Updates: Page started est. 02/10/2018 DESPOILING THE SPOILED See also: Vengeance Quotient               Acting Out - Forced   Arsing the Asses    The Long Burn     Despoiling the Spoiled     An Eye for an Eye        Guilt       Making Others Look Bad     Misery Loves Company     Playing God     Popping     Rubbing It In     Taste: Giving People a Taste of their Own Medicine     Trophyism     Turning the Tables This is the notion that someone has it is too easy and needs to be “taught a lesson” by taking the fizz and pop out of them - it can include doing things both directly and indirectly to make them poor, homeless, unemployable, etc.    Covert (ie, invisible fingers) and overt (direct out in the open retaliation) operations might in be in effect. Danny Pearl was probably brutally killed at least in part because the Arabs involved felt he had it too easy - ie, parents who were well off. See: DVD/The Journalist and the Jihadi PBS 2006 video segment time at about45:08 to 45:47 Of Khalid Khawaja (Political Analyst, Ex- Pakistan Air Force-- “Your country has kidnapped thousands of my brothers and sisters…Danny will have many to look after him…I don’t have to worry about him….” One interpretation of this is that Khawaja feels he is another spoiled American with ample support while Islamic people often have little or no one…. People use this if they feel someone is a laborer and another person is making use of that labor or from someone in their group - ie, minorities, unions.  It is this website’s opinion decades long gangstalking can be involved and part of the game is to get the previous perceived or real spoilers to join up with them against the target.
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