a self opinion could be  made to look unstable, stupid, mentally ill and more.  Dark humor. Game playing.  Mirages.  It is this website’s belief that psychotronics, psychic, media, photography, videos, fake news, setups and more are being used on the political arena in an unprecedented manner in the USA.  Politicians, FBI leaders, CIA agents…etc…are being made to look like idiots.  One example Some of the targets are white fundamentalist Christians who are being made to look pasty white, unsubstantial, of low intellect and like Nazis.  There is more going on here than we can see; don’t overlook strange phenomena as a possibility.  This website is Church and State separationist, but fake news and malicious antics against whites by a liberal Islamic driven media are not acceptable, because fake news is a form of violence.  We cannot find our center, make decisions, identify trends, figure out real corruption.Liberal gets mixed in with Islamic extremism.  We can ask if much of the corruption news is anti-American trickery.