RUBBING IT IN See also: Vengeance Quotient: Acting Out - Forced   Arsing the Asses    The Long Burn     Despoiling the Spoiled     An Eye for an Eye        Guilt       Making Others Look Bad     Misery Loves Company     Playing God     Popping     Rubbing It In     Taste: Giving People a Taste of their Own Medicine     Trophyism     Turning the Tables Rubbing it in has to do with exaggerating or making worse a complaint, suspicion or bad comment directed at a perpetrator.  It has to do with retaliation, rubbing it in the face of the commenter or taking the complaints to a new level.   It can seem childish or even silly until we realize it is in fact a driving force in certain abuse scenarios. It is a type of punishment which can include turning the tables and can include making the person act out in the way that she or she said the victimizer does or did.  For example, if a person is saying the British Monarchy is fascist, or that Muslims are totalitarian, or Germans are still Nazis, then the punishment is to rub into the faces of the people who say those things by sending it in many times worse or making those people come across on the world stage as exactly that bad thing.  It also can include the guilt-employing tactic of the perpetrator saying basically, “OK, fine, if you say I am that bad thing, then I will be that bad thing!” They start doing those things to that person with great venom and force.  even if that particular person was not yet being a target in quite that way.  It’s a way to not take responsibility for the labeling behavior by grossly exaggerating either the same or other behaviors.  Rubbing it in can include trying to make the victim act out in the way the perpetrator did so he is caught red- handed or is otherwise set up.  To use an example, an angry Palestinian (or friend of Palestine) could abduct a Jew, abuse him, then make him do or say things on the world stage so that all Jews come across as “evil Zionists.”  As another example, an American president could be abducted and abused while photos of him are shown smiling and warm with Arab leaders, making him look by American Big Oil conspiring with OPEC; in the meantime, lots of material on the Internet as propaganda might be put out from apparently different sources about how corrupt the USA is.. Rubbing it in seems to be used in long-term abuse scenarios, part of torture.  It’s as if the perpetrator is saying “Fine, you feel you are so smart, now take this and this.  So how smart do you feel now?”   Or….”Fine, you think I’m that bad.  Okay, watch me do this and that.  Now do I meet your expectations?”   In a way, if we use the well-known good cop/bad cop or good child/bad child scenario, the bad child acts out as the bad child, or tries to pin the bad child image on the good child. updated 06/1/2016  
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