Turning the Tables Psychic influencing as “sending it back at you” I was introduced to this phenomena in two ways.  One was from the now defunct  Durango Psychic Institute from Durango, CO from years ago (1990s) where teachers discussed sending bad energy back to people (like collecting energy someone had sent into a ball and sending it back to them)and the other was from a psychic over a phone hotline who claimed she had worked with the FBI to solve crimes.  She said I was experiencing a “turning the tables” situation in the psychic attacks I was experiencing.  Here is my input on turning the tables: I don’t like it.  It gives psychics an exaggerated sense of power in playing God with people they would punish for any number of things, from the petty to the profoundly evil.  I felt it was a red flag of immaturity when my teachers at the psychic school suggested doing this with people.  There are better ways to handle one’s anger even if we don’t always follow our own advice on this.  Turning the tables when run by PSYOPS or people with advanced psychotronics at their disposal can take on the feeling of being in a mini-universe of someone else’s psychology or take on things.  When you pick up their vibes during the process of having things upset around you, you learn something about them - how they think, operate, what they are missing, what is lacking in their thought or emotional maturity processes.  So although being attacked during a turning the tables operation is challenging and unpleasant, the side benefit is they let you into their universe at least a little.  The drawback to any psychic attack is that after it has been going on a long time, you can start taking in their baggage and becoming more like them without meaning to.  Their meanness could rub off on you so you start reacting to people and things more like they do.    This is in part exactly the kind of response they want, because they want to bring you down to their level because they feel like you judge them or feel like you are a better quality than they are.  If they see you starting to become angry and violent, it makes them happy because now “you know how they feel.”  Misery loves company.
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